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For the forth time, MMM is back with a complete new cycle, ready to discover new talents and fresh, beautiful faces.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Announcement concerning the Great Finale of MMM Cycle 3.

It's been way too long since there had been an official statement concerning the Finale Show of Cycle 3. We're sorry for that.

Mark our words.
Soon the break will be over. After the 17th of December, Preperations for the Great Finale are going to be continued: delivering the live Finale Show, including Carpet Event, a short time after.
A new date for the Finale will then be announced.

Yours Sincerely,
The MMM-Team

Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Final Tasks: Tokyo & Singapore

Good evening everyone,
finally after 17 weeks, the time has come to announce the Final Tasks for our three remaining contestants. We are really excited and can't wait to see your entries; I can tell you the live Great Finale is going to be amazing and the work will be worth it.
The official poster for the MMM Finale Cycle 3 will be out very soon as well.

By the way, this week there will be a second poll this for you to vote who you think deserves to win the third cycle of MMM. The poll will be released right after this post is published.
The one with the biggest fanbase will get the most applause in the Finale but the votes of course don't count for our final decision.

Now let's take a look at your tasks:
For your last task, you will again have to manage 3 different parts that are based on all areas of modeling that you came across in this cycle.
Especially for the Final Tasks, we will visit a new continent, stopping by in two different fashion capitals at once: Tokyo and Singapore! Yes, we're flying to Asia!

Part 1: Ad Campaign in Tokyo

For the first part of the Finals, we're going to Tokyo and now it's your choice which location you want to use for your photoshoot.

It's time to do another Ad Campaign, this time doing this we don't want you to add any slogans or logos, the product should speak for itself! You are going to pose with Asian Inspired Crazy Fashion Headpieces

In the Ad Campaign the headpiece should stand in the focus. Make it stand out of the shoot while it should match the outfit, the pose, the makeup and the rest of the graphic: fierce, powerful, crazy, extraordinary. (So, yes! We want a full look.)
The headpiece doesn't need to be similar to the ones which are shown in the pictures, be creative, ur headpiece can be any shape you'd like and in the end show us an out-of-this-world-fascinating look.
Don't forget, your expression should match the theme and the headcrown has to be the eyecatcher.

Part 2: Runway Task Haute Couture in Singapore

Thanks to our super mobile and fast topmodel jest, the second part will take place in Singapore. Again it's your choice in which exact location you want to present yourself.
Out of all challenges we had, we didn't do a Haute Couture runway task yet.
Now I want you to create a Couture look which has to be inspired by Asian Haute Couture - Ornate, beautiful and unique.
The pose, which can be walking or end-pose, makeup and hairstyle should underline the outfit while you create a matching atmosphere and - of course - catwalk. Sell us the garment!

Part 3: Editorial Shoot in LA

Every journey comes to an end and for the last part our trip around the world brings us back to the roots to Los Angeles and our MMM studios.

Just like the years before, this is the special golden part of the Finals: The Individual Editorial Shoot.
Each one of you has to portray and reinvent herself by creating a new look based on expression, pose, outfit, hair and makeup that match the given soundtrack and resemble the meaning of each song you get assigned to.
The background and atmosphere are indeed important, such as the other aspects named above.
You can get inspired by the specific singer/video of the singles, but we don't want you to copy, reinvent the video, just create a photoshoot as in how YOU would interprete the song on your own, do your own meaning.
Be creative and show us what you've got!

Alex/Pau.Cam.Arena in the role of Cool For The Summer:
by Demi Lovato

Isabella/Isabella8103 in the role of Pretty Girls:
by Britney Spears & Iggy Azalea

Maria/maria-0077 in the role of Bad Blood:
by Taylor Swift

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay that's it!
I wish you a lot of joy whilst creating these tasks and I hope you're happy with the choice of your song! If not? Cope with it! Just kidding, I can't wait to see your entries!

Your deadline for the Final Tasks is:
Saturday, 15th August 2015.

If there are any problems concerning the deadline, please tell me!
Good Luck my finalists!

