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Sunday, 16 July 2017

4th Task: The Burlesque Edition

Hello beauties,
welcome back to another Edition of Manda's Model Mission.

Before we begin, I'd like to announce the winner from our last challenge, the Couture Edition. The total top contestants were Hilmy (emmahunt4) and Arafah (MomoSakuraChan). Eventually, the person who wowed us the most with their incredible concept, especially regarding the Underwater Ad, is ... Arafah! Congrats dear, this makes your second win in a row! A surprise will be added to your last task's win as soon as I'll renew my ss-membership.

Without further ado, The Edition for our Forth Task is all about the cultural highlight of the Roaring Twenties, Burlesque.  The modern use of the term Burlesque refers to performances in a variety show format, especially popular from the 1860s to the 1940s, often in cabarets and clubs, as well as theatres, and featured bawdy comedy and female striptease. Hollywood films attempted to recreate the spirit of these magical performances and included burlesque-style scenes within dramatic films ever since. Today's Burlesque has taken many forms, but all have the common trait of honoring one or more of burlesque's previous incarnations, with acts  especially including striptease, expensive costumes, erotic female sensuality but also bawdy humor, cabaret, and comedy acts. There are modern burlesque performers and shows all over the world, just like the iconic, incomparable Dita Von Teese and drag superstar and veteran Violet Chachki.

This time, there's just one partial task to do. So, ladies, give it all your effort! And please, no excuses anymore.

Congratulations, darling! You've made it. You got booked for an exclusive wide-spread fashion editorial in one of the biggest fashion magazines in the world, VOGUE, for their Throwback in Fashion History issue. Eventually you were honored to be shooted for the most wanted part, the Burlesque Era.
Your task is to create a time-rewinding photoshoot, transfering us back to the golden era of theater burlesque! Synch yourself, put on that tight corset and stockings and wear the most beautiful burlesque-esque fashion piece you can find. Of course, match makeup, hair and accessoires to the given occasion. Make an extravagant pose and most imporantly - make an impression! Be memorable and show us your sexy, sensual and seductive side! You can do whatever you want and go with any concept you'd like to see yourself with. BUT, there's just one more minor thing. The editors of VOGUE have choosen a very special location for your Editorial: The theme of your photoshoot is going to be "At the Gardens", which means for you to pose in the most beautiful botanic garden scenery you can find.
Oh and lastly, don't forget to add the VOGUE watermark to your spread.



(just an inspiration, you can work with any garden scenery you want to!)

I hope you like this task as much as I do. Can't wait to see you girls shine in beautiful burlesque fashion!
Send your finished entries to with an or link or send them to me on Facebook, thanks.

The Deadline is Monday, the 31st July, 2017. (In case you need more time concerning DHOF airing on the 30th, just leave me a short note in my inbox and I'll know.)

If you've got any questions left or struggle with temporary problems concerning the deadline, feel free to leave an ask/note in the comments. :)

Good Luck babes and stay tuned,
Manda El Rose

Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Results Task 3: The Couture Edition

Welcome back, ladies!

once again, live from our Studio here in Dollywood, LA it's time for another elimination ceremony.
This task's theme was all about Couture - Haute and Crazy. The girls were asked to deliver beauty, grace and elegance by, first, creating a S/S 2017 dress advertisement and second, delivering an outisde-oft-the-box freaky fashon look!

Morever we forgot to announce the winners of our last Edition. The top contestans of Task 2 were Nico, Elisabeth, Arafah, and Kirsten. Taking into consideration that we split you in two groups, made us go for a conjoined win! The two winners of the Action Edition are ... Elisabeth and Arafah, you guys really went for it! Congrats, you two. A small prize will be waiting for you in my bazaar.

Before we start I'd like to share that Gabriel aka juliaChang-diva and Jess aka jesspoynter seemingly left the Dollywood community, automatically leading to his disqualification from the contest. Also, Mangun hat to withdraw from the competition due to private issues and temporal struggles. Keep your head up high Babe!

This leaves us with a striking Top 6. Oh well, that went by fast!

Maria can't be with us today, she's busy following her tight schedule at Couture Fashion Week but she told us to tell you all how excited she is about your photoshoots!


