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Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Semifinal Tasks

Hello everyone and welcome to the Semifinals,

It's really exciting that we are already in the Semifinal Tasks and reached week 14.
I cannot wait to see all your beautiful entries.
Now it's about who will enter the Great Finale so give your best, girlies!

Just like last year there will be a poll, where you can vote for your favorite contestant to be in the Finale. You can find the poll on the side-bar. You can only vote once.
So you're right. This week's decision counts 50% by the judges and 50% by the the audience (out of the votes from the poll).
The Top 4 are allowed to promote for themselves.
The voting will be opened until the deadline ends!

Before I will announce the tasks I want to publish the winner of the week from task 5.
, Missflora9 and Rei1981 had the chances to win it and the one who convinced us the most and just surprised us with her tasks is...Missflora9! Congrats for winning winner of the week for the 2nd time. Something is waiting for you in my bazaar. ;)

Okay, now let's move on to the Semifinal tasks.
You have to manage 3 different parts/tasks.

Part 1: Magazine Cover Shoot

Every Topmodel needs to know how she has to look like on a Magazine Cover and how she needs to portray herself.
Like last year in the first part, you have to create a Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover with yourself on it, try to spot with your beautiful smile or seduce with a sexy, arrogant expression.

Part 2:  Makeup Commercial with Two Shoots

Again a commercial, but this time you have to do a makeup commercial.
Make two commercial shoots for the same store. Choose one makeup store out of stardoll's starplaza. Use the makeup of the store you want to advertise for. You don't have to create a slogan but show the makeup's logo.
Add a matching hairstyle, pose and background!

Part 3:  Style Guide

For this task I will give you a piece of basic clothing and you have to style it. Just make it your own. In the end it should be a cool, casual look so that the tee doesn't look boring anymore, but fashionable and special. Take attention to a fitting hair, pose and setting (background, etc.)!!

This will be your clothing:

(it's a png file and it's white i hope you can see it)

Okay, that's it! I hope you will have fun with these tasks and good luck! Give your best.

Deadline: Monday, 26th May, 2014.

I'm really excited to see your entries!
Have a wonderful sunday,

Yours Manda

Results Task 5

Hello everyone,

welcome to your 5th elimination ceremony. Now we will see who is going to enter the semi finals!!! You can be excited, I am for sure! Beautiful tasks are waiting for you and for sure at the end of the cycle an awesome live Finale!

Here are your results of task 5...


Manda: First of all, your rain shoot is the best out of all entries! It's near perfection. The shading of the clothing is amazing and same about the hair. The hair looks really soft and indeed wet! Thumbs up for that. Same about the clothing, that kind of shading is really good, it has a nice shimmer so that is gives it a wet look, too. Everything in the graphic works perfectly with eath other. My absolutely favorite has to be the KENZO sweater. The color is really nice and it's absolutely the eye catcher. Also the background was a great choice.
Your hair commercial unfortunately isn't as strong as your rain shoot. As you are making an ad for a shampoo you should have given the hair a sparkly, somehow shimmery touch, so that it makes the hair look soft, clean and alive. The color and the way you shaded the hair is rather boring and it looks somehow emotionless and dead. On a better note your doll looks very spotless and elegant in here. Also your product has a gorgeous design and its shaded really good! It looks very healthy and it has a nice Juicy Green Apple smell! The slogan isn't my cup of tea, it's a wee bit cliché. All in all you did a gorgeous performance with your entries this time.

Rafael: Wow, your rain shoot is a really strong entry! Definitely one of my favourites. I love the outfit, especially the sweat and the shoes. I'm also very fond of the filter you have used for the background, it adds a nice effect and makes it look rainy.
For the hair commercial ... well, I like it, but I'm a bit on the fence since the font is kinda distracting and it doesn't make the campaign/product look "exclusive". The hair shading is quite nice, but I don't really like the colour, it rather looks boring. But I must say that your product is the best of them all, it looks very great and healthy and like something an expert would recommend to you!! Overall I'd say you did a nice performance!