Have a nice Sunday,
Manda x

Monday, 3 August 2015

Results Semifinal Tasks: New York + London

Hello and welcome back to another elimination ceremony,

after many many months the time has come to to decide who made the biggest progress and developments throughout the cycle and who deserved to be stadning in the final showdown as one of the 3 finalists in the Great Finale of MMM Cycle3!
Pretty exciting isn't it? ;)

First of all, let's have a look at your votes from the audience:

We see, the majority voted for Alex (Pau.Cam.Arena) and Isabella (Isabella8103), which makes them the two semifinalists with the biggest fanbases, although Alex is in the lead with 32 votes.
The semifinalist with the third most votes is Maria (maria-0077) who scored 17 votes. Tadi (Tadi_12) reached 5 votes and unfortunately Alina (Dreamiiiii) could only reach 2 votes in total, which makes her the one with the smallest fanbase.

Before we begin, I want to tell you that Alina didn't send in her entries and automatically drops out of the Top 5. We wish her only the best for her future and hope to see her back in the Great Finale.

Now I don't want to waste any more time.
Alex, Isabella, Maria, and Tadi. Now it's our turn and we'll announce the judgements.

We will start off with Alex and go on in the alphabetical order.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover Shoot


Maybelline New York Makeup Ad Campaigns

London Style Guide

Manda: Your Cover Shoot is different from anything we've ever seen on here before, it is totally ravishing and striking. You look powerful and beautiful. I really like the exotic vibe in here given by the vibrid colors and feathers. You actually look like a modern peacock jungle princess - and that is meant only positive in all respects. While I like both versions; smile + full lips, the one with your mouth closed, looks even stronger. I love the captions and oh lord the shade of it all at Rafi is hilarious. The hair, jewelry and nails really complement the look and for me you're totally selling me this transparent feather piece of sexiness. Seriously, I want to have it.
Your Maybelline Ad Campaigns are just as stunning. The first one is a skin foundation ad, in my opinion really an out of the box idea. In this advertisement you're literally shining. Your skin is smooth, fresh, vivid and so is your hair but most of it all you look natural and not overloaded. Nature can be so beautiful, right? I'm getting total Angelina Jolie vibes from this and this is an ad that I'd like to see on our beloved stardoll billboard.
You could have added a little slogan to your second ad though. Your second ad campaign is very different, it's fierce, edgy and sexy. You look fantastic with that smooth skin, the glossy glistening lips and as the highlight of it all - that vibrid turquoise eyeshadow. When you look at the ad, one directly recognizes that the eyeshadow is meant to be in foreground. You're really proofing that you're a versatile model.
You look super fashionable in your London Style Guide. I love how you look casual yet so graceful. Your alluring red lips are a great detail and give a fresh vibe to the whole look. Though I'd like to point out that you could have made the top more predominant, the bag pretty much draws the main attention to itself.
All in all, I'm impressed by this perfect task-gallery, great job.

Rafael: Your Cover Shoot leaves me Speechless. Your tasks are absolutely smashing! I love both Versions of your cover; the one with with the closed mouth looks super fierce and gets very close to your original face but I somehow also love the one with the smile because it's very catchy. The outfit and pose are on point and the overall look is flawless. I still have to point out something though: i never said that YOU were reductive but rather the fact that your face didn't really look like yours FELT reductive to me. In this case I have nothing negative to say about this because it's simply beautiful.The Maybelline campaigns absolutely slayed me - if I may say it like this. It really looks like a real ad campaign. Love the one with the eye-shadow, it's mysterious and alluring. I especially love your campaign for the FIT ME make-up. Your skin is flawless.. that pose, that hair, those lips. SLAY ME!!! Okay wow. Perfect.
The shoot in front of the London Eye is just as stunning as the other tasks. The outfit is styled very well, I love how the red lips stand out and how they match with the umbrella! Your hair is flawless as always! My only "negative" point is that I feel like the focus is too much on the bag rather the top. Besides that, everything is perfect. Well done!