Manda: You're serving full editorial in your Underwater Advertisement. The dress is definitly the center of attention and you did so well in using its full potential the way it's blowing up all around you. Love how you understood to play with the texture of the dress. The color of your dress was a perfect choice, I just love Giambattista Valli and it suits your skin tone so well! If I was the customer, I'd stop by your photo and say "I want this dress."
Your Crazy Couture Runway is wild! The dress is incredibly creative and artistic, definitely the craziest out of the bunch! I wished you would have went just as wild with your hair and makeup, that would've sold this look to me head-to-toe. Also the choice of background/studio/runway is very basic, something edgier would have made a better match. Overall though I'm very pleased with this!

Rafael: WOW!! You, my dear, left me in pure shock!! *is shook*
You have improved so much! Your graphics look so professional, you've truly come a long way. Love the Underwater Shoot, the dress is beautiful and looks like a seaflower blooming around you. It's everything I could have wished for!
And your Couture Runway is stunning, too. Love how you paid attention to Details. Lovely job, my dear!

Tania: Your Underwater Shoot works so well, I love it! The colours of the picture are so nice put all together and the pose is so beautiful but still high fashion. The only thing I'm struggling with is that I wished the dress would have some more details.
Yas, your Crazy Runway is so fab! Definitely the craziest dress out here and that's for sure a positive thing. I love the hairstyle too, just looks really nice all together.


Manda:  I'm really digging the concept of your Advertisement, it's very out there and totally fits the Gucci vibe. Overall though, I think this would've made a better fit for the last task since - to me - it feels more prominent that you're in the sky, not that you're in a bucket full of water. The detailing with the bubbles is super cute though. I like your choice of garment but I think you could have done something more special. I feel like you made quite a predictable choice. I'd also like to say that I think adding a Gucci logo would have helped your advertisement in order to sell the dress. It's a bit much and the dress is fading into the background - or in this case - water. *hehe*
Your Runway is hot, it's fierce! The dress is a mess and I like it! You've put a lot of effort into the styling. For me, hair and makeup make this a unique piece, kudos on the choice! Still, I kinda want to see you take a risk for once, I feel like you've been playing it safe. Show us more from what we saw from you in Task 2. Let us feel that signature Nico vibe. Be memorable, I know you are!

Rafael: Love both of your tasks so much! Love how in the commercial it seems like you want to break free from the tank to save yourself from drowning. The dress is gorgeous in your Advertisement.
I really enjoy your Runway, it looks very breezy. Love the hair, it gives me a little Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland moment.

Tania: To be honest your Underwater Advertisement is one of my least favourite entries, it reminds me of Lutzst's entry from last task, your face is kinda lost and your dress looks way too stiff to be under water. The dress in itself is nice though, you can never go wrong with Gucci.
I think your Runway is alright. Again not super crazy like we wanted to but your doll looks gorgeous, red works perfectly with your skin tone. The hair and makeup are perfect for this shoot though, I love them.




Manda: Yes!! Your Underwater scene is exactly what I've expected from you! The dark-greenish, dirty sea grass, wasted pond vibes fit the dress perfectly. Your hair is fricking spectacular and your crown imaginates the story of the beautiful sea princess, trapped in a glass cage underwater. So, props for creating this magical atmosphere. Sadly though, I think your execution suffered a bit from the time issues you were faced with. I wished your hair would spread in all directions, the dress should extend to its double size, bubbles should be floating everywhere - we're underwater after all! Those details are important! Especially for you, being a consistently great contender in this contest. Then again, I'm not sure if you intended to have no water inside of the cage - though that would be a misunderstanding of the assignment, which said to "let the garment fully unfold in the water".
Your Crazy Couture Runway .... meh. Don't get me wrong, you look incredible. I just wished it was crazier!! Still though, graphic-wise you did a beautiful job. The silhouette's a little been-there-done-that but it works well for your doll and if you ask me, this is what I think is a great match for Lutzst in matters of crazy couture. All in all, great! Just knowing your artistic level, I expected more.

Rafael: This Underwater Shoot is absolutely stunning and a strong entry. You look like a dangerous nymph creature - more than beautiful but if you get to close, she'll rip your heart out in a second. LOVE!
The Crazy Couture Runway on the other hand isn't as strong as your photoshoot, it's lacking that crazy and wild vibe from before. The mask - YES, 100%. The rest? Nah, I'm just not buying it. All in one you have strong tasks but you need to work on your consistency so *everything* will be stunning.

Tania: While you looking stunning as hell, this doesnt really look like an Underwater Shoot at all to me, theres no way your doll could be as straight like that under water, same goes for your hair. But yeah other than that your incredible style shows amazingly on the photo.
Your Runway is very Avant Garde, I´d have liked to see something much crazier though but this coat is just stunning, and you did a great work with the details of it.




