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For the forth time, MMM is back with a complete new cycle, ready to discover new talents and fresh, beautiful faces.

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Information - Results Task 1

Hello everyone,

the results of the first Task will be posted on the 1st January 2014.
I'm sorry I couldn't post them earlier, but the judges and me were very busy during the festive days and didn't have much time to talk about your entries.

Stay tuned and good Luck,
Yours Manda El Rose

Sunday, 15 December 2013

A new Deadline

Hello everyone,

concerning that four contestants will still send in their entries and couldn't send them in previously, because of private and temporarily problems, I will delay the task until 19th December, 13.
This is the new deadline and I hope the four contestants will send in their tasks until then.

Good Luck again,

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

First Task!

Hello my models,

Congrats to all who made it into the Top 18!
For the first ever task of Cycle 2, this week, there will be two parts to do, so we can see who has really got potential and deserves to fight another round for the title.

1) Winter Statement Outfit
We want to see your sense for fashion! Create a unique Winter Outfit, based on the latest trends for the freezy season. Stay yourself and put your own style into this outfit, make it your statement! Don't forget to use a matching makeup and hairstyle!
Important: Find a matching background that underlines your outfit!

2) Winter mythical Creatures
Time to spread some magic! Create an Editorial Shoot (Graphic/Scenery), where you portray one of these infamous winter mythical creatures:
The Winter Fairy, the Frost Witch or the Snow Queen.
Don't forget to create a matching atmosphere, by using a nice background, etc.

Post your finished entries in the comments below with a or link, thanks.
The Deadline is Wednesday, the 11th December, 2013.

If you've got any questions just ask. :)

Good Luck girlies!

Twinkle Twinkle,
Manda El Rose

Sunday, 1 December 2013

The Top 18 are... + Opener Cycle 2

(make sure to watch it in HD ;))

Hello everyone,

the Applications closed on Friday and finally Manda's Model  Mission is coming in motion.
The Top 18 are choosen and I think we've got a great selection!
They are all unique themselves and I can't wait to see how they will develop during their time here at MMM.

These are top Top 18:

Congrats to everyone who made it!

For sure I didn't forgot the judges!
Here they are, my fantastic judge:

Me, Head Judge - MandaMichalka aka Manda El Rose
Co-Head Judge - Rafi101 aka Rafaél Grant
Judge - mathildamath aka Catherine Cerise
Judge - cooldeer123 aka Tânia

You may already know Rafael and Catherine from the previous first Cycle, they will also judge with me in Cycle 2. Our new judge is the lovely Tânia, she has got a lot of experience concerning the model business and knows what it needs to be a topmodel, she's been on several magazine covers and also owns great projects.
Besides Rafi and Cathy, Tania will stay by my side to choose the winner.

Welcome to my Team, Catherine, Rafael and Tania! :)

P.S.: During the cycle there will also be some guest-judges, but only time will tell who and when. ;)

The 1st Task will be announced very very soon, so Stay Tuned my dear models!

Best wishes and good luck,
Manda El Rose

Saturday, 16 November 2013

MMM Applications Cycle 2

Hello once again! :) I'm soo excited to let this show begin!

MMM is finally back and celebrates with the Cycle beginning of Cycle 2.
I hope you enjoyed the trailer and the new theme.
The Applications for the second Cycle of MMM are now officially opened.

If you want to apply as a Model for Mandas Model Mission, here are the requirements:

- You should follow the blog at first!
- You should be able to understand english to a good level.
- You must have access to a google/blogspot account.
- You need to have a unique style and fashion sense.
- You need to know how to create a scenery and how to do at least one simple pose!!
- You need to know how to present yourself on the catwalk.
- Some graphic skills would be nice, too.
- Of course you MUST know how to take screen-shots and how to upload them on tinypic, imgur, etc.

*You may not apply again if you've been in Top 5 of Cycle 1.

Do you think you fulfill these steps? Then fill out this application in a comment:
  1. First (and last, if desired) Name:
  2. Stardoll Username:
  3. Age:
  4. Any past experience?
  5. What do you have that makes you stand out of the crowd?
  6. Tell us in a few sentences, what qualifies you to be a real Topmodel:
  7. Headshot without and with make-up: (imgur or tinypic link)
These are the prizes:

If you want to apply for a judge place go HERE

Good Luck to you all!
The Top 20 will be announced if enough days have past and enough applications were sent in,

Twinkle Twinkle
Manda El Rose

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Official Club finaly opened...