Tania: The Cosmopolitan Cover is perfect. The shading on that graphic is killing me, and it's not only because of the graphical quality, but overall I can only say I love it! It's perfection, one of my favourite covers of all MMM cycles. There's nothing negative for me to point out, everything goes perfectly with each other, articles, colour scheme, etc.
Your doll in the Maybelline campagins is breathtaking, I really don't know what to say more about it, other than I'm totally stunned by it, great work. Same as the first ad, I'm totally amazed by the second as well, the gaze in your eyes is stunning.I like your Rainshoot a lot. The pieces in the outfit go pretty well together, and the red lip and the red in the shoes gives a bit more life to the look.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover Shoot

Maybelline New York Makeup Ad Campaigns

London Style Guide

Manda: What I love so much about your Cover is that you look totally young, alive, fresh and sweet in a super fashionable way. The nude/pink lace dress fits your skin tone perfectly and your hairstyle is adoreable. I like the use of the exotic and colorful jewelry which give the whole look a very modern vibe. Your styling in here is on fleek! The pose is very unique, I don't think I have ever seen someone using such an experimental pose, it adds to the adorable-factor in here and it all is super fluffy, cute and sweet.
Your Maybelline Ad Campaigns are another great match. The taxi ad is so clever, I love this smart idea because it totally represents the glamorously hectic life in New York. The blouse in here is very modern (love it) and it gives the focus to the yellow eyeshadow that you're putting on, which by the way also matches your yellow nails and for sure the taxi. Your second maybelline campaign is simply beautiful. Your side-shot face is on point, I don't think anyone can do it better, you look sophisticated and new-york-glamorous! You sell this lip color to me and the slogan really makes me want to have it.
The last task - the Style Guide in rain is also good but I'm not totally convinced by it. I'm absolutely IN LOVE with the misty, rainy scheme and look of it. I am getting such American Horror Story Coven vibes from your look, the umbrella is fantastic, the coat is stunning and it all adds to a fabulous silhouette that has witchesque apperance (reference to the always on-point-fashionable witches in C.). The things I am not so happy with is that first of all, I don't think you would have needed the bag, it bites a little with the pattern of the skirt. Secondly, I am not totally buying the crop top above the shirt/blouse. It looks off and makes your doll have a very wide torso. Oh but I like your lip color which is the only really colorful detail in here what I think is a great detail

Your Cover is soooooooooo gorgeous!! The pose is amazing and something I've rarely seen, the outfit is super cute and I love the accessories. The font style is very clever, everything matches the overall theme. It's really just super duper sweet!The Maybelline campaigns are so amazing, I love the one where you put on your make-up in the taxi. I also love that it's yellow, just like the cab. I see you also did a side-shot for the second part of the campaign. It looks really lovely and your face is still recognizeable. I ADORE your slogan. If I was a woman and saw this advert I'd absolutely fall in love with the brand and buy as many products as I can.Moving on to the last one.. the photoshoot in London. You see I really love the overall look of it and the dark somewhat retro vibes. I have to admit that your outfit combo isn't really my cup of tea though. I mean the skirt is lovely, however, I don't really like that you put on a blouse under the top. I don't know it just seems to be kinda off. All in one your tasks show a really great graphical quality and you've proven that you have amazing model qualities. Well done! 

Tania: You look so sweet in your Cover! The whole attire fits perfectly inside itself and with the cover elements, in graphic terms you have totally nailed it, I'm just not sure about the mouth, compared to the rest it looks much smaller.Your doll looks beautiful in the Maybelline Campaigns. Stunning as always. I really like the blouse and how you've accessorized, your hairstyle. I'm not totally convinced though, you look amazing, but I don't think the attention is on the eyeliner, which should be what you're trying to sell. Your second ad is breathtaking, I think I never saw your doll looking so great, and thats quite something cause you've on of the most beautiful dolls in stardoll. Your look so fierce yet so feminine.I'm not so sure about your London Style Guide. Why did you put that shirt underneath the blouse? It could have been a perfect entry, but now I just cannot get over it, it looks so wrong..I love the rest of the outfit though, but the shirt, big no no.

Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover Shoot

Maybelline New York Makeup Ad Campaigns

London Style Guide

Manda: Glam Diva on a new level! Maria you not only look fierce as hell but you're also showing off your ravishing, edgy beauty in this Cover Shoot. The silver metallic look is super trendy right now and you are pulling it off perfectly. The glitter fringe gives me life and passion. I like the color scheme super much, the background puts you in the center of attention which is great. I love your makeup by the way and you're serving us hair for months. Adore it, I love how alive and dynamic your Cover Shoot is, great job.
Your Maybelline Campaigns are just as stunning as your cover. The first ad is astonishing, I love this lip color and I want to wear it right now! You've put so much effort into the whole ad, I love the lotus flowers that swim on the surface of the water bath in which you're reflection is showing. It totally applies to your watershine-lipcolor product which was a great idea. You're blue eyes are very alluring and convey the joy you're having. The second as is also great. Contrary to the first one, it is very sexy and sensual. You look stunning in black with glittering lips. It's noticable you're advertising your lips which you do just right. The slogan here is grandiose as well, love the little joke behind it.
Now let's go on with your last task: The London Style Guide. I think you made a beautiful combination, very classic but totally stylish and modern. The leather pants are just to die for and so is your choker (which I need really badly). What I find uber fascinating is that your hair looks soaken wet and also your skin glistens because of the moisture, selling me the "look in rain" perfectly.
Alltogether: WOW!

Ok wow... ok wow omg ok... keep calm Rafi.... Or in other words: WOW. Your Cover is absolutely stunning. It's super sexy, I love how it's a side shot but one can still completely tell it's you at once and that outfit gives me life! I don't know how many wind machines you had to use during the shoot but the result is simply stunning. *tries to handle the slayage*
The Maybelline Campaigns are gorgeous, I especially love the one with the watershine lip color. It's sexy and you're definitely serving DEM PURFECT LIPS! The second part is great as well, I genuinly love the Slogan - maybe it's photoshop. Love the innuendo, made me laugh a lot!

I truly love your London Eye Shoot. I think this has to be my favorite outfit of them all. The outfit is super feminine and sexy and absolutely fashionable. I love the overall vibes and how it's just... just.. AAH. Well done Maria!

Tania: Damn, do you look fine or do you look fine in this Cover? The edginess of this look is over the roof and your doll is totally owning it, a modern goddess.
Beautiful once again, that lip colour in your Maybelline Campaign looks great in you, and the reflection effect really makes your entry unique. I'd buy that lipstick several times, for sure
. Again in your second ad pic the focus in all on the lips, you totally understood what Manda asked for in this task, and you surely look great selling the product.
That's my favourite London photoshoot of all time, for sure. You look so utterly stylish and effortless, my doll is on her suite jealous af. But now seriously, the outfit combination is perfect and that hairstyle, woah. Also I really like the background, I like the fact you worked on it and not used a rl one, also thats its night, which fits way better with what you're wearing.


Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover Shoot

Maybelline New York Makeup Ad Campaigns

London Style Guide

Manda: Tadi, your Cover is really breathtaking! Contraty to every other cover in this task, you went for the sporty look which works greatly for your doll - you've found just the right style for youself which makes you stand out. You look very powerful, the fonts fit the sporty theme and I love your ponytail. Oh and the colors are very well put together!
The Ad Campaigns are good but I think you could've went more out of the box. I like your slogan, it's very catchy. A brilliant idea. I don't really like that your face appears so blurry and pixelated which adds to the factor that you're not selling the products to me. I think the faceshading in here doesn't really complement the idea as well. It looks a little dirty and off - the skin doesn't turn out to be smooth and shiny. I don't recognize any tangible concept in here.
Your London Style Guide is nice and cute but that's it. The combination is not really my cup of tea, the coat's color makes it appear more like an old blanket than a jacket. The whole thing looks way too efortless and simple. Also the shoes don't really round off the outfit. On another note I really like your facial expression in here.
Overall, I do see improvement in here I think you could have added a few more details though.

