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Sunday, 20 April 2014

The 5th Task + A New Contestant?

Hello dollies,

today I'm announcing the 5th task, but before that I want to welcome another contestant or better say: Welcome back Dreamiiiii! Alina wasn't able to send in her last task because of private and temporary cases, that's why we will give her the chance to come back to fight for the title. I'm sure you are questioning now if this changes something in the schedule concerning the Great Finale, but I can only say give your best this time, because maybe two contestants have to leave us after task 5.

So now I want to announce the winner of the week from Task 4. Aeon_Flux_96 and Missflora9 were the best this time. You both did a gorgeous job but we decided for... Aeon_Flux_96. Congrats, Giselle! You will get a beautiful clothing, which is waiting in my bazaar for you. Hope you will like it. :)

This time your 5th task will be two parts, so we can see who really has got the potential to win this competition and to go one round further...

Part 1: New York Rain Shoot
For this part we want to see your doll, wearing fashionable and casual Street Fashion, while she is standing in the rain in a lonely street in New York City. Create a graphic concerning these conditions and add a matching makeup that underlines the outfit and use a well fitting background.
Important: Rain!


Part 2: Hair Commercial
In this part we want to see how you advertise your hair for a special hair care product. Create a graphic where your doll and her hair is in the focus and add your own special hair care product, it can be shampoo or hair color or whatever you want.
Important: Create a catching slogan that underlines the product and your hair appearance.


Your Deadline for Task 5 is: Sunday, 27th April.
Good Luck to everyone, show us all your potential and give your best!

If there are any questions feel free to leave your question below in the comments.


Saturday, 19 April 2014

Results Task 4

Hello everyone,

we're already the Top 7, because two contestants had to quit concerning temporary cases, but still there will be a decision today and one of you will leave us!
This by the way means we will reach the Top 6 today and then there will only be one more task until the Semifinals, followed by The Great Finale!! *-*
But before that... here are your results of the 4th task...


Manda: Wow Giselle, this one is really empowering! The pose is really fierce and you made a beautiful ob with the hair, it is very clear and flowy. Maybe you could detail it a bit more. Anyways it gives a very natural touch and absolutely suits the nymph. Additionately I'd like to mention that you are actually one of the first who really thought about the look of a nymph. That shimmery, scaly skin was a great idea to portray the water living creature. Also your makeup fits the theme perfectly! I'm just not very convinced by the choice of the background, maybe something more natural inspired would have been way better. Still one of the best entries!

Rafael: I am totally stunned. I'm like ... speechless. It looks so flawless! Your shading has improved sooo much, I'm so proud of you! I love the pose, the make-up and wow those breast!
I also like the idea of adding some green texture on the skin to make it look exotic and mystical. The hair looks great as well, maybe you can work a litte bit more on it so that it will look even more natural next time. I think this is one of the best entries, well done honey!

Tania: Wow that's so awesome, I really like your idea & the graphic in itself! I love the gliterish body and the super voluminous hair, the only thing I can point out is the harsh lines, the rest is just awesome.


Manda: The idea is really gorgeous! It's so mystical and fierce, I also adore the color scheme and your face and makeup definitely suit the nymph. If the hair and skin shading would be even more detailed and would fulfil your normal high standards this would have been a perfect entry, but unfortunately they are a bit rushed and they lack in depth. The background is great though!

Rafael: I just LOVE the idea of your photo. Very creative and very mystical, love it. Unfortunately the hair and skin shading haven't got the quality that we know from you. The hair doesn't actually look like hair, it rather reminds me of sea grass. But I absolutely love the water, so artistic. Nice idea and nice photo, but next time keep an eye on the detailed shading!

Tania: I think the idea in itself is so awesome, like totally! Some areas of the body could use some more shading as the hair, less rough edges, but I can tell you this, the pose & idea are amazing, and cause of that you're one of my fav graphics of this task.


Manda: Oh Hilmy, I am really happy that you have improved so much! I love the whole setting and idea, it is very sensual and seducing.. Your face and makeup look beautful in here, same about the hair, they all give a really heavenly and sexy look. The pose is also very nice. The things you still have to work on are for sure more detail in the skin shading and this hand looks really weird. Longer fingers and well shaded fingernails would have been nice. Improve even more, I know you can do it!

Rafael: Hilmy, it's nice to see that you have improved! It doesn't look like a total mess, which is good. I think you know that you still have to work a lot on your skin shading and especially on the hands. But in my opinion the hair looks quite nice and the result in general is very sexy and sensual, even though the quality isn't the best. I hope you'll keep improving fast like that!!

Tania: You've improved really a lot comparing to the last task! I really like the idea, pose & background, while there's some things that need to be improved, you're in the total right path, keep it up! 


Manda: Leon I'm not quite sure what I should say about this. At once I see a very good, detailed skin shading and a beautiful makeup, but then I see a strangely proportioned head, neck and chest part. Also the blue-green layer, which is probably supposed to be water looks really weird. It looks like u just did it with paint. I'm so disappointed this could have been so good! I wish you would have found a wee bit more time, to finish this very nice pose and create a real looking water. It's so great that you improved but very sad that you also failed a lot.