Manda: Definitely my favorite Underwater Advertisement out of the whole bunch. It's dynamic, alive, beautiful and sensual - giving me everything!! The Cavalli dress choice was on point and Momo just looks stunning in it. You perfectly incorporated the material under the water and made it come alive; you knew what effect this dress would have in a floating area and did the most out of it. This to me, couldn't be done better.
Your Runway isn't necessarily what I'd call Crazy Couture, it feels more Haute Couture to me but I'm living for the overall aesthetic and color scheme. I also think your runway look is the most well-rounded one: perfect choice of a background that is color-coordinated to your outfit, a striking outfit itself and beautiful styling in regards of hair and makeup. Well done!

Rafael: In my opinion, you absolutely sold this Underwater Photo 100000%!! It advertises the fabrics/clothes just beautifully without taking all the attention away from you and your gorgeous face. Also love the hair. Everything looks so effortless and light.
The Runway is also *be-auti-ful*! I'm just missing the craziness in here, like.. where's the crazy headpiece? A daring pose? But other than that it's great.

Tania: This is my favourite Underwater Photoshoot by far, I dont know if you had a reference but it looks like it was free handly made and damn you nailed it! I love the movement in the whole picture, and it looks gorgeous and so magical..
Your Runway? Not super crazy but surely out of the box, I appreciate that at least. The details are gorgeous, colours as well and I´m jealous of your doll's legs.



Manda: Your Underwater Shoot is nice. You look stunning for sure, the dress is beautiful and it suits your doll perfectly. You see, you didn't do anything wrong but in all honesty I'm just not mad about it. This - to me - is playing it safe, the setting was very predictable, too. You basically took the idea from one of the inspirations and that was it - I would have liked to see you being more innovative and add your own spirit, your own little something into the concept. I want you to step up your game, Byron! It's time to start considering what makes you stand out from the crowd.
Your Runway is definitely weird, the tentacles creep me out for sure! Loving the aesthetic in here, very dark and mysterious. I just wished you chose another backdrop, a different setting with an edgier tone could have made this so much better. The dress itself isn't crazy enough for me. Without the headpiece and (very beautifully made) makeup this would make a pretty generic couture look. Come on Byron, give us more. We're hungry to see more creativity from you and I'm starving here!

Rafael: I. am. in. Loooove! with your Underwater Commercial. You look so fragile & innocent in here. Almost like a corpse of a fairy princess. It has something so mesmerizing about it that I can't take my eyes off it. This is a huge improvement to your previous tasks.
But then the Runway happened.. ok let's start off with the good aspects: THE HEADPIECE. I'm fucking GAGGING!! Love it. Love you are one of the very few contestants who really went crazy - fashionwise. *However*, that dress?! Come on, I know that it's hard to get two tasks done in such a short amout of time, but really, you simply copy and
pasted a dress from the internet onto your doll and blurred it. Actually, when I'm zooming in I can see you did the same thing with the tentacles. You could have at least tried to make a simpler version of it with less details and it would have equally slayed. But now it's like... well, I can't really judge anything because technically, it's not there. I'm really disappointefd because you have turned this out so much but... well..

Tania: Your doll looks so delicate and peaceful, I love the pose and the face expression you're giving in your Underwater Shoot, the dress is also great. I'm happy you tried to give some movement to it. I'm just  not so fond of the background, it doesn't fit in with what you're trying to do in the shoot. 
You look amazing, though also your Crazy Couture is not really a crazy outfit but it's beautiful and weird regardless and works so so well with your dolls skin tone.



Manda: First of all, beautiful choice of a dress, the pose is nice and works well with the garment, you really look like a model! Then again I wished you were way way more centered in the picture. I think it wasn't very clever to position yourself so small into the water bucket. You almost disappear with everything else going on. The background from your Underwater Ad is also very bright and loud in contrast to the silver dress. Maybe you should have swapped colors here. I don't think your dress is the center of attention here and this doesn't speak to me like an advertisement should do. Also I feel like you placed the logo way too big into the picture, it's kind of distracting.
Your Crazy Couture Runway is beautiful though. You just look ah-mazing!! Even though it might not be the craziest piece, I think it can definitely keep up with the others! For me, this for you is stepping it up. I see a more risky Kirsten and I love that. You could have went for a more extraordinary hairstyle and makeup but I'm pleased.