Rafael: Your Cover is really striking!! I honestly didn't expect it to become this good but you definitely own this one. It's super sexy and powerful, I love the outfit and the hair. The font style is super, everything fits together perfectly. Yep, I'd buy this issue. You sold it me, well done!!I like your Maybelline Campaign, but I'm somehow on the fence. I love the idea behind it - black is the new black... because everyone's saying "this or that is the new black" when in reality nothing is better than the actual BLACK. But I hate that the skin color of your face doesn't match with the rest of the skin. It's quite irritating to me. I also feel like the second one is completely rushed and it doesn't really have any substance.The shoot in front of the London Eye is quite good. You styled the outfit well. My favorite part is probably the hair!! All in one I can definitely see your improvement so well done!

Tania: Cover - I'm loving it! Great pose and outfit, your doll looks uber fierce. All goes nicely together, i'd just had loved if you'd have worked a bit on the face shading, to be a bit smoother and blend better with everything else.
I'm not so convinced by sour Maybelline Ads. While your doll is gorgeous, the shading looks so rough and out of tune with the rest. Also for a photshoot ad I feel like your doll needs a another attire, she looks like she came from the gym
You look super cute in your Rainshoot but I am not buying it, it doesnt look like a model photoshoot, but rather a picture you'd maybe take when you visit a spot, a bit too simple for me.


The Elimination: 
Who will enter the Great Finale?

The moment has come to reveal our Top 3.

The three finalists will be the center of attention on the evening of the live Great Finale from Manda's Model Mission Cycle 3.
They will wear beautiful outfits and do several extraordinary performances.
This year, we had so many striking and unique contestants who made this ycle so special and different from the ones before. Thanks to you all for participating, you are all amazing but we can only find one winner.

Play the music to underline the final elimination.
Now we are going to decide who did the biggest improvements throughout the whole cycle and will announce who of you can show us their potential once more in the Great Finale.

Isabella, since the beginning of this cycle you never failed to impress us with your tasks. You always were on top and even when we thought you couldn't get any better you still did. Your semifinal tasks were stunning, once more you proofed that you deserve your place here at MMM.
Isabella I have to tell you that you are our first finalist!! Congrats, you will have the chance to fight once more for the title 'Manda's Next Mission Model' of Cycle 3!

Alex, you have been a very good contestant throughout the whole competition. In the beginning I can remember you didn't really stand out of the crowd, you kept restrained and your tasks weren't that of a big deal, but after a tiny short period of time you climbed up the ladder and reached one of the top stairs, shining above everyone else. Often you were close to be the winner of the week of a task but til now it never really worked out. Therefore I'd like to tell you that, Alex, you are this challenge's task winner! Congrats!! Your semifinal entries totally blew us away.
Besides that I have other great news for you. Do you think we will give you another chance in the Great Finale? Exactly, you are right! You are our second finalist! Congrats, you will be in the Finale aswell!

Now, nex to Isabella and Alex we still have two other competitors waiting for their decision. Unfortunately just one of them will enter the Great Finale as third finalist.
and both were wonderful contestants, both of you deserved their place at MMM, both of you had their ups and downs, both of you gave their best every time but in the end one of you was always stunning us with her incredible and incomparable tasks.
Tadi, we often asked you to show us more, give us more of yourself, we were missing the pepper in the soup, the special kick. Something that would have made your tasks unique and special. Now we question us, who of you deserves another chance in the Great Finale and who do we think can keep up with Isabella and Alex when it's about who will win the third cycle of MMM?

Very soon we came to a decision and we all agreed on the same person.
The very very well deserved third finalist will be...Maria, Congrats! You will have the chance to fight with Alex and Isabella in the Great Finale for the title 'Manda's Next Mission Model' of Cycle 3! Tadi, please don't be too sad, you were a wonderful contestant and you made huge improvements in the course of this cycle. We're very proud that you've made it this far and we wish you only the best! We will see you soon back in the live Great Finale.



So everyone the decision is made, we have found our three finalists and they're all amazing and unique individuals.

The Final tasks will be posted very soon! Stay tuned, they are going to be awesome.
Have a wonderful evening and keep shining,

Yours Manda

Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Semifinal Tasks: New York + London

Hello everyone and welcome to the Semifinals,

after many months, we've reached week 12 and finally arrived at the semifinal. Congrats to you all that you've made it that far!
Now it's about who will enter the Great Finale and be in the spotlight of the live finale show, so give us the best you have girlies,we cannot wait to see all your beautiful entries.