Rafael: I don't get it. I JUST DON'T GET IT! The background, the blue-green-ish colour-layer .... No. Just No! Leon this would have been such a stunning entry because I really see some improvement in the bits that we actually can see of your doll. Lovely make-up, very detailed skin shading but then there's this ... it's just half a doll. You would have been so good at this, it's such a shame. I feel like spit in my face, this is such a disappointment. Instead of actually taking the time to do something great you just do this rushed piece of shame. I just don't get it.

Tania: Hm I really don't know what to say, I guess the blue cloud is suposted to be water like a lake or something but the background then? And the pose, the shading is unfinished and the head a bit awkward.. I can see cleary that you didn't put much time into it, and of course it's totally understandable considering all the exams you needed to make but I wish you could have found a bit more time for it anyhow.


Manda: Wow, this one is very beautiful! It's very well shaded, also the hair is nice, even though it is based on stardoll hair. The makeup is wonderful and the pose also really sensual. What I also love about your graphic is that everything is well proportioned. What you could improve about your entry is, that it isn't very nymph based, neither the background. It is a fantastic nude shoot, but barely something nymph based in it. Still it's one of the best entries.

Rafael: Wow, I love this shoot! I think it came out very professional. Everything looks so pure and clean! I like the pose a lot. I actually don't have anything to critisize, well done my dear!

Tania: I really like the pose, you did an awesome work with the shading of the hair& body and the make is at the point. The only thing I can point out actually, is that the graphic in itself is not really 'nymph' as the Task asked.


Manda: Virginia this could be a very nice entry, but there is barely any skin shading! It needs a lot more depth and more shading layers. Also the shading shouldn't be just single lines. I know you can do a lot better and i'm surprised by your weak skin shading. Also, just like Rafi mentioned, it's hard to visualize the single body parts, neither can I recognize any fingers or toes. On the first glance the hair looks very nice, but it's still not perfect. It's just the hair looks not exactly like plasticine, but also not really natural. Tt is very undetailed and needs more shading and depth! The highlighting is also way too bright. But I have to tell you the idea of the fairy-alike ears is really lovely! Maybe you can show us what you are able to in the next task.

Rafael: Oooh this one looks sooo lovely. Or at least it really would if there was more skin shading. In this case you actually have to guess where the seperate body parts are. It's like the hands are melted into the body. The chest looks quite flat and the hair looks rather choppy. I like the pose and the make-up and stuff, but this entry looks very tacky. I'm sorry, I think you could have actually executed very well this time. Unfortunately, you quite didn't. Too bad ...

Tania: I really like the pose and face & head shading but the body seems kinda unfinished? The idea of the elf was pretty nice but it seems it was a bit rushed and in that way not totally done. 


Manda: I'm not quite sure about the skin shading, it doesn't look too bad, but it indeed looks very choppy. The idea of the technique is very nice, but the execution is weak. You should add more shading layers, with less transparent differences between the single layers. Also you should choose the layers more flattering that it doesn't look like edges, which seem very harsh. You did a really nice job with the hair, though. Maybe also here a bit more detail and less harsh edges.
All in all this is indeed a good entry, I see potential here, but you have to improve good ideas to great executions.

Rafael: Hmm ... I'm a little on the fence. On the one hand, it doesn't look too shabby. On the other hand, it does. I don't really like the pose, I also think that the shading is lacking of details. It seems a bit rushed. I'm also missing some shiny highlights.
I like the hair though ...
I don't know, it feels like this is a rushed 20-minutes piece which is a shame. Maybe it's really just that awkward pose that makes me feel uncomfortable when looking at this photo.
I think you have a lot of potential, please try to add more detail next time!

Tania: I think the body shading is just perfect, the best one from all the graphics of this task. The background goes really nicely with the pose, the neck area is a wee bit confusing for me and the hair has some harsh lines. But overall good work, awesome graphic.

The decision
Now it's time to decide who will enter the Top 6 and who has to leave us today.

The contestants who convinced us the most and have the chances to win winner of the week are Aeon_Flux_96 and Missflora9. Congrats! The winner of the week will be announced together with the the next task.
The two contestants who couldn't convince us as much as the others are emmahunt4 and MG286. I am really sorry, but we are still unsure about you. All the other contestants are for sure in the Top 6 and in the next round, Congrats! Hilmy and Leon, ee had to discuss a lot, it really took us a lot of time and that's why the results are also delayed by one day.
Leon, we see you have improved a lot throughout the whole competition, you grew with your graphic skill and we are proud to see you made these steps. Unfortunately at one point you failed to improve as much as the time wanted you to. Our question is if you can still keep up with the other contestants. Hilmy, also you did huge improvements. When we compare your first task to the new one there are big differences between them, but are these improvements still too low or could you convince us to give you another chance to fight for the title Manda's Next Mission Model? Or did you stay too long in your comfort zone?
Guys, we had a tough time discussing about you, but the one we want to give another chance is... Hilmy, congrats, you are allowed to enter the Top 6! Leon, don't be too sad, you were a wonderful contestant, continue modeling and maybe try it the next time again. :)

Again congrats to all who passed the Top 6!
The 5th task and winner of the week will be posted very soon, so stay tuned!

Yours Sincerely,