Rafael: I wish I could say your Advertisement is one of my faves. I really do. It's just your doll almost disappears in this big picture because you portray yourself so tinily in this. Graphic-wise it's quite simple, though a lot of detail went into that dress (which is beautiful by the way). I just don't see how yours stands out from the others. Same goes for your Runway Task. You put soooo much detail into this gorgeous piece, however it's not really something I'd call crazy couture. I don't know, compared to the others, yours falls flat for me. It's really a pity because I think you have a lot of potential and are a skilled and experienced graphic designer. I just think sometimes you get lost in details and the technical aspect of your graphics so you lose track of the whole image and the atmosphere/emotions that should be created. I hate to say this but you're one of the weakest contestants this time.

Tania: I'm not really happy with your Underwater Task. Your doll's position doesn't work at all I'm afraid, its really way too stiff and straight to be underwater, also the proportions are off. The background doesn't work with the look you chose, on the other hand though I find the dress really gorgeous.
I'm really happy you went out of your comfort zone for your Crazy Couture Runway and did this look! Its maybe not super wild but it's still you but crazier. Gorgeous details and the makeup and hair look amazing, I really want to see more of this from you, Kirsten!



The Judges and I deliberated.

Nico (hermosalisagirl) and Elisabeth (Lutzt) - you delivered good entries and delivered a casually elegant performance throughout this Edition. Both of you are safe.
Congrats, you made it into the next round of this competition!

Going on, Hilmy (emmahunt4), Arafah (MomoSakuraChan), Byron (SandyHermosa) and Kirsten (sparklewand12) - while some of you dived deep in this Task's Underwater Edition, two of you drowned dramatically. Hilmy, Arafah - Congrats!! You're the Top Contestants of this Task. Your entries were the best from the bunch. You truly worked within your possibilites and beyond, thank you! One of you is going to be this Task's winner of the week, which you'll find out by the next Edition.

This means Byron and Kirsten, both of you are in this week's Bottom Two.

Byron, third time you're met with the bottom position - BUT keep fighting. You listened to our advises, you improved even more but you just lacked in being memorable. Be creative, be more out there and step our of your comfort zone. Though, do we think you deserve another chance?
Kirsten, it's your first time in the Bottom, this was a very very close call. Eventually you don't truly deserve your spot here. You weren't bad at all, we just think, same as for Byron, you just need to step out of yoru comfort zone even more and make a more memorable impression. This is your wake up call - try to stand out from the rest and you might secure a Top position already by the next task!

So who's going home?

NONE! Both of you will stay with us.
As the game has involuntarily narrowed down to six beautiful, individual contestants, we didn't think it was fair to let any of you go. You are all incredibly talented. Find the fire within yourselves and prove why you've all earned your spot in the next round!

Give us your all, who knows? There might be a double elimination. Show ur ALL your skills, sweeties!

Silence everyone, the decision is made!
Task 4 will be posted very soon! Stay tuned, it's going to be fun!

Have a wonderful evening and keep shining,
Yours Manda


Saturday, 13 May 2017

3rd Task: The Couture Edition

Good morning my dear beauties!

Congratulations to everyone that made it into our Top 8, wishing you the best of luck for the future.

The Edition for the Third Task is all about Haute Couture.  Haute Couture is the creation of exclusive custom-fitted clothing. Their garments are rich, unique and magical. It is high end fashion that is constructed by hand from start to finish, made from high quality, expensive, often unusual fabric and sewn with extreme attention to detail and finished by the most experienced and capable sewers of our time.

Once again, you will have to create two parts.

Your task is to create a striking fashion advertisement for your dress, wearing the most fashionable and trendy garments from the Haute Couture S/S 2017 (!) runways. The dress should be the eyecatcher of your photo - but not steal your spotlight. Moreover, you're doing all of this while performing underwater, creating the perfect scene for your garments to fully unfold!
Also, if you feel like a slogan would support your advertisement, then you're of course free to add a catchy slogan!

Imagine you're walking in a fashion show, spotlights' on and all eyes are on you. As a canvas of beauty, you have to represent the outfit perfectly, sell the clothing you're wearing and make them stand out!
Create an head-to-toe look that is based on and inspired by Crazy Couture, while wearing fitting makeup, hairstyle and extraordinary fashion pieces and present it on the runway. You can go all the way Avantgarde here - shock us, wow us, surprise us!