Just like the years before, there will be a poll, where you can vote for your favorite contestant to be in the Finale. You can vote for everyone of the Top 5: Dreamiiiii, Isabella8103, maria-0077, Pau.Cam.Arena and Tadi_12.
You can find the poll on the side-bar and you can only vote once.
By that being said: This week's decision counts 50% by the judges and 50% by the the audience (counted by the votes from the poll).
Of course, the Top 5 are allowed to promote for themselves. The voting will be opened until the deadline ends!

Before I will announce the tasks I want to publish the winner of the week from Task 4.
, maria-0077 and Pau.Cam.Arena got the chance to win and the one who convinced us the most with her amazing model skills is...maria-0077. (Something is waiting for you in my bazaar.)
Congrats you advertised the clothing perfectly!
This was the prelast time we deciced a winner for the weekly task, all of you got a last chance to win winner of the week at the Semifinals by the results of this task.

Okay, now let's move on to the Semifinal tasks.
This task, You have to deliver 3 different parts, each one testing specific model skills that you should be able to master.
Also, special for the Semifinals, we will visit two different fashion capitals at once: New York City and London!

Part 1: Magazine Cover Shoot

For the first part of the Semifinals we stay in the studios of MMM and you'll take you place in front of a blank screen as we shoot the traditional cover for Cosmopolitan

Every Topmodel needs to know how to present and portray herself on a Magazine Cover. It belongs to the basic skills of a model to have the ability of being versatile on a cover of a magazine, while representing the magazine's proud title.
Traditionally, like in the last two years you have to create a Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover with yourself as the covergirl. Try to stun with a beautiful smile or seduce with a self-confident and sexy expression.

Part 2: Maybelline New York Makeup Ad Campaign

Then we leave the MMM studios in LA and get into our topmodel jet that flies us over to the beautiful, never sleeping city New York.

This time you will have to do two advertisements for a makeup ad campaign.
Create two advertisement shoots for the one brand: Maybelline New York. Of course you are allowed to use every makeup brand from the starplaza but your advertisements should be for Maybelline New York.
You should reinvent a slogan for the infamous makeup brand and show the makeup's logo.
Also in your advertisements you will have to pose on the skycrapers of the never sleeping city New York. Add a matching hairstyle as well.

 Example for this task from the last cycle's winner.

Part 3:  London Style Guide

For the last challenge of the Semifinals, we will make a stop in Great Britian, visiting the beautiful fashion capital London.

For the last task I will give you a basic piece of clothing that you have to style in a complete look. Just make it your own and In the end it should be a casual, fashionable look so the top doesn't seem simplistic or boring. The rest of the styling can be stardoll clothes or your own graphic (png) clothes, that's up to you. Also, take attention to a fitting hair and pose.
As London is known for its rainy weather, for the setting you will have to pose in front of the London Eye while the rain is falling down on you. Still you have to manage to look on point and ready for the camera.

This will be your top:

Okay, that's it for the Semifinals!
I hope you will have fun to do these tasks and good luck! Give your best.

Deadline: Sunday, 26th July, 2015.

I'm really excited to see your entries and it will be even more exciting who makes the cut for the Great Finale.

Have a wonderful sunday,
Yours Manda x

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Results Task 4: Paris

Good day ya'll,

Once again, we come together for another elimination ceremony.
is back in the race but Inessa... had to drop out of the competition, we wish her good luck for her last days of school.

Let's begin right away.

Manda: You look absolutely adorable in here, I like the amount of pastels in your look and I applaud you for doing your first own hairstyle this well!
The idea of being surrounded by huge balloons was sweet, even though you were supposed to pose at the Eiffeltower, unfortunately you didn't.
Your outfit is rather casual than haute couture but it suits you and it fits the whole look very well.
If I can give you another technical tip, the edges of
your body, hair and clothing often look very pixelated, try to work with smoother lines when you select an area with your lasso-tool and make more stops where you start a new line and don't just pull one line through the whole section.

