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Sunday, 19 July 2015

The Semifinal Tasks: New York + London

Hello everyone and welcome to the Semifinals,

after many months, we've reached week 12 and finally arrived at the semifinal. Congrats to you all that you've made it that far!
Now it's about who will enter the Great Finale and be in the spotlight of the live finale show, so give us the best you have girlies,we cannot wait to see all your beautiful entries.

Just like the years before, there will be a poll, where you can vote for your favorite contestant to be in the Finale. You can vote for everyone of the Top 5: Dreamiiiii, Isabella8103, maria-0077, Pau.Cam.Arena and Tadi_12.
You can find the poll on the side-bar and you can only vote once.
By that being said: This week's decision counts 50% by the judges and 50% by the the audience (counted by the votes from the poll).
Of course, the Top 5 are allowed to promote for themselves. The voting will be opened until the deadline ends!

Before I will announce the tasks I want to publish the winner of the week from Task 4.
, maria-0077 and Pau.Cam.Arena got the chance to win and the one who convinced us the most with her amazing model skills is...maria-0077. (Something is waiting for you in my bazaar.)
Congrats you advertised the clothing perfectly!
This was the prelast time we deciced a winner for the weekly task, all of you got a last chance to win winner of the week at the Semifinals by the results of this task.

Okay, now let's move on to the Semifinal tasks.
This task, You have to deliver 3 different parts, each one testing specific model skills that you should be able to master.
Also, special for the Semifinals, we will visit two different fashion capitals at once: New York City and London!

Part 1: Magazine Cover Shoot

For the first part of the Semifinals we stay in the studios of MMM and you'll take you place in front of a blank screen as we shoot the traditional cover for Cosmopolitan

Every Topmodel needs to know how to present and portray herself on a Magazine Cover. It belongs to the basic skills of a model to have the ability of being versatile on a cover of a magazine, while representing the magazine's proud title.
Traditionally, like in the last two years you have to create a Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover with yourself as the covergirl. Try to stun with a beautiful smile or seduce with a self-confident and sexy expression.

Part 2: Maybelline New York Makeup Ad Campaign

Then we leave the MMM studios in LA and get into our topmodel jet that flies us over to the beautiful, never sleeping city New York.

This time you will have to do two advertisements for a makeup ad campaign.
Create two advertisement shoots for the one brand: Maybelline New York. Of course you are allowed to use every makeup brand from the starplaza but your advertisements should be for Maybelline New York.
You should reinvent a slogan for the infamous makeup brand and show the makeup's logo.
Also in your advertisements you will have to pose on the skycrapers of the never sleeping city New York. Add a matching hairstyle as well.

 Example for this task from the last cycle's winner.

Part 3:  London Style Guide

For the last challenge of the Semifinals, we will make a stop in Great Britian, visiting the beautiful fashion capital London.

For the last task I will give you a basic piece of clothing that you have to style in a complete look. Just make it your own and In the end it should be a casual, fashionable look so the top doesn't seem simplistic or boring. The rest of the styling can be stardoll clothes or your own graphic (png) clothes, that's up to you. Also, take attention to a fitting hair and pose.
As London is known for its rainy weather, for the setting you will have to pose in front of the London Eye while the rain is falling down on you. Still you have to manage to look on point and ready for the camera.

This will be your top:

Okay, that's it for the Semifinals!
I hope you will have fun to do these tasks and good luck! Give your best.

Deadline: Sunday, 26th July, 2015.

I'm really excited to see your entries and it will be even more exciting who makes the cut for the Great Finale.

Have a wonderful sunday,
Yours Manda x

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  1. Oooh, so exciting! Can't wait to see the entries for the semifinal tasks!