I hope you like this task and I'm honestly so excited to see what Couture Picks you're gonna do! ;)
Send your finished entries to with an or link or send them to me on Facebook, thanks.

The Deadline is Wednesday, the 31st May, 2017.

If you've got any questions left or struggle with temporary problems concerning the deadline, feel free to leave an ask/note in the comments. :)

Good Luck darlings and stay tuned,
Manda El Rose

Results Task 2: Action Edition

Happy Weekend and welcome back everyone,

live from our Studio here in Dollywood, LA it's time for the second elimination ceremony of the season.
This task's theme was all about Action. The girls were asked to deliver drama and emotions, while stepping out of their comfort zone in their either desert- or air-themed assigned photoshoot. Let's see if the girls managed to bring all of that to the table.

Also, we're happy to say that Tania is back with us in the game, ready to judge the house down!

Beforehand, I'd like to share with you that Pablo, Filip, Juan and Hevilyn decided to leave us due to temporal/private reasons. Thanks for being a part of this - even though short - journey!
But as we're saying goodbye, we're saying hello. I'm introducing a new contestant into the race, welcome Hilmy aka emmahunt4!

Group A (Desert)



Manda: First of all, I do see improvements from your previous task. Starting off with what I liked: You look stunning, I love your outfit, it fits the theme and gives this very modern, clean fashion appeal. I think you did great in incorporating the area around you. Mirroring the dunes and sky in that glass-bubble (?) you're holding on to was a smart idea! Also, I simply can't deny how beautiful, editorial and fashion-forward your face looks, you're true model material!
Going on with what I didn't like. Overall I have to say your shoot looks way too editorial, this was supposed to be an action shoot, you were asked to give us drama and emotions. Your picture though is very calm and chill. It's a beautiful fashion photo but you've kind of failed the task requirements. Umut, you should really work on folllowing task instructions closely, it's the second time in the row we've noticed that you kind of misunderstood the task. You have so much potential, learn to use it! 

Rafael: I don't know what to say about this photo. There's literally more action going on when a bike falls down in China than in your photo! I feel like you've missunderstood the task again, which is sad because I don't see any progress and that's poison!
Graphic wise it's well done but that's all I can say.

Tania: Sorry but its just off. I mean your doll is gorgeous and it's obvious you try to follow a certain fashion style but you still could do so while being way more versatile and working with what's asked from you. Background and look don't work well together and I dont understand whats the rock thingy nor where's your foot.

Maria: Hmm , No sorry, but I am not a fan of this shoot , I don’t know, there is no action at all. The outfit is cute but not for this atmosphere. What I love in this shoot is that crystal piece. Your face is looking good too. But sadly you didn’t convince me.


Manda: What a way to make a comeback to the race, Hilmy! You look absolutely amazing. I live for this dramatic outfit, the cape is everything and totally sells me some kind of nostalgic feeling. The sunset is just the right setting for this strong, bold look, it makes you look very rich and mysterious. 
You took your own turn on the whole action theme and went more for a dramatic scene instead of a phsycial interaction which works just fine. Of course you could have done more, maybe dramatize your photo even more by showcasing you're in the middle of a sandstorm or something like that but overall this is a great entry!

Rafael: Wow Hilmy, you absolutely surprised me with this photo!! I really really appreciate you participating in this competition again and I can definitely see your improvement! The photo simply screams high fashion to me! I absolutely love love love it. I just don't really see the connection to the "Action" part that was demanded in the task, but it's still a strong entry. Well done!

Tania: Lovee the reference you chose, so fierce but still so high fashion, you surely captured what this task was about, for me. I just wished there had been some more details and shading, specially on the cape part.

Maria: I’m living for this shoot, this blue shade is totally working with the orange scene and that contrast between the heat and the wind is giving me fresh and positive vibes. Also the gold jewelries are so necessary here, I wish you had a dramatic bold makeup, it would look stronger but all in all it’s a great entry, well done! 



Manda: I like the color theme you went for, it's different from most of the others, which is great. It's always good to stand out from the rest! I adore your hair and makeup, it's very wild and fierce. Pose-wise I'm a bit bored, it looks cute but I think you could have went for something less predictable and more powerful. It would have been a nice contrast to the very feminine, flowy and soft dress. Hoewever, I like how you created a dusty atmosphere with the fog and sand gusts. All in all, it's an okay entry but I wished you went more out of the box and stepped a little out of your comfort zone. The image is boring me a little bit which is fatal for the Action Edition. I know you can do lots better, Gabriel!