Hey everyone,

today I want to officialy open the official Club of Manda's Model Mission called 'MMM_Modeling'.
You can check out all latest news and information in this club and I will also inform you some days earlier in the club than on the blog. It's for everyone that is interested in MMM and wants to be part of it.
We will build up a nice community and we are also going to do lotterys, interviews and little competitions concerning MMM.

At the moment MMM Cycle 2 is in preparations and I'm also working on the trailer of Cycle 2, which is going to be announced at The Great Finale of RNTM on the 15 September!
You can view the official RNTM Invitation if you click -> here <-

So back to the Club.
You can go just click this picture to get to the club and join the community:

Okay that's it for now!!
See you in the Club, I would really appreciate it and thank everyone that joins.


Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Best Dressed: Evening of the Great Finale

Hey everyone,

finally I came to announce the Best Dressed list of the Finale evening.
I will only post the Top 6 places out of 11.
The highest point amount you could reach were 20 points!

Let's start with the 6th place.

6TH PLACE: xXxDeliaxXx:

Manda: I don't like the colors of the outfit and I'm not a fan of the dress. 4/10
Rafael: 3/10

5TH PLACE: AnneHattaway:

Manda: You did a nice outfit, I love the colors, I'm just not sure if its well put together. 5/10
Rafael: 6/10

4TH PLACE: smiling.jojo:

 Nice outfit, I love the dress and your necklace looks gorgeous! Nice color scheme! 7/10
Rafael: 5/10

3RD PLACE: Aeon_Flux_96:

Manda: This is a very nice Pary outfit, I love the colorful fur, mixed together with the black clothing. 8/10
Rafael: 8/10

2ND PLACE: ExtravaganceSD

 Wow, this is a really unique party Outfit! I loove it! It's so extraordinary! Love the color scheme! It's so you, Nora! 9/10
Rafael: 9/10

1ST PLACE: emamhunt4

Manda: Beautiful!! I love this outfit! The dress is so elegant, I love it! Perfectly dressed for an elegant party! 10/10
Rafael: 9/10

Congrats Hilmy!
You deserved it!
You got 1st Place! :)

Your price will be 50sd! :)
Just reserve something for me in your bazaar,

Manda El Rose

P.S.: MMM Cycle 2 starts very soon! ;) The trailer will make its debut at the Great Finale of RNTM!

Saturday, 31 August 2013

Some Information

Hello everyone,

I've got some information for you.
At first I want to tell you that Cycle 2 is going to start soon, but it will sill take some time.

But hey, we are currently stll in Cycle 1 and the Best Dressed List of the Finale will follow soon.
Moreover there will be a Stardoll Club called 'MMM_Modeling' which is going to be the official Stardoll Club of MMM - Manda's Model Mission. There you are able to check out all upcoming news and information.

At the moment you can't join the club, because I have to wait 7 days to open a new club. :/
I will tell you when it is opened and able to join.

Yours Sincerely,
Manda El Rose

Monday, 12 August 2013

Winner's and Runner Ups Prizes

Hey everyone,

finnaly I have the time to write a new post. :)
It's about the Finale and the winner and prizes.

At first I want to thank everyone who joined the tinychat disussion and watched the show with us.
You've been amazing and we had so much fun. :) The whole evening was a blast!
I'm very happy that I got so many positive feedbacks about the Grande Finale! Thanks again. :)

Don't worry I didn't forgot about the Best Dressed list I'm probably going to publish it tomorrow.

Now let's talk about our winner ExtracaganceSD!!! Nora, you really deserved it and did a great job.
Congrats again!
You know what prizes you get, they are listed here: ~click me~

The final decision was really hard and Mangun did aswell a marvelous job. That's why you are also getting a few prizes! You will be a Runway Model for Desire's debut collection and you will also receive 50 stardollars!! Just reserve something in your bazaar so I can buy it.
I hope you like your prizes. ;)

Besides Nora already got the 3 beautiful graphics made by MisaStylee, shown on The Appearance. Here they are:

I really like them, they look just flawless. Annika, you did again a gorgeous job. :)

See you then,
Yours Manda El Rose

Friday, 2 August 2013

The Great Finale


MandaMichalka: Black
Rafi101: Blue
mathildamath: Pink
Martusia_144: Yellow



(Top 13 Walk is missing)


The Finale evening was a blast!
Thanks to everyone who came and watched the show with us!

