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Friday, 14 February 2014

The 3rd Task!

Hello everyone,

at first let's announce the winner of the week of Task 2. The contestants who showed the most potential in the previous task were Aeon_Flux_96, Sary.Babyfayce and Dreamiiiii. The winner is... Giselle! Congrats, you surprised us in a very positive way with your entry, keep on like this!
A little surprise is waiting for you in my bazaar. :)
Also I'm glad to welcome jovana8, nice to see you again. Jovana couldn't send in her second task, because she wasn't able to reach any internet connection and that's why we will give her a second chance.

This is your 3rd Task.

Haute Couture Catwalk Shoot S/S 2014
Not it's time to do a Haute Couture Catwalk Shoot, we did several catwalk shoots in the last cycle and now I'll introduce them to Cycle 2.
You have to create a Catwalk Shoot, that features a beautiful Haute Couture outfit from the current S/S 2014 collections, add a unique makeup and hairdo, that match the outfit.
Haute Couture clothings are always very exceptional, special handmade pieces and elaborate, elegant creations.

Post your finished entries in the comments below with a or link, thanks.
The Deadline is Saturday, the 22nd February, 2014.
Good Luck, if you've got any other questionts, feel free to ask. :)

Manda El Rose


  1. Thank you so much! I can't believe it *-* I'm really happy! I absolutely love the clothes!
    By the way this task it's really amazing!! ^^

  2. Thank you manda, for giving me a second chance! :) The task is awesome although i never really had an haute Couture shoot. Hope i can survive this challenge :)) ♡

  3. Can't wait to see the entries, I love this task :)

  4. Hi ! There is my entry !!

    The Dress is From the Elie Saab Printemps/été (Spring/Summer) Haute Couture Collection :)

    Hope you like it :)

  5. Here's my entry:

    The dress is from Giambattista Valli Spring 2014 Couture. Hope you like it ^^

    1. This is my favourite one, great job! :)

  6. The dress is from Atelier Versace - Haute Couture SS 2014.

    1. I didn't noticed until now that your inspiration is in the background of my result Haha :D

  7. I quit! It's just long drawn-out. Hard to stay interested and determined if it takes one month for the competition to proceed.

    1. I really understand you and I would feel the same way, but this time it was really not my fault. Many contestants again didn't manage to send in their entries by time and also the judges were very slow, I waited 2 weeks and then again one week for waiting for a respond by another judge. Also I had my internship last week and that's why the results were so late.
      It's really sad to see you leaving! If it's about the deadline we can give you more time.

      Have a nice Saturday evening!

    2. It's not the deadline and I totally understand. We all have our (far more important) real-life stuff to cope with, so I am not blaming you. I just lost interest due to the long hold (whoever is responsible for it) and cannot motivate myself to do the task.

      Good luck to all of you and I hope you will manage to finish this cycle!

  8. Well, i think my Entry isn't the best of all, but best of mine! :)
    I've used a dress from the Giambatista Valli SS Collection. I think, the dress is (although it is short) very beautiful! :)
    I hope you like it too,
    Vana Alexander :)

  9. Atelier Versace - Haute Couture SS 2014
    I wouldn't be surprised If I get eliminated this time...I think I improved my hair skills,but I messed up the rest :/

  10. Elie Saab - haute couture ss 2014
    My hair skills suck :D

    1. your hair skill is better than mine

  11. Hello :)
    Chanel - haute couture SS 2014
    (sorry for the huge delay again)

    1. What?? You only add face and painted a little both arms, the dress is the real one, you didn´t do a graphic!!! So this is a valid entry??? What about the rest of us who spent hours making the all graphic!!!??????? So unfair!

    2. @Anonymous : So, you are gonna try to jugde his work? You? You should at first show your face. It's so pitiful, that you are hiding your face. If you have to open your mouth so wide, then do it with pride. If you don't have the pride to tell us your thoughts without hiding, THEN SHUT THE FUCK UP. "What about the rest of us who spent hours making the all graphic" Really? Is it that, what you wanna try to point out!?! You should watch your own work, and not trying to make a speech about what is fair and what not. Maurice isn't the best graphic designer, and he know's it by himself (I hope you don't mind , maurice) What now? Should he stop trying? Everyone's beginning is hard, i guess yours were too. Don't tell me you could do the best graphics ever, since you've started. Practise makes perfect but perfect's not always working, my god. -.-
      How i hate people like you. -.- I don't get why do you put your fingers in somebody's stuff. If you spent hours making a graphic, why aren't you just proud of yourself and shut up? Is it so hard?!

    3. @vana: She didn´t try to improve, she can be a beginner, but at least try to make the dress, a lot of girls included me are begginer, but lot of us put effort to try to do it. She didn´t try anything, just add the face to the dress and nothing else. If she wants to improve she has to try, to put effort and make the dress, if she doesn´t try she´s not going to become a better designer.

    4. Besides this is a competition and the task says MAKE A GRAPHIC, so where is it? It´s not a practise, is a competition, she has to follow the task!!!

