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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Information Task 3!

Hello everyone,

so maybe as you noticed the half of the contestants didn't send in their tasks yet, only seven contestants.
There are actually still six contestants missing, but there were some changes.
Soso-asooly seems to have left stardoll, so she is out, also Sary.Babyfayce and EllieCase decided to quit, because of temporary cases. Afrin_98 hasn't been online quite a long time and also didn't respond to my messages, so she will be out, if she won't send in her task til the new deadline.
The contestants ajehdn and pavlovagurl told me they are currently working on the task and will send them in soon.
Because so many contestants left the competition there will be a new contestant and it will be emmahunt4! Hilmy got the 7th place last year in Cycle 1 so I'm very glad to welcome him back. :)
In the end we also now reached the Top 11 or Top 10 (depending whether one contestant will send in her task or not).

The new Deadline for Task 3 is: Wednesday, 26th February 2014!
It's 3 days, please use the time I give you!

Manda El Rose

Friday, 14 February 2014

The 3rd Task!

Hello everyone,

at first let's announce the winner of the week of Task 2. The contestants who showed the most potential in the previous task were Aeon_Flux_96, Sary.Babyfayce and Dreamiiiii. The winner is... Giselle! Congrats, you surprised us in a very positive way with your entry, keep on like this!
A little surprise is waiting for you in my bazaar. :)
Also I'm glad to welcome jovana8, nice to see you again. Jovana couldn't send in her second task, because she wasn't able to reach any internet connection and that's why we will give her a second chance.

This is your 3rd Task.

Haute Couture Catwalk Shoot S/S 2014
Not it's time to do a Haute Couture Catwalk Shoot, we did several catwalk shoots in the last cycle and now I'll introduce them to Cycle 2.
You have to create a Catwalk Shoot, that features a beautiful Haute Couture outfit from the current S/S 2014 collections, add a unique makeup and hairdo, that match the outfit.
Haute Couture clothings are always very exceptional, special handmade pieces and elaborate, elegant creations.

Post your finished entries in the comments below with a or link, thanks.
The Deadline is Saturday, the 22nd February, 2014.
Good Luck, if you've got any other questionts, feel free to ask. :)

Manda El Rose

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Results Task 2

Hello everyone,

finally here are your results, I'm sorry for being very late, but there were several problems with some of the contestants, some judges statements and I barely found time to do this post.
So in the end again two girls, jovana8 and SoniaBellaStone, didn't send in their entries and  that's why they are eliminated and today we will decide for the Top 11! One contestant has to leave us today. Now... let's have a look at your entries!

Rafael is again missing in the results as he wasn't able to send in the judgements, because of temporary causes.

Group Exotic

Manda: I really like your commercial, it is very elegant yet the makeup, setting and hairdo give it a exotic touch, though I'm not so keen on the color of the dress. The earrings could have been bigger, too. The earrings in the box was a nice idea and the box is shaded perfectly! Also your slogan fits the scheme very well! Good job.
Cathy: Very nice idea to show the earrings in the box! I like your pose and the haircut a lot but you could have enlarged the earrings and another dress colour might have worked better. I'm a bit on the fence with the font you used, it just doesn't seem right in connection with the lovely background. Overall, a good entry!

Tania: Hah this is just perfect, I feel you really got what this all task was about and everything just fits nicely. Love the pose, love the makeup, also how the earings are presented (twice actually, which gives the enphasis to them that was needed). I'd surely buy those earings.

Group Elegance

Manda: Wow Afrin, you did a huge step forward from the last task. The graphic looks very good and I love the blouse and hair! Although I'm not sure if the hairstyle fits the very elegant earrings, though the pose does. What's distracting me is the background, its rather cute not that elegant. Your slogan is short, though its good to remember and I like the alliteration. All in all I'd say you should refer more to the keyword of the task and create a better matching scene, but a great entry and a huge improvement!

Cathy: Your graphic is very well done from the technical view. What is in my opinion missing is some kind of concept for your ad. the background with the butterflies is rather cute, the hair is rather streetstyle and the top/dress seems casual but the earrings are elegant. Although it's an improvement from the last task, I would've prefered to see something more well-thought-through from you

Tania: When I saw your entry the first thing I thought was 'Afrin's back!'. I mean really, the quality of this graphic is just awesome, way way better than your last submission, I'm pretty pleased, also the slogan is put out very nice nicely.

Group Exotic


Manda: Joao you also improoved a lot from the last task! The shading of the outfit is very good, but I'm not a fan of the hair. The background and the font were a great choice and fit the earrings very well. I'm just not convinced by your pose and outfit, it isn't very exotic, more well-behaved and casual. You should come out of yourself and try out more daring things! All in all a good entry!

Cathy: I love that font! Your entry is a huge improvement from the last one, the graphic is much cleaner and more focused on the task. The outfit is very well shaded, just work a little bit more on the hair. What I am missing in your graphic is the exotic aspect. Advertisement is about going over top and both your outfit and background seem rather conservative. But all in all, well done.

Tania: Olá João! So while I like the graphic a lot (though I feel some parts needed a bit more time with shading and so on), background and way you put on the slogan is vey nice, I kinda don't feel the extravagant part you're meantioning. But like I said overall is a pretty good entry, way better than your last one.