I really hoped you enjoyed the show and like the videos!
It would be amazing if you comment and tell me what ya think.

Best Dressed List and Top 13 Walk will be added when I’m back from vacation.
I will go on it tomorrow.

Have a beautiful evening,
Manda El Rose

Best Dressed Applications

You can now send in your entries for Best Dressed

Just type in this form:

Link to Outfit:

The winner gets a prize,
Good Luck,

The Great Finale: New Timetable

2nd August, 2013

18:30 GMT: The Live Chat has opened:
19:00 GMT: Party begins including Interviews and Sweepstakes
19:30 GMT: Best Dressed Applications (winner gets prize) | Theme: Party
20:00 GMT: The Finale Show begins

See you,

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Changes in Plan

Hey everyone,

I’m really really sorry but I have to tell you that the Great Finale of MMM is going to be displaced by a day.
I couldn’t finish the Finale by 100%, because there is really lots to be done, but I can assure you, it’s going to be amazing!!
I prefer to give you a gorgeous Finale by time instead of a rushed Finale which isn’t punctual at all.

This is the new Spoiler of the Great Finale of MMM, Spread it into the world, Post it on your blogs:

Have a beautiful evening,
See you tomorrow,

Yours Manda x

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Your Project featured in the Live Great Finale!

Hello everyone,

now you have the opportunity to sign up for you project to be featured in the Great Finale of MMM, which is going to take place live on Thusday, the 1st August, 2013.

There will be several breaks during the Finale show and now you can sign up your project to be featured in a break.

Fill in this form:
Project Name:
Project URL:

Maybe you're lucky and I will choose your project to be shown in the Finale.

Have a great day,
Yours Manda x

Monday, 22 July 2013

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Finale Date

Hello jury, hello models,

There've been several problems with the date when the Great Finale will take place.
I noticed that Saturday, 27th July and Saturday, 3rd August aren't available dates. Weekends in general weren't good dates.
I'll drive on vacation on the 3rd August, so the Finale is going to take place some days before.

How sounds Thursday, the 1st August OR do you prefer Monday, the 29th July?

Finalists and jury, please answer my asap so I can get preapred and can update the Finale Promotion.

Kiss Kiss,

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Are you ready?!

Spread the word and post it on your blogs! :)


(P.S.: Tell me if that time and date is okay for you)

Sunday, 7 July 2013

New Deadline

Hey everyone,

Since Carrie, Mangun and Minh asked me to give you some more time and only one contestant finished her entries on time, I'll give you some more time.

The new Deadline is Wednesday, 10th June.
And this time I want you to be punctual!

Good Luck,

Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Finale Tasks!

Heya everyone! :)

The time has come for our last four remaining contestants to get their Finale tasks.
Moreover this were the voting results of the followers, concerning the Semi Finals and the elimination, I didn't show you:

Overall 40 people voted. Obviously the majority voted for Nora, which makes her the one with the biggest fan-base.
By the way there will be a second voting during the Finale weeks, where you can vote for your favorite Finalist, the one with the biggest voting, will get the biggest applause. Oh and this time the voting won't take influence to the decision who will win MMM.
You are allowed to share the link to vote for you in your presentation and you can ask others, but please don't spam!

Now here are your tasks for the Finale weeks:

1. Ad Campaign:

It's finally time for an ad campaign and I can tell you I looooove ad campaigns!! ;)
You're goint to pose with these gorgeous shoes, called Armadillo Shoes by Alexander McQueen:

In the ad campaign the shoes have to be in the focus, make them stand out of the shoot and they should match the pose and outfit: extraordinary, sexy, crazy, unique.
The shoes doesn't need to be the same patterns/colors, which are shown in the picture, its just about the shape. And don't forget your epxression and the eyecatcher on the shoes are very important!