Rafael: You're clearly not afraid to get your feet dirty.. literally. I love how high fashion yet how energetic this photo is on the first sight! Taking a closer look I do see some things that bother me, for example that one leg/foot - it just doesn't look all that great when you stand on your toes almost like a ballerina while you pose like this. It also seems to be a bit disproportioned, look at that skirt - it falls kinda straight down and hits the floor, however, it's about 3 feet away from your foot - therefore it doesn't look realistic at all. The way it falls/folds in general is also quite unrealistic. I also don't enjoy that teal shine around the skirt. What bothers me the most is the shadow(s), considering where the light is coming from. It's completely off!!
What I do appreciate though is the shading, especially the hair. It's a dream!!
All in one it's a good entry that fullfilled the purpose of the task, but it's still not very story because of the many little flaws. I advise you to really keep an eye on the small details and also double check the proportions of things. When in doubt, stand in front of a mirror and see what it would look like in real life - then apply it to your graphics. It does WONDERS!

Tania: Sorry Ju but this is a boot from me. The pose is awkward, the proportions are totally off and it doesn't work with the background, posing next to cactus with wind strong enough to move your skirt that much seems not the best the idea. I know you are capable of much more though, you just need to really go for it.

Maria: Despite from the lack of 3D proportion, the color of your outfit is so good , it would look better if you used hot colors in the desert instead of a cold color. Your makeup and hair are not bad of course. The skin shading is great. But I know you could do better.



Manda: I love the story you're telling here and I see huge improvements! You had an exhausting ride on your camel, rode through the sandy dunes of the Sahara and now rest in the cool shadow of dawn. Your outfit is amazing, I love the tribal look and it suits you really well. You've really put thought into creating a perfect concept. In your picture you went for a dramatic scenery after all the action has taken place which is totally transmitted through your photo. You could have went out there even more, maybe actually sitting on your camel, but that's just a thought. I would have loved to see an even more dramatic makeup but I get that you wanted to keep it simple since the rest of your look is very vivid. It's sad your photo lacks in quality though, I know you had problems during the process with photoshop, for the next time try to deliver a high quality picture!
Rafael: Love the vibes of your photo, it's very editorial, very edgy, very strong. I just wish there was some actual ACTION going on in this photo. That's all!

Tania: While the color scheme works very well and the makeup and hair are gorgeous, it's just too simple. It was meant to be an action photo shoot but you're just sitting, I really wished you had really gone for it, at least some emotion or so.

Maria: I can clearly see the right atmosphere in your shoot, the hot colors, and your dress is soo African-Desert style which is so good for such a theme. Even though you used a lot of filters for your skin and this annoys me a bit to be honest, I know you could do better, you have the potential, but there is always something that prevent your shoot to be outstanding. Work more, earn more.(try to do your own hair too).



Manda: Yasss! Fierce, hot, dramatic, action!!! I love your photo. The outfit is perfect and it works so well with your concept. You're the only one that combined drama and action in one photo. I'm getting the story of your car breaking down and you deciding to take a spontaneous glamour action photo shoot in the sandy winds of the Sahara, which is not necessarily the most creative idea but I just keep forgetting about that because you look so damn fine. You're kicking, you're moving, you're posing, you're doing SOMETHING and you look absolutely gorgeous.

Rafael: One of the best entries and probably my favorite so far - I looove how young, wild and free you look. It's very fresh, youthful, yet sexy and adventorous. Living for that outfit and hair! Also love the expression on your face. You really know how to play with emotions, how to alter your face to deliver without completely changing the key elements of your doll's face. L O V E ! ! !

Tania: Fierce Momo, pretty Momo. Some more detail would have given me life but I'm loving this regardless, I don't know how you were able to find a car in a dessert but you sure working it well, good job.

Maria: I’m so in love with your editorial shoot this time, and I prefer it on the task one bald mannequin shoot. The hair is healthy and fabulous, the dress is hot, even though I’d prefer it more if you didn’t add that brown part, and kept it all black. I also feel your pain walking on sand in that boot, I love it thought, Good job!


Manda: You improved from last task, congrats! I really like the atmosphere in here, the background is beautiful, I love the sandstorm effect you created, it looks very dynamic, your dress is super dramatic and that's causing the action in here. You're pose works perfectly as well, it seems as if you were struggling to stand tall against the heavy wings. Overall your idea is a little bit basic though, I think just like many of the other contestants, I would have wanted you to go further out there and make a more memorable impression. Maybe you should have went for a more bold, striking color than being covered in plain white fabrics.