Group Elegance

Manda: That facial expression is so fierce and that makeup hella seductive. Unfortunately the rest isn't as great, the dress isn't shaded very well and the background is just plain and boring, also the flower doesnt fit, the orange and bright green doen't fit the deep burgundy colors at all. The slogan is quite nice, but way too small and hard to recognize on it's first glance. The earrings look great on you though, maybe you should have made something like a white palast as background and something else for that flower, that would fit the colors and the elegance.

Cathy: Uh, how seductive! The earrings are definitely in the focus and that makeup is stunning! The rest of the graphic isn't as amazing sadly. The skin shading is okay but the dress is very awkwardly shaded as if it had neither a specific cut nor folds. The flower doesn't seem to fit (e.g. the colour) and the background is just plain grey. The slogan is good. In summary, a good idea, wonderful beginning but not really finished. Take more time!

Tania: While the slogan is nice in itself and the eye makeup, the rest seems kinda off to me. The background is way too simple and not appealing, the shading is really not so good and in some parts not even there and the type of font you use and its size is not a good choice at all. Sorry dear but this the task is one of my least favorites, I was expecting more.

Group Exotic

Manda: I really appreciate the fact you've tried your first time in graphics, though sadly I have to say you didn't do a very good job. The background is just boring and I'd prefer to see at least one earring really in your ear. The slogan is average, nothing I've never heard before. The skin, hair and face are very blurred and you could have given it more time and a better excution.

Cathy: The idea of posing naked with only jewelry is nothing very new. It only works if it is executed well but yours isn't. Your graphic is extremely blurred and rushed. The slogan is ok but the background is boring. Not so well done.

Tania: In itself I really like the pose and also the slogan of it, fits just perfectly with it but the graphic is really extremely blurred and that's a turn off for me. I'd like a more edgy makeup with it also, the black & eyeshadow don't do much for you, while the doll is gorgeous.

Group Elegance

Manda: I really like this! Tiffany's was also the first I connected with the elegant pearl earrings. The pose is also so elegant, I love it! I also like the background very much. Though I think you should add more depth in your shading it would give your graphics a way better quality. The concept is really great! Good job!

Very elegant! Audrey Hepburn in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is one of the first things I associate with pearls, so well done! It's clearly visible what your slogan means and what you were going for with your ad. Nonetheless, you still need to work on some aspects, mainly the graphic quality. The hair is nice (although it's from stardoll), but you MUST start shading more, it would give your tasks a more professional outcome. The brown "thing" in the background seeems strange. Overall, nice concept, nice pose, bag graphic quality but well done!

Tania: Again very well done! You understood and represented well the task, and while I think there's some harsh lines in the graphic and little to no shading in the dress, overall you did a very nice work.

Group Exotic

Manda: Your idea of the task was very nice but the excution very bad! The hair in the upper parts has nearly no shading at all and same about the arms. The earrings should have been way bigger, they nearly get lost in the whole picture. All in all only the earrings are the exotic part in this ad. The slogan is nice, though I'm not sure if it was necessary to put in french, but a nice idea. Sadly, you are one of the worst this time.

Cathy: Your commercia was the one I liked the least from all exotic ones. Your graphicisn't interesting and nothing apart from the earrings is exotic. The slogan is nice and using french is original. The colour choice isn't my cup of tea, especially not concerning the topic. You need to work on a stronger shading that is clearly visible because here, it isn't, some parts even seem unshaded.

Tania: I like the concept dear, but the almost no shading in the hair, that's actually the main part of the graphic is a huge turn off, if you'd have put some more work onto it, it could have been one of my favourite tasks, also the slogan presentation by the way, it's a bit too simple for my liking.

Group Elegance

Manda: Wow a very interesting and adoreable concept! It indeed is really elegant and the dress looks gorgeous on you. I prefer the slogan with "Rei's Pearls" and it is really catchy! Next time maybe just use one slogan, same about me graphic, though I appreciate you did two of them but the earrings should stay in the front and be the eyecather and that isn't necessarily the case here. Good work!

Cathy: Very elegant! You definitely followed the given task and your ad is lovely! I like the outfit and the rei's pearls slogan. For the next time, try to focus on the most important parts. one slogan and one graphic would have been completely sufficient since ads are something you only look at for a short time. That's why you need to see the important thing - the earrings - right away. nevertheless, very well done and one of my favourite elegant ones

Tania: I love the slogan, also that you made the close up of your doll with the earinings, really nice idea! To be honest I really like all the rest as well, the shading is very good, I love the dress though I'm not so sure about the background and if it fits considering the pink though overall I think you did an awesome, great work!

Group Exotic

Manda: To be honest in the beginning I wasn't sure about the slogan but now I really like it! I like the sunny beach theme and the dress is beautiful, so maybe It could have been a little more greenish, concerning the poison-green in the earring. Your hair fits too, though there are still some flaws. I'd actually prefer if the earring was way bigger and that is what distracts me the most, because I think the earring isnt the definite eyecatcher. Anyways a good job.