2. Runway Task:

We didn't do a Prêt-á-porter runway shoot yet, so yeah, now you have to portray your doll in Prêt-á-porter outfit, which means casual, but still chic. The Prêt-á-porter outfit and makeup should fit the current summer scheme. The pose should underline the outfit and atmosphere, you can decide whether it will be a walking or end pose. Moreover don't forget to create a matching catwalk! ;)

3. Editorial Shooting:

This is something very special actually, each one of you has to portray herself to a matching Action/Thriller movie and it's main character. Try to catch the movie's message and main story and then create a pose, outfit, makeup and expression which has to fit your film and the main character. The background is indeed important!
I want you to show Action! ;)

Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life:
Nora/ExtravaganceSD as Lara Croft


Resident Evil - Afterlife:
Carrie/Cheekycazbo1 as Alice

Black Swan:
Minh/Sweetpiink1999 as Nina Sayers

Mangun/mangunmeeetan as Violet


Okay that's it girlies!
I hope you'll enjoy these tasks!
I am really excited to see your entries!

The poll on the side-bar where you can vote for your favorite finalist (remember: the one with the biggest fan-base will get the most applause in the Great Finale) will be published tomorrow.

Your final Deadline for the Finale Tasks is:
6th July 2013.

Good Luck my finalists!
If you have any questions just ask me...


Thursday, 20 June 2013

5th Elimination Ceremony - The Semi Finals

Hello everybody,

finally it's time. After 14 weeks the moment has come to reveal the Finalists!
Pretty exciting, isn't it?? ;)

Now I don't want to waste any more time.
Anne, Carrie, Kylie, Mangun, Minh and Nora. Now it's your turn and I'll announce the judgements.

Let's start off with you Anne and then go on in alphabetical order.


Manda: It's obviously that you put much effort in your magazine, but to be honest I'm not a big fan of it. As much as I love that smirk and the matching headline, the rest isn't my cup of tea. The Pose is very lame and somehow weird. But I like your exotic shooting very much, I think this is a pretty good scenery and I like the outfit very much, it just fits the whole scheme.
Your makeups are pretty disappointing and the worst out of this week, moreover they aren't properly done, if you have a look at the smudged makeup parts and the heads aren't cut out well.
I don't know if you are on the same level as others are and I don't know if it was good enough to reach the Finale, this week.

Rafi: I can see you've tried hard to create a good magazine cover. I have to say, it turned out pretty good although it's not my favorite one. The pose and the dress are quite nice. I somehow find your medoll's expression weird, but I like how it matches the "Smirk" headline, haha.
I'm not a fan of the hairstyle you have chosen, in my opinion the hair on a magazine cover, especially (!!!) on a Comsopolitan cover should be long, wavey, shiney and beautiful! And that's obviously not the case in your cover, unfortunately. What I also don't really like about your cover is that I don't really get that "Cosmopolitan" vibe, the colour scheme and the dark background just doesn't fit a women's magazine.
The exotic photoshoot on the other hand is really good, it reminds me a lot of Eve - and I guess that's whom you've portrayed. I can see that your scenery posing skills are well developed! :)
In my opinion your make-ups looks are the worst out of all entries which is very sad.
Anne, I know you've tried very hard and we can all see your big improvement. But I'm worried that you can't keep up with the other contestants. Even if it was enough for the Finale, would you then be able to win this competition?

Cathy: To my mind, your journey has come to an end here.Your cover was quite strange talking of the pose and the facial expression. Your makeups weren't that good either - some of them were okay, but the last one looked as if you would have just put some colour onto your eyes. I really like your exotic photoshoot, it's magnificient for a scenery. But all in all, the others are more experienced and strong. Good luck in your future modelling career!

Kasey: Nooo! This is NOT you! I don't like that cover at all! I'm just not even going to justify that with words. Your exotic pose is...ehh. Not really impressive. Nothings goes together in that outfit. I only liked the top three makeups, so yeah...It just didn't see anything that wow'ed me.

Advice: Try to get into graphical skills, which will make your entries look way more professional and appealing. Have a look at several tutorials on youtube and watch how other graphic designers do their graphic. Moreover try to work more properly and detailed.


Manda: I like your cover very much actually, I love the pose really, but the outfit isn't my cup of tea, even though it fits the theme pretty good, maybe a blazer would have underlined the 'Cosmopolitan' Vibe. I like the Exotic Shoot actually very much, the pose is pretty sensual and lovely, I just miss something extraordinary you know? The Makeups are very average, I like the second the most, but Kasey is right with saying, that they all look pretty similar. What I miss in your tasks are colors! I basically see blue, brown and black.
Some great entries, anyways!!