Rafael: ok. So, the ambitions are definitely there. And I see the action in that Sandstorm. But your photo seems so wrong to me. First of all, that outfit. It looks like you just came out of the shower and quickly grabbed a white towel to cover your body. Second, that pose isn't my cup of tea either. It's an ACTION shoot in a freaking sandstorm, not a women's razor commercial!
This is definitely one of the weakest entries this time, I do however still see a lot of potential in you. I mean, the graphic skills are there! You CAN do it, and your graphics look great, you really just need to work on your visual concepts - actually, your concepts in general. I still believe in you, I hope it's not over for you now, I'm rooting for you!!

Tania: It's just a sheet. Too simple for me and I just don't know what to say , you could have gone so wild, why didn't you boo?! Also white is pretty difficult to shade , it can look pretty rough..

Maria: I love your imagination and that you respected the part of the model delivering action in the shoot. I’m not a fan of your white dress, the whole shoot looks so fade. I wish you used another color, and worked more on the shadowing. The hair doesn’t look so clean in my opinion. Expecting more from you next time.

Group B (Air)

Manda: I really love this! I think your concept is so unique and innovative, props to you for not going with the most predictable ideas concerning the air topic. I love the robbery/thief theme you went for. I totally get the action from here, you just robbed a bank, you're hundred meters high in the air, covered in diamonds with dollar bills flying everywhere. This is just so cool. Besides that, I think you really improved. You did your first very own hair, which looks great - I see that you inspired it by another hair graphic but you re-did it which is good, that way you can teach yourself how to draw hair. I think you can go even further and add more detail, like adding more detailed shadow layers. The skin looks great, the outfit is nice, I just think the shoes - especially the front one looks very strange, a bit chunky and undefined. Also I think knee-high boots would have made this even cooler!
Overall, I'm pleasantly surprised, I think you did a great job!

Rafael: I really like your photo because it's very fun, and full of action. Graphic-wise it's a little bit off, your shading seems a little bit messy/dirty. Make sure to work on that! Other than that I simply LOVE the small details such as the dollar bills and the makeup, gives me good old Kesha vibes. Well done!

Tania: It's fine but doesn't really get me you know. The pose feels a bit awkward and stiff, it's not working with the concept you tried to create in the photo shoot. I like the dollar signs with your pic and the accessories so toot for that though.

Maria: Your entry this time is definitely better than task 1. I love the theme of the shoot, it’s not boring me to be honest, the clothes and the choice of the background are both so good. However, the face is not in the correct place, there is something off to me, maybe It would look better if it was a side face, I’m not sure tho , your pose and the angle of view are risky. Also I feel that the hair was done before and not by yourself if I’m not mistaken. But you have improved so Good job!


Manda: This photo is a beautiful picture. It's got a very artsy, body-lingual vibe to it which is wonderful too look at. Your body looks snatched and topmodel-worty. Also, just me imagining hanging this high. headfirst in the air with only my feet attached to the fabric that my life is depending on, gets me extremely nauseous - I love the dramatic atmosphere you created! Besides that I think your idea is pretty creative, the acrobat theme is spot on. I'm not really happy with the fact that we can only barely see your face, I wished you were looking right at the camera, or somehow presenting us your beautiful face. As a model your face is your brand and trademark - we can't really recognize it, otherwise this would have been a perfect shoot!

Rafael: First of all, your photo is a true eyecatcher when scrolling through all the entries! It's something different and artistically absolutely stunning! However, I don't think that the pose is flattering since we can barely see your face.. like, don't rely on that body, gurl!
No but seriously, I feel like you've missed the point with this graphic. On the other side, I do appreciate you taking a risk, but next time please give me more face and more dynamic emotions!

Tania: This really caught my eye at once. I wish you had taken more time with it, so it would look less rough but the pose is just beautiful and everything in the picture works well with each other.

Maria: I’m in love with your shoot, it’s amazing. That body is ready to rule the catwalk. But sadly, I’m not satisfied that you are not taking your time with tiny details (toes, fingers, ears..) . On the other side, the color of your jumpsuit is slaying in the atmosphere and that background is totally working! 


