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For the forth time, MMM is back with a complete new cycle, ready to discover new talents and fresh, beautiful faces.

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Some Information

Hello everyone,

I've got some information for you.
At first I want to tell you that Cycle 2 is going to start soon, but it will sill take some time.

But hey, we are currently stll in Cycle 1 and the Best Dressed List of the Finale will follow soon.
Moreover there will be a Stardoll Club called 'MMM_Modeling' which is going to be the official Stardoll Club of MMM - Manda's Model Mission. There you are able to check out all upcoming news and information.

At the moment you can't join the club, because I have to wait 7 days to open a new club. :/
I will tell you when it is opened and able to join.

Yours Sincerely,
Manda El Rose

Monday, 12 August 2013

Winner's and Runner Ups Prizes

Hey everyone,

finnaly I have the time to write a new post. :)
It's about the Finale and the winner and prizes.

At first I want to thank everyone who joined the tinychat disussion and watched the show with us.
You've been amazing and we had so much fun. :) The whole evening was a blast!
I'm very happy that I got so many positive feedbacks about the Grande Finale! Thanks again. :)

Don't worry I didn't forgot about the Best Dressed list I'm probably going to publish it tomorrow.

Now let's talk about our winner ExtracaganceSD!!! Nora, you really deserved it and did a great job.
Congrats again!
You know what prizes you get, they are listed here: ~click me~

The final decision was really hard and Mangun did aswell a marvelous job. That's why you are also getting a few prizes! You will be a Runway Model for Desire's debut collection and you will also receive 50 stardollars!! Just reserve something in your bazaar so I can buy it.
I hope you like your prizes. ;)

Besides Nora already got the 3 beautiful graphics made by MisaStylee, shown on The Appearance. Here they are:

I really like them, they look just flawless. Annika, you did again a gorgeous job. :)

See you then,
Yours Manda El Rose

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Great Finale


MandaMichalka: Black
Rafi101: Blue
mathildamath: Pink
Martusia_144: Yellow



(Top 13 Walk is missing)


The Finale evening was a blast!
Thanks to everyone who came and watched the show with us!

I really hoped you enjoyed the show and like the videos!
It would be amazing if you comment and tell me what ya think.

Best Dressed List and Top 13 Walk will be added when I’m back from vacation.
I will go on it tomorrow.

Have a beautiful evening,
Manda El Rose

Best Dressed Applications

You can now send in your entries for Best Dressed

Just type in this form:

Link to Outfit:

The winner gets a prize,
Good Luck,

The Great Finale: New Timetable

2nd August, 2013

18:30 GMT: The Live Chat has opened:
19:00 GMT: Party begins including Interviews and Sweepstakes
19:30 GMT: Best Dressed Applications (winner gets prize) | Theme: Party
20:00 GMT: The Finale Show begins

See you,

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Changes in Plan

Hey everyone,

I’m really really sorry but I have to tell you that the Great Finale of MMM is going to be displaced by a day.
I couldn’t finish the Finale by 100%, because there is really lots to be done, but I can assure you, it’s going to be amazing!!
I prefer to give you a gorgeous Finale by time instead of a rushed Finale which isn’t punctual at all.

This is the new Spoiler of the Great Finale of MMM, Spread it into the world, Post it on your blogs:

Have a beautiful evening,
See you tomorrow,

Yours Manda x