Rafi: Wow, Carrie I simply love your Cosmopolitan cover. It looks so fresh and summerish, it's almost perfect. I love your pose and the font, only the hair looks a bit crappy.
The exotic photoshoot is quite good. The background is gorgeous, the outfit and the pose are okay. But ... come on, you have to admit that the skirt looks kinda slutty. The hair is nice, but there could be more highlights to make is shiney. So work on that please!
The make-up looks are nice, but it's nothing special. I like the 4th make-up best, though.

Cathy: Your cover looks fresh and young - maybe a little too young. You rather look like a teenager with the hotpants, but the rest of the layout is good and i like your hairstyle. Your exotic photoshoot is cool. The knee is much too pointy and the skirt a little too short, but never mind. the natural makeup looks were beautiful, the extravagant ones aswell but they weren't really extravagant. Try to get more crazy!

Kasey: I can't say I really like your entries much this week. I didn't like any of your makeup styles. They all looked pretty similar and it would've been nice had you done something really out of the box. Your exotic pose isn't exotic. Again, it's the makeup that throws me off. You just need to work on fierce. Hardcore color combos and sharp styles. I liked the text from your cover, but the background was boring, the outfit wasn't good, and of course...the makeup.
It's just not your task.

 Advice: You need to work more detailed and think of more extraordinary, colorful features in your entries to make them stand out of the crowd!


Manda: Your semi final entries are pretty okay. Your Cosmopolitan cover is nice, because I love the pose and color scheme and it fits the Cosmo theme. The graphic could have been way better, but it's ok. Your exotic shooting has a very creative background, but it doesn't really fit the theme. It kind of looks more as an underwater coral reef. The pose and outfit itself are average, the pose could have been with a better shading lots better and the outfit is just boring. Love the face expression though. I'm no a fan of your makeups, they are pretty smiliar and they aren't very outstanding. Even though I like your face, this weren't good makeups.

Rafi:  So let's start off with the positive aspects. I really like your Cosmopolitan Cover, it looks very fresh and I love the juicy color scheme as well as the summer feeling I get when I look at it. The graphic could have been better, but overall it's quite okay. I like your pose, it definitely fits for "Cosmopolitan". Well done on that job!
The exotic shoot is quite okay but not really my cup of tea.
I don't really like the make-up looks, they are too average for my taste, if not lame. I don't know, to my mind you could have done better.

Cathy: All of your tasks are ok. You've had your ups and downs in this competition, but you definitely improved. Your graphics don't look as blurred as before and your hair looks much better. But to my mind, the other contestants are stronger than you are. As I said, your tasks are ok, but they're neither extremely creative nor breathtaking graphicwise. I would have loved to see a more exciting style, not just dresses in one colour, for example. Be proud of your development here, though!

Kasey: I was really rooting for your entry this week because it looked like your graphics had improved, but I don't really see improvement with these images. One of my pet peeves is when a model changes their look. Me being a high profile designer, I know for a fact that when a model changes their looks, it not only changes the whole graphic, but makes more work for the graphic designer. In the future, pick a look that works for you. One that can work in many different images and emotions. Now referring to your makeup styles, I'm just not a big fan. I really like your second makeup style, but the others don't work for me. This is not your best entry.

 Advice: Your tasks are always pretty average, you need to come out of your comfort zone and try out new exciting, extraodrinary things.


Manda: Your tasks kind of disappointed me. It's not that they were bad, but I had very high expectations in your semi final entries and they weren't your typical high standard. Your Cover is pretty elegant and it fits the 'V' Vibe... what? V?! The task was to create a Cosmopolitan Cover, which is the whole opposite to V. But it's anyways a gorgeous pose and I love the dress...just not cosmopolitan! Your exotic shooting isn't very exotic, but it reminds me very much of a fairy, what I love. Very sensual, very beautiful...just not exotic. Anyways your makeups were great! I like each one very much, expecially the first, second and forth. :) Kasey is right, you have a beautiful face!
Very strong entries anyways!!