    5. Well, you're right at some point, yes, of course, if you don't try you can't improve. But i wasn't talking about that he didn't try. I never said anything about his task, honestly, it's only you who is talking about that. I was asking YOU, why you won't show your face. The conversation was (from my point of view) never about his task, lol. Just of you and your judgement. I can't forbid you to say your opinion, that is also not what i'm planning to do. Just say, what you think, but do it maybe in an objectively way and not "we put effort in this graphic and he does not, thats not fair", 'cause in the end it's maurice, who made the graphic and he decides how he does that. I just don't get, why are you even talking about HIS things, i think you could give a sh**t about, what others do and watch yourself..

      By the way, i can't read anything about making a graphic. The task only says to make an Catwalk Shoot. There isn't any Allusion that we aren't allowed to create an scenery (for example). Or in Task 1 was one Contestant who DRAW his entry. And THATS actually the point of a competition : learning! I think some will agree with me, some with you, but I'd rather learn than win, if you ask me. And i can not see, that Maurice didn't followed the task. He did an CS with an Outfit of the currently SS collection. He did nothing wrong. ;)

    6. You can obviously see that Maurice didn't just add arms and a head, he also edited the dress and made it his own. Look a the reference:

    7. whatever...the dress is the same, the shoes too. The hands are the one that the model has, SO, SHE DIDN´T TRY WHAT SHE DID IT NOT A ALL GRAPHIC!
      Come on! if you at least know how to use photoshop or gimp, you will realise she didn´t try, she only crop the picture, but the DRESS IS THE REAL ONE, HANDS AND SHOES TOO.

    8. No, sorry, i don't know Photoshop or Gimp. I make my graphics with Paint. *Caution, Sarcasm*
      Couldn't you just shut up and let him do what he want? It's not your matter what other people do and what not. I really think you don't understand that nobody except you cares what Maurice's Graphic looks like, because that is the Work of the Jury, my god. Is it so hard to accept that his graphic looks how it does and not complain about it? YOU DON'T HAVE TO CARE ABOUT HIS WORK, DUDE. Did you understand now what i'm trying to tell you? Just stop with your shitty judgement, nobody cares. And people, who have still a little bit brain would even look after themselfs and not about someone other. You did your fucking graphic, he did his fucking graphic and that is not fucking unfair. WHO CARES IF HE DIDN'T MAKE A PERFECT GRAPHIC? -.-

      Second, is a competition, I can have my own opinion of other people work.
      Third, an scenary or graphic, require time and skills, so, you cannot compare that with what maurice did.
      Fourth: If Maurice want to improve, he has to try, he didn´t try at all, he followed the easy way.
      Fifth: I´m not saying my name because I don´t want a war, you react like a bitch just for saying what I think, and I can have my own opinion, but I won´t make a cat fight for the rest of my stardoll life because of this. So, call down Vana, be objective, you are just taking sides for a friend.
      Again, congrats, using Paint is wow.

    10. Anon #2
      First of all, Jovana.. We NEED more people like you! Those who stands for others is something that I truly respect. Anon, I think you're right about saying what you think, but that doesn't mean that you can talk that way.
      Yes, you've lost a lot of time doing your graphic and that's ok, everyone did it... Also, if you are someone who use Gimp or Photoshop or another program, you should know the difference between them and Paint. You can low the opacity with Paint or add Blur! If you can please tell me so I can use it from now! (Sorry for that)
      I think that both of you (Anon and Jovana) can discuss this without being so rude to each other and specially, with Maurice.
      Anon I'd like to see your very FIRST graphic, I think that you are not very different to Maurice's one. If I show you mine, please run and antivirus in your PC after you see it....
      The point is, just stop discussing about this yo' guys. The jugdes will give they review about the entry and that's the important thing. They will say if the ''Paint trick'' was worth it or not. OHHHH, BUT (don't want to sound like a stupid sellfish or something like that) she's NO longer in the competition.. She was out on Task 2. If somehow she's back 'on the race', just forget about what I say before.
      Oh and before you say something like: ''She's your friend'' Honestly, I don't even know Maurice. I would never be that nice with my 'friends' or anyone.

    11. *You can't low the opacity with Paint or add Blur

    12. Okey, i think that you don't understand because you don't want. I never said that you are not allowed to say your opinion, to be honest, i've said it more than understandly that you have to right to say what you think and that's okey. I just said that you should do it in a objective way, my god. I didn't wanted to attack you, lol o.O And actually i don't even know maurice, i'm not his friend. If it would be so, believe me, i would write a novel about this. I am just standing for other people, because i was taught like this, thats all. Really, i wasn't about to start a fight with you, i only don't like the way you talk of his Work. As if his work is the worst ever. And you can't say that maurice didn't try, because you don't know. Everyone is different, maybe thats the level of maurice's try.

    13. quote " Everyone is different, maybe thats the level of maurice's try."
      Yes, you are right about´s a good point.
      I´m sorry if I was a little rude to you Vana.

    14. I have to excuse myself too, how i've said before : i didn't wanted to attack you, if it seem so.

  12. Hello :)
    Here is my outfit:
    Zuhair Murad 2014 Couture

  13. Besides this is a competition and the task says MAKE A GRAPHIC, so where is it? It´s not a practise, is a competition, she has to follow the task!!!

    With and without catwalk :)
    this is the collection from Stephane Rolland
    xoxo ajehdn

    My entry, I chose an Elie Saab dress. Sorry for the lateness :)