Cathy: I love the slogan! The graphic has such a dynamic outcome, it's just perfect for an ad. When I see your graphic, I want to buy these earrings, stand on that beach and hold my dress into the wind. There are still some flaws in the hair and how the dress is flowing looks highly unrealistic, but that's just a minor issue. Very well done!

Tania: My favourite slogan of the whole task! I do enjoy your graphic a lot, the shading is great, colours very fitting and the dress seems a stunt but actually cause of that I wish we could see more from it! The background seems a bit off though, doesn't fit the slogan very much nor what it's about, something more extravagant would fit way better.

Group Elegance

Manda: First of all Welcome to MMM! The pose is nice, but the rest isn't very elegant and doesn't fit the earrings very much. The earrings doesn't stand our very well and concerning the slogan you could have added some sparkle or something that would have fit it. The outfit is a little too extravagant, which would have been good if you were in Group Exotic but you're in Group Elegance. The hair is okay, but the makeup is too much! Something soft would have looked way better. Also listen to Cathy's graphic advises and work on your graphic skills.

I like your pose but I'm not so fond of your outfit. It seems too colourful to be elegant, especially the skirt. The haircut is nothing special but ok but the makeup is in my opinion far too much. You definitely have to work on your graphical abilities, probably it's best to start practising and improving on skin. The background is nice but doesn't fit the given task. The slogan is good, but it would've been better if you incorporated some "skinny" aspects in your graphic to underline the slogan

Tania: The slogan is actually what got my attention the most, and it was really well chosen. As for the graphic in itself I really like the colours, makeup and pose, though the shading and the lines around the graphic need some work, also since it's a commercial another background would might fit better. But good work and welcome to MMM!

Group Exotic

Manda: You did a great job with underlining the extravagance of the earrings in this commercial! The background is perfect and fits gorgeously. The pose is very nice, too. Though in the end I'm not so sure if the colorful play in the earrings works with the rest, but that's just critizising on a very high level.

Cathy: My favourite entry from the extravagant group. You perfectly included both the wearability and the extravagance in your graphic. As always, the graphical quality of your entry is stunning and the slogan is olay, too. Keep on like this!

Tania: Surely one of my favourites. The colour scheme fits really well together and it's quite appelative which you expect from a commercial. Actually in my point of you everything looks just perfect exept the hair, it has like small chunks of hair instead of flowy and your nose, for some reason it feels it's not right.

Group Exotic

Manda: I really don't understand how everything apart from the earrings and the hair should look exotic and the outfit also doesn't underline the exotic touch at all, maybe just the skirt. I'm also missing a slogan. Though I have to say the graphical quality is amazing and the sweater is gorgeous. I also like the hair. If there's a next time please take more attention to what the task is saying.

Cathy: I love the grqaphic as such, it has a very french touch which can never be too wrong in my opinion. Sadly, the graphic is not at all extravagant and I'd think you advertised the beret. The background doesn't fit and the slogan is missing. The graphic quality is very good. For the next time, concentrate on a good concept and following the task rules because with your graphic ability, you can come far if you do so.

Tania: At once what I've noticed is that there's no slogan, that was asked from the task. The graphic in itself is very good, love the shading, textures and colours but it's not really commercial alike nor focused on the earings, also the background is really not fitting, feels like you've visited the Netherlands and your boyfriend took a picture.

The decision

So now it's time to decide who will be in the Top 11 and who has to leave us.

Some music to underline the decision
Play NOW...

The four contestants that convinced us the most this time were Aeon_Flux_96, Sary.Babyfayce and Dreamiiiii. Good Luck to you and Congrats, you are in the next round and you've got the biggest chance to win winner-of-the-week of Task 2, who will be announced with the new task!
The three contestants that disappointed us the most were ajehdn, kickherout and MG286.
One of you has to leave us today, all of the other contestants are in the next round.
Anna, Maurice, Leon you didn't manage to convince us this time, sadly one of you has to leave us now. The first one that is still in the next round is... it's Anna! Congrats Anna, this time you weren't one of the best, but we know you can do a lot better and we see a lot of potential in you!
Now it comes all down to you Leon and Maurice... Leon both your entries from Task 1 and Task 2 were quite average and it's the second time you are in the Bottom 3, but was your task still good enough to fight for another time for the title and do we see potential in you? Or did you get lost during the competition? Maurice it's your first time in the Bottom 3, but also your task was one of the weakest or maybe even the weakest. You failed to show us any potential and ended here in the final showdown. We compare your tasks of this week, though also we look at Task 1. We think of the future, who could give us more power and performance.
The one of you...that has to leave us now is...Maurice it's you, I'm sorry! That means Leon is in the next round and still got into the Top 11! Congrats, Leon we still see some potential in you, show it us all in the next task! Thank you for applying Maurice and thank you for your time here, you were great! I wish you a wonderful time after MMM and we will see us in the Great Finale.

Okay guys, that was a really hard decision!
The next task will be posted very soon, just as the winner-of-the-week of task 2 oh and before I forget... give us everything in the next task, because it's about the Top 10!
Each of the Top 10 will get their own exclusive set cards.

Love y'all
Yours Manda