Manda: Your Action Shoot is totally incredible! Seriously, the amount of creativity and detail you've put into this is amazing. Honestly, I don't have anything negative to say about this. Your dress is just stunning, it's so dramatic and works so well with your setting - being positioned that high in the air gives your dress the ability to fully unfold. Love how you're standing proudly on these stilts, that balance onto this huge box, that itself is hanging hundreds of meters high in the sky. You've totally played within the possibilities of your self-given height. Everything about this photo ist thought out and well put together. You totally stepped out of your comfort zone this time. Props to you, this is a head-to-toe brilliant entry!

Rafael: Yes yes YES! Love the concept of your photo, also love the innuendos, the shoes, the pose, the hair.. everything looks and feels so wild and free! I just wished there was more action going on, e.g. if you were in the hair yourself instead of standing on that chest. Other than that - well done!

Tania: Gurl yas, just yas. Surely my favourite so far, technical stuff to the concept, you just nailed it all, loves it.

Maria: I really love the concept of your shoot, everything is so good, your skin is amazing, the dress, and the boots are to die for. I wish you used a flying hair it would be better I think to be honest, but still I have to admit that this entry is one of the best in this task, +1 for the background.


Manda: Kirsten, you look so pure, elegant and beautiful. The dress is such a show-stopper. It works perfectly for your scenery, it's flow-y, soft and big which is just right for the air theme. I'm really in love with your background, the huge ocean (displayed under you) gives this a very nostalgic feeling. You look like a goddess on this magical swing. Looking at this photo as a customer, I'd book you right away for the runway. Even though I think you could have went more into the whole action aspect, everything in this photo works so well with each other that I wouldn't want to change a thing about it. The only thing I'd like to criticize is that the slogan is totally unnecessary. You don't always have to add a slogan to your photoshoots unless it's asked for. We're doing an editorial here, not an advertisement (which you guys will be challenged with later on), so the picture should speak for itself. All in all, a very great entry!

Rafael: I just love your graphics! I've been a fan of your work for so long and this is no exception - I love your graphic. It's so well executed, so precisely shaded, very professional.
What bothers me is that there's not really any action going on. I mean, don't get me wrong, I like your photo. It's just too... well, cute, to be action.
I do appreciate your effort and highly applaud your skills and this wonderful result, but next time please try to come up with a great concept that will blow me away - a great graphic (from the technical side, shading et) is only good if there's a great concept and story behind it.

Tania: I like the vibe of the photo shoot actually, simple but sweet and dreamy alike and there's emotion in that, color scheme pretty good as well. The only thing is that the bottom part of the dress seems a bit too stiff for me, it should just go flowy with the wind

Maria: In my opinion, this is the best entry this time. The showing leg needs more shadowing I think, but still this is so good, For the next time, I’d like you to wear another color. This is so similar to the one you used in your first editorial. The slogan is perfect and just right so it won’t make it boring. Well done hun!



The Judges and I deliberated.

Hilmy (emmahunt4), Jess (jesspoynter), Gabriel (juliaChang-diva), Mangun (mangunmeetan) - you delivered solid performances, the four of you represent the golden middle field this week- You're safe.
Congrats, you made it into the next round of this competition!

Listen to us! Step out of your comfort zones, work on your concepts and add a little spice - that could already earn you positions in the Top. You guys got the potential, work with it!

Going on, Nico (hermosalisagirl), Umut (bloom_xx_layla), Elisabeth (Lutzst), Arafah (MomoSakuraChan), Byron (SandyHermosa) and Kirsten (sparklewand12) - while some of you made a big blast in our Action Edition, others bored us to sleep.

Nico, Elisabeth, Arafah, and Kirsten - Congrats, you four represent the Top Contestants of this Task. Your entries were the best from the bunch. You had the most creative and out-there concepts and photos, thank you! One of you is going to be this Task's winner of the week, which you'll find out by the next Edition.

This means, Umut  and Byron, once again, both of you secured their place in our Bottom Two.

Umut, just like last time, you completely disregarded the Task's requirements! If you want to secure your position in this competition, you need to step it up and listen to what we're asking for!
Byron, you improved. But it wasn't enough - especially for you it's about details and making the right choices. Your photo could have been amazing but it turned out to be rather basic and boring.

So who's going home?

Umut, we think you're not ready for the race yet. You were a beautiful addition to this cycle's cast and I thank you so much for being a part of this! You're incredibly talented, you just need to turn this rough diamond into a shining million-dollar brilliant.


Silence everyone, the decision is made!
Task 3 will be posted very soon! Stay tuned, it's going to be fun!

Have a wonderful day and keep shining,
Yours Manda