Cathy: I LOVE your first part of the task! The sweater is gorgeous, the shading is underlining the rainy weather and you look fierce and.... Very well done! On a second note, I noticed the masculine shoulders you seem to have on this sweater but that's just a very minor issue. Keep on your good work!
As much as I love the first part of your task, I am disappointed by the second part.The advertisement is very pale and not interesting. The hair is shaded well but your doll doesn't look happy - so why should I as the consumer buy that shampoo? The slogan is ok but nothing special and not related to the graphic. For the whole task my thumbs are still up because of the amazing rain shoot but this part of the task isn't as good.

Tania: Dat sweater! But seriously, not only the sweater but the whole outfit, it's perfect! So stylish and the overall shading so good, surely one of my favourite entries! Makeup is totally fierce and the background just awesome, also it's very nice that you were aware of your doll being in the rain and in that way chanced the colours a bit.
I'm really happy Manda chose Hair Commercial as a task, in that way you all are changing lots of creativity and we can see better your pretty faces!
I love the lucious hair, awesome shading and overall a commercial that would want me want to buy 'Flux', great work!


Manda: I love the fact that you are improving so much! The outfit of your rain shoot is really nice, the shading is good, even though it could be much more detailed and clean. The hair is probably my favorite part of the graphic, the shading is really nice and the style fits the city theme perfectly. But what I really dislike about your graphic are the too thin arms, which look quite unhealthy. That background is gorgeous btw.
Your hair commercial is great! I actually like it more than your rain shoot, you look so fierce and diva like. The hair color is beautiful and the hair is amazing!! The idea of doing the body nude is great aswell, but the boobs and the rest of the body aren't shaded very well, the shading is really blurry and hardly visable. Your product looks good, the shading looks very real. The slogan is nice, it underlines the product, but the font and color are really distracting from the main product. I like the idea of underlining the exotic color and the jungle slogan with a picture from the tropics.

Rafael: Wow, where should I start? I'm very overwhelmed by your fast improvement. You keep getting better and better with every single task! I like your rain shoot a lot, there's a lot of detail in the trousers and I like the overall look, such as the filter for the background (which makes it look like a comic though, but hey, I'm a Marvel fan :D). I also like the boots. I like the fact that you did the hair on your own for this photo and I like the result, but I like the hair on the commercial a lot better since it has a higher quality.
Speaking of your commercial, I like the idea but I'm not so keen on it, though. I mean the hair looks gorgeous (even though I believe its mostly from Stardoll?), but the skin shading looks very smudges and the background doesn't fit with the rest very well. I'm also not a big fan of the font you have used. Anyway, if you keep improving as fast like this and if you find a way to use the technique of the hair in your commercial for the rest of your shading, I'm sure you'll make it far in this competition. Overall I'd say it's not one of the best entries, but still the best I've seen from you! Well done and keep going!

Cathy: You keep on improving from task to task, Hilmy! The boots and the jeans are stylish and well shaded and the top is good, too. I'm not a big fan of the backpack and the much too thin arms. The hair looks quite realistic which is a huge step forwards compared to your previous work. My main issue with your entry is the rain. If you didn't write below which graphic was with rain, it would've taken me some time to notice. The background is nice but where exactly is the rain?
As you might now, I'm a big fan of the French language and your slogan is NOT french. A rebel is "rebelle" and "Rebellé", your product (is it a hair colour?), would sound very strange when pronounced. Nonetheless, I like the relation between the slogan and the background of your graphic, the fit very well. I would've chosen another colour because, firstly, pink and green don't fit so well and, secondly, pink isn't a colour associated with jungle. The graphic itself is amazing, I can't believe you've done the hair on your own, very well done! Apart from the slogan and the choice of colour a very good task!

Tania: You've improved so much, I still remember your first graphics and wow! So after saying that I must say as well that the game is pretty high here at the moment, and even though what I just said, most of the other competitors if not all are already more 'advanced'. The hair shading is very nice, and the other parts with some more shading would be awesome.
Dat hair gurl! I really love the shading & colour, also how you did the roots, so overall very nice entry!