Rafael: I really like your photo, the pose from the side is nice and I love how the balloons are surrounding you.
However I'm very disappointed that we cannot see the Eiffeltower where your location for the shoot was actually supposed to be. It feels like you completely rushed this task and it's so sad because you have so much potential in you!
Hm I'm not really feeling it to be honest. It's not really haute couture at all, the balloons don't really look like ballons and I can't see if it's really in Paris. I like your outfit though, and your hairstyle, I'd have loved if you'd have been a bit more daring though.


Manda: I like this entry very much because it looks so story-telling. I really love this Giambattista Valli dress from their recent F/W collection, you look so amazing in it. Your makeup and hairstyle totally compliments the dress and your look. Also, I see improvement in this and I am glad you're back with us!

Rafael: Your idea for this task is very cool, it's quite different from what the others did. In fact, you're the only one who doesn't hold her balloons. The dress is gorgeous! Basically everything about this picture is so dreamy. *winks*
Tania: You look adoreable,
it seems like you're flying! I really like it though, I'm seeing a great improvement, the skin shading is very nice and the dress is supe cute, totally haute couture. A very nice entry overall!


Manda: Isabella, I've said it to the judges when we saw you at the Stardoll Fashion Week and I'll say it again: You're a total stunner! You've got the ability to enchant someone with your pure and beautiful aura ever again without becoming boring and stylewise-predictable as most of the people do.
The color of this dress suits you like nothing else and I love that you've choosen Giambattista Valli for your look which totally fits into the concept of this Ballon Shoot.
What I also really like about this entry it the magical atmosphere that gets transfered immediately when you look at it. Yet again, congrats on a great task!

Rafael: Oh my gosh you look absolutely gorgeous!!! You look like Cinderella, it's a dream come true!
Love the dress, the hair and the white bow is such an eye-catcher. I have absolutely nothing to critise, this photo is perfect to me!

Tania: Ugh, you look so cute I can't handle. I love everything about it, literally everything.
You surely have the perfect package, not only you're good at graphics but you're pretty stylish and know what fits and what not. That dress is just magnificent, the more I look the more I like it, what a great entry again.  


Manda: Maria, you never fail to impress us! Each task you get better and better and I'm loving it.
You just look drop dead gorgeous. I love your pose and I adore the pink details in here (shoes, bow and balloons) and still your face is the center of attention. This is how modeling works.
Your face is super fierce and seductive, that way you're advertising the dress perfectly. You set the dress fascinatingly in scene and make it look a billion dollars worth.
Your hair is so beautiful as well, it looks vivid and healthy and I love how it flows in the wind.
This entry has to be one of the strongest and you totally nailed the concept of this task. With your glamourus attitude you leave everything and everyone behind you and the moment is yours as you capture everyone's stares.
I'm amazed by your entry, congrats!
Rafael: I actually don't know what to say because my jaw just dropped down to the floor.
This has got to be my favorite entry to be honest, this photo has everything: it's cute and romantic, it shows the Eiffel tower, yet the focus is absolutely on the fashion and your amazing modeling skills. Girl, you absolutely know how to sell fashion. The pose is amazing, it emphasizes the skirt of this oh so lovely dress, like this could absolutely be a bridal couture shoot for Dior! By the way congrats for getting married to such a hottie!
Seeing you like this makes me believe that you are a professional Topmodel. You truly have the potential to make it big in this Business. I think it's save to say I see great chancec for you being in the great Finale of this cycle. Wishing you the best of luck, well done Maria!
I love your edginess and the fact you're not afraid to dare so much.
Your entry is perfect, the colours, pose, dress, if I would stare for hours I'd still not find any flaw. And your stunning, the gaze in your eyes is amazing. Amazing entry, once again.


