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For the forth time, MMM is back with a complete new cycle, ready to discover new talents and fresh, beautiful faces.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Information - Results Task 1

Hello everyone,

the results of the first Task will be posted on the 1st January 2014.
I'm sorry I couldn't post them earlier, but the judges and me were very busy during the festive days and didn't have much time to talk about your entries.

Stay tuned and good Luck,
Yours Manda El Rose

Sunday, 15 December 2013

A new Deadline

Hello everyone,

concerning that four contestants will still send in their entries and couldn't send them in previously, because of private and temporarily problems, I will delay the task until 19th December, 13.
This is the new deadline and I hope the four contestants will send in their tasks until then.

Good Luck again,

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

First Task!

Hello my models,

Congrats to all who made it into the Top 18!
For the first ever task of Cycle 2, this week, there will be two parts to do, so we can see who has really got potential and deserves to fight another round for the title.

1) Winter Statement Outfit
We want to see your sense for fashion! Create a unique Winter Outfit, based on the latest trends for the freezy season. Stay yourself and put your own style into this outfit, make it your statement! Don't forget to use a matching makeup and hairstyle!
Important: Find a matching background that underlines your outfit!

2) Winter mythical Creatures
Time to spread some magic! Create an Editorial Shoot (Graphic/Scenery), where you portray one of these infamous winter mythical creatures:
The Winter Fairy, the Frost Witch or the Snow Queen.
Don't forget to create a matching atmosphere, by using a nice background, etc.

Post your finished entries in the comments below with a or link, thanks.
The Deadline is Wednesday, the 11th December, 2013.

If you've got any questions just ask. :)

Good Luck girlies!

Twinkle Twinkle,
Manda El Rose

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Top 18 are... + Opener Cycle 2

(make sure to watch it in HD ;))

Hello everyone,

the Applications closed on Friday and finally Manda's Model  Mission is coming in motion.
The Top 18 are choosen and I think we've got a great selection!
They are all unique themselves and I can't wait to see how they will develop during their time here at MMM.

These are top Top 18:

Congrats to everyone who made it!

For sure I didn't forgot the judges!
Here they are, my fantastic judge:

Me, Head Judge - MandaMichalka aka Manda El Rose
Co-Head Judge - Rafi101 aka Rafaél Grant
Judge - mathildamath aka Catherine Cerise
Judge - cooldeer123 aka Tânia

You may already know Rafael and Catherine from the previous first Cycle, they will also judge with me in Cycle 2. Our new judge is the lovely Tânia, she has got a lot of experience concerning the model business and knows what it needs to be a topmodel, she's been on several magazine covers and also owns great projects.
Besides Rafi and Cathy, Tania will stay by my side to choose the winner.

Welcome to my Team, Catherine, Rafael and Tania! :)

P.S.: During the cycle there will also be some guest-judges, but only time will tell who and when. ;)

The 1st Task will be announced very very soon, so Stay Tuned my dear models!

Best wishes and good luck,
Manda El Rose