Manda: Your rain shoot is amazing! Your pose is so dynamic, your hair is really empowering and your outfit is so edgy and casual. The jeans is shaded perfectly! Also your background was a really nice choice.
Your hair commercial is my personal favorite, it's near the perfection. Everything matches to each other and the color you've choosen looks so sunny and shiny. Your makeup is wonderful and also your background really fits the sunny scheme and your bright hair color. The slogan is really clever, seeing the aspect that you took a somehow exotic color. The hair has a gorgeous shimmer and it looks really smooth and soft. Nice product aswell. The thing you could still work on is the skin shading, it is still a bit blurry and the highlighting of the skin is almost too shiny. Try to make clear distances and differences (transparency) between the several shading/highlighting layers. But all in all you managed to show us your best entries of the whole cycle. Well done.

Rafael: I really love your rain shoot. It looks cool and edgy, the hair looks great and I just love those jeans and boots!
In my opinion your hair campaign is the best one out of all entries! I absolutely love it, the hair has a vibrant shiney colour, the slogan (+ font) fits perfectly and I love the overall colour scheme! Well done sweety.

Cathy: The quality of your graphic is stunning, you've improved a lot in the last 2 tasks! I especially like the texture of the jeans and the jacket. Your pose is something rather new for a photoshoot, which is cool, but something went wrong with the proportions. If your legs were the same length, the left leg would not touch the ground. Other than that, a cool graphic that follows the given criteria. Very well done!
That hair colour is amazing! The setting you chose fits perfectly and the slogan makes me want to buy that hair colour. The hair flows well although some parts are blurry. I'd use more layers for the skin shading at a close-up and please avoid blurring your skin shading like you did at the right arm. Despite a few shading flaws an amazing graphic with a catching theme and slogan!

Tania: I'm so proud of you! Again an aweseom task, I love the shading, pose and background, you've improved so much! I cannot point out anything bad, maybe some little corners should be softened but nothing big compared to the overall. So yep as I said awesome work, I'm loving the shading and your doll's face.
As for the hair commercial, oh la la! I love it, it must have given you so much work since the shading is absolutly perfect (and overall as well, als the makeup and face shading is on point)! Good work dear.


Manda: I really like your rain shoot! The outfit is super cool and I would alo definitely wear it by myself. The jacket is my favorite out of the outfit, its shaded really good! The shoes are a bit undetailed, but still okay. I really love the hair in this shoot by the way! The pose is super cool.
Unfortunately Your hair commercial isn't as nice as your rain shoot. The hair looks really nice at some places but it also looks very edged and pointed at other bits of the hair. I'm also missing the makeup, though maybe you wanted to give a natural apperance, so I'm okay with it. The slogan is nice. It's sad that you've put the shampoo really small in the pretty last corner of the left side. You can barely see it, even though it's so nice!
Rafael: I simply love your rain shoot! The photo looks perfect to me! I love the casual pose, the make-up, the hair and especially the outfit. Shading wise I don't have much to complain about, just that the shoes could need some more details.
The hair commercial on the other hand is rather simple, plain and ... well, boring. It's a shame that the product almost drowns in this advertisement. It's so little and one can barely see it. Girl, how you wanna advertise that? I also would have liked to see more skin shading and some make-up.

Cathy: Your rain shoot is ok. I love the idea with the lantern and the pose, but I'm not a big fan of the outfit. The rgaphic quality is good but there's missing something special that makes me remember the graphic. I can't descrobe what that would have been, maybe a pop of colour would've helped.
Your hair commercial is cool, very reduced but beautiful. The hair looks like the "hair you've always desired" (great slogan) although it is still choppy in some parts but we all know how complicated it is to master hair shading. My only big concern is the product. Which product? After a few seconds, I found it in the lower left corner. It is small but beautiful. The problem is that ads are made to advertise a product and therefore the product has to be visible at first glance. otherwise a good work.