Manda: Wow, was the first thing I thought when I saw your entry. You totally surprised me with such an amazingly detailed and perfectly executed entry. I wouldn't have expected it from you, not because I thought you wouldn't be able to deliver something like this but because I didn't expect you to slay this hard. This Dior dress is one of my favorite haute couture dresses Galliano did for the F/W 2010 Couture collection - in general one of my favorite Dior collections ever - and I am glad someone brought it back to us.
Even though you look like the most stunning thing ever in here, I am not super happy with your face. When you asked me if it was okay to have a face covered by the half, I found it okay but I didn't know you were talking about doing your own face. Don't get me wrong, the face looks really amazing but as you know this here is a model competition, not a graphic competition, which means we need to see your face because your face is the most important thing in the model business. You have such a beautiful face Alex, so why don't show it off?
Besides from this, your entry is perfect. You're working this dress and the joy of this shoot totally gets transmitted. Congrats

 Rafael: Bam! Boom! Pow! Absolutely stunning, this photo is show-stopping. That dress screams high fashion and I'm slightly getting dome theater/circus vibes.
Everything is so perfect, but... there's something that bugs me. It's the face. You already did a side-shot in the last task which turned out amazing, but now it kinda feels reductive. Don't get me wrong, the graphic is beautiful and perfectly done, but this is a model (!) competition where we want to see your doll's faces. We want to see how versatile your face can be, not how versatile you are as a graphic designer.
Alex, I truly adore your work and I know that you always give 100% and I appreciate this a lot. But please keep in mind that you don't have to pull off a super detailed slaying graphic in order to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes less is more. And with that said, I congratulate your for such an amazing photo.

There has been really stunning entries for this task but this one is surely my favourite. It has all Manda has asked for, and done so goddamn well. I'm very impressed Alex, you've really take it to the next level, just perfect.


Manda: Tadi, you look totally loveable in here. I like the concept of your entry and your hair, dress and pose are matching the scheme of this shoot. The pink butterflies are a nice detail and fit the idea of you being lifted up by the balloons. I think your photo would have looked even better if the balloons would have been in the colors of your look; nude, pink, purple, bright yellow shades - but still this is a beautiful entry.

And here we have another amazing photo. I love how yours stands out from the others because the balloons lift you up. The idea is lovely, the pose is fitting and I love those little details such as the pink butterflies on your skirt. In my opinion an eye-catching pair of shoes is missing though... but then again, I shouldn't be so picky. Well done!

How cute are you? It's not neccessarily haute couture but you look adorable, that dress totally fits you and the pose is sweet. I'd like to see something more daring though, sweet and cute are nice but it was not really what Manda asked for. Regardless a nice entry.


The Elimination

It's time to announce the elimination.

Two of you totally stunned this task, Isabella8103 and maria0077, congrats, you are in the next round. Along with Isabella and Maria, we thought also Pau.Cam.Arena deserved a spot in the Top 3 of this task when we ignore the little fault of the face.
One of you will this task's winner of the week who will be proclaimed by the announcement of Task 5.

Also straight in the next round is Dreamiiii. Congrats!

The two contestants left are Black-Lady-1 and Tadi_12. One of you will get into the next round, while the other one has to leave us unfortuantely.

Caro, it's your second time in a row that you are in the Bottom. Your entry was one of the weakest as you just couldn't deliver what we wanted to see from you. We are sure that there's a lot of potential in you but maybe it's just not the rith time to let it all out.
Tadi, your first time in the Bottom, but not because your entry was super weak. Logically, there always have to be two contestans in the bottom, and in the end Dreamiiiii's entry convinced us slightly better than yours so that's why you are here in the Bottom. Still, you should step up your game a little and give us something more daring and extraordinary.

So who will have another chance to fight for the title?
Tadi, congrats you are in the next round of MMM! This is a wakeup-call, give us everything you have in the next round!

Caro, I'm sorry but we did see bigger potential in Tadi but Caro you can be proud of yourself. You pushed yourself through 18 very strong contestants which is amazing! You started low with almost no modeling and graphical skills. Now, look at you how far you've made it. We are proud of you Caro and wish you good luck in the future!

THAT'S A WRAP!! CONGRATS to everyone of you that made it into the next round!!
Wait! Next round? Top 5? You know what this means?'


 Whoop Whoop! Concerning, the circumstances we reached our Top 5 and traditionally the last five contestants of MMM come together in the semifinal!

So, get ready! It's getting serious, give us everything you have in the Task 5: The Semifinals.Now it is about who will enter the Great Finale!
Along the winner of the week of Task 4, the tasks
will be announced soon,

Hope you'll have a wonderful day and keep shining,
Yours Manda