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Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Official Club finaly opened...

Hey everyone,

today I want to officialy open the official Club of Manda's Model Mission called 'MMM_Modeling'.
You can check out all latest news and information in this club and I will also inform you some days earlier in the club than on the blog. It's for everyone that is interested in MMM and wants to be part of it.
We will build up a nice community and we are also going to do lotterys, interviews and little competitions concerning MMM.

At the moment MMM Cycle 2 is in preparations and I'm also working on the trailer of Cycle 2, which is going to be announced at The Great Finale of RNTM on the 15 September!
You can view the official RNTM Invitation if you click -> here <-

So back to the Club.
You can go just click this picture to get to the club and join the community:

Okay that's it for now!!
See you in the Club, I would really appreciate it and thank everyone that joins.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Best Dressed: Evening of the Great Finale

Hey everyone,

finally I came to announce the Best Dressed list of the Finale evening.
I will only post the Top 6 places out of 11.
The highest point amount you could reach were 20 points!

Let's start with the 6th place.

6TH PLACE: xXxDeliaxXx:

Manda: I don't like the colors of the outfit and I'm not a fan of the dress. 4/10
Rafael: 3/10

5TH PLACE: AnneHattaway:

Manda: You did a nice outfit, I love the colors, I'm just not sure if its well put together. 5/10
Rafael: 6/10

4TH PLACE: smiling.jojo:

 Nice outfit, I love the dress and your necklace looks gorgeous! Nice color scheme! 7/10
Rafael: 5/10

3RD PLACE: Aeon_Flux_96:

Manda: This is a very nice Pary outfit, I love the colorful fur, mixed together with the black clothing. 8/10
Rafael: 8/10

2ND PLACE: ExtravaganceSD

 Wow, this is a really unique party Outfit! I loove it! It's so extraordinary! Love the color scheme! It's so you, Nora! 9/10
Rafael: 9/10

1ST PLACE: emamhunt4

Manda: Beautiful!! I love this outfit! The dress is so elegant, I love it! Perfectly dressed for an elegant party! 10/10
Rafael: 9/10

Congrats Hilmy!
You deserved it!
You got 1st Place! :)

Your price will be 50sd! :)
Just reserve something for me in your bazaar,

Manda El Rose

P.S.: MMM Cycle 2 starts very soon! ;) The trailer will make its debut at the Great Finale of RNTM!