Tania: Gorgeous entry! While the pose seems some hard to do, you did a great job with it, the shading is gorgeous and the whole look in itself (also the makeup) in on point. I feel like something is missing a bit though, I can not really grasp it but great job either way!
The hair is super fab! The shading is gorgeous and the colour of it really suits your skin tone. The bottle is super cute as well, simple commercial but very nice again.


Manda: First of all I love the setting in New York! The rain looks somehow really nice. You know the outfit isn't my personal favorite, but I see the point that you wanted to do something different, that portrays joy and fun. I like it! My favorite thing in your rain shoot has to be the umbrella! Virginia, maybe still work on the shading! It sometimes looks like plastic or plasticine (e.g. your sweater).
The hair commercial could've been way nicer!! The font doesn't look good, the color is too garish and same for your product, which doesn't even tell you what it is. The slogan itself is very nice. On a more positive effect I love your hair! It has a beautiful flow in it and its really smooth and soft. It somehow looks like a sea of chocolate! So thumbs up for your hair but thumbs down for the color choice of the slogan and the product.

Rafael: That looks like it's HEAVILY raining in New York, haha! I think the photo is lovely, I love the pose, it's original and something I haven't seen among the others. The outfit and the shading is superb. The hair doesn't look so great but I guess that's because it's wet! I'm a huge fan of your umbrella by the way *-*
The hair commercial ... well, I don't really like the font and the product is rather little. I personally wouldn't recommend it to my friend if there wasn't this amazing advertisement of yours. I mean, if it really does these effects to one's hair like in your shoot then every woman should use it. I love the flow of your hair, it's so shiny, sleek and smooth. In my opinion you have a very strong entry this time!

Cathy: Your rain shoot looks fun! Maybe that's because of the bright boots, maybe because of your doll's pose which is great. The background and the rain look very authentic and I like your doll's outfit and pose. The shading seems good at first glance but when taking a look at the version without the rain and the background, it looks blurred and undefined. But it's definitely an improvement from the last task and I like the overall graphic a lot. Well done!
I don't understand what you are advertising. It could be a shampoo, a hair colour, a conditioner, ... The slogan sounds nice but the ad as a whole isn't. The product which should be the main focus is very small and you didn't put much work in it. The hair is nice, a bit too blurred in my opinion, but still nice. Sadly, the skin shading makes you look like a ghost. All in all, not an ad but a beauty shot.

Tania: Wow, difficult pose, I'm really happy you dared either way and to be honest, I like it quite a lot! A couple of areas would have been a bit nicer with some more shading and outer lining but overall I think you did a great job, and again I'm happy anf proud you dared. Nice colours, nice doll and nice outfit!
I'm loving all this volumous and lucious hairs! The shading is absolutely perfect and it fits your doll so well. I like the slogan as well, also I think the pink background makes your dolls features pop up.

The decision: Who will enter the Semifinal?

Now it's time to tell you who will enter the Semifinal and who won't. You all became really good and strong, it was really hard for us to decide who has to leave. We would love to take you all into the next round, but this is a competition and the rules tell us something else.

The first ones who will enter the Semifinal are... Giselle, Flora and Virginia!!! Congrats! You two also have the biggest chances to win winner of the week (Task 5).

In our Bottom Two are Beth and Hilmy. Beth, your tasks didn't show your full potential, they still lacked in quality and extraordinarity. They don't stand out of the crowd. While your rain shoot was actually quite good, your hair commercial was a total failure. But could you convince us to give you another change in the Semifinal nevertheless? Hilmy, you improved a lot, but you still don't convince us by 100%. We already reached the Semifinal and we start to question ourselves how much time you still need to reach the high standards of all the other remaining contestants. We know that you are on the right track, but is that enough to keep in the competition? ...The one who will have another chance to fight for the title Manda's Next Mission Model Cycle 2 is Beth, Congrats. Hilmy, this means you are eliminated this time, I'm so sorry. You were great and we are happy to see that you improved so much.
Congrats to all the others, who made it into the Semifinal!!!!

The Semifinal tasks will be posted still today, so stay tuned!! They will be amazing.
Our 4 Semifinal contestants are Giselle, Flora, Virginia and Beth!

See ya later,
Manda x