Rafi:  Hmm, I'm not 100% satisfied with your work this week. Let's start with the cover. I basically love your pose and the outfit, also the hair. The make-up is okay, the background isn't my cup of tea. But what I really absolutely dislike about this cover is that it isn't "Cosmopolitan" magazine. Your task was to create a Comspolitan cover, not just any magazine cover!!!!
I guess you haven't fully understood the task. Same goes for the exotic photoshoot: Your task was to create a photo in the jungle/rainforest, not just any forest. The graphic is absolutely gorgeous, but sadly it doesn't fit the task theme.
The make-up looks aren't that impressive either. I love the last two make-ups, but the others are rather boring. Mangun, I'm quite disappointed this time, especially because you have so much potential and very high chances to get the title. I really hope you won't get weak towards the end. Keep going, you're nearly there. You wouldn't want to lose so close to the end, right? I keep my fingers crossed for you that it's still enough to get into the Finale!!

Cathy: I had high expectations in your tasks and I was a little disappointed when I saw them. They're still very good but I think that you can do better. The cover wasn't a cosmopolitan cover. the pose looked good, but the dress and the strange haircut destroyed it somehow. Theexotic photoshoot is wonderful, the feeling to it is really mystic. But again, it isn't really an exotic shooting in a jungle, you rather portray a forest fairy. Your makeups were okay. All in all, i see high potential in you, but you really have to pay attention to the tasks given.

Kasey: I have to say that your face is my favorite. It seems like it could work in many different ways. Your makeup styles proved that. I don't like the first style, but I love the rest. Your magazine cover, though not a Cosmo like the directions stated, is very vintage, simple, and overall nice. I love simplicity. Your photoshoot happens to be my favorite, but the legs and arms are all clouded together without any distinct shading. However, it really conveys peace, serenity, and beauty. Super simple, super nice. Good Job!

 Advice: You need to read the task's more properly!!! You can't win this if you don't follow the tasks and do your own thing!


Manda: Your cover could have been so good, but this is just a lame graphic. I also don't like the fact you've used a plain gray outfit. Gray isn't a very attractive summer color, you know? The pose is so good, though! I actually love your exotic shooting, again something very sensual and cute! The pose is also very beauty. Your makeups are okay, I see you tried to create some special makeups, but I only like 1 or 2 of them, which are the gold and white one.
Anyways we see much potential in you, do something with it!!

Rafi:  Well, you've created a nice graphic for the ... uh, cover?! I'm seriously missing the magazine title as well as the headlines. I'm not a big fan of your outfit, I also don't like the fact that you didn't do any face shading, but the pose is great!
The exotic photoshoot is awesome, it looks super sexy, which I love! ;)
The make-up looks aren't my favorites, some of them are quite boring. I don't really get why you're a Clown on one of the photos. In my opinion, the only good make-up of yours is the gold make-up which is by far my favorite look of your entries!

Cathy: Your exotic shooting was my favourite of your three tasks, you seemed to belong into the scenery. Just try to work on your face (neck&hands) shading. Whereas I really liked our exotic shooting, I can't say the same of your cover. You can barely recognise that it even is a cover and the outfit doesn't fit a Cosmopolitan cover. Your natural makeups are good, I like the idea o presenting them on a coloured background. Your exotic ones weren't my cup of tea.

Kasey: I like the graphics. They're pretty nice. However, your magazine cover is NOT a cover. It's just a medoll on a plain background. Your forest graphic is okay. I'm not a big fan of realistic backgrounds in stardoll graphics. And I only liked one of your makeups, which was the gold style.

Advice: You need to work on that wow-factor, your tasks are always nice, lovely graphics, but they actually nevery really stand out of the crowd.


Manda: Wow Nora, seems like you took consideration to our last feedbacks we gave in older tasks, what I can see now is really great! The pose on your cover is amazing and the whole color scheme is great, I'm just missing the typical Cosmopolitan feeling and the outfit is not my cup of tea, but this one is good anyways! Your exotic shoot is one of my favorites, you look really awesome, nothing to add more. Your makeups are also very strong! They are all so beautiful! Moreover hats off, that you did an each individual pose for every makeup! My favorites are the first and second! Great Job!

Rafi: *jaw drops*
O ... M ... G! Nora, this is absolutely breath-taking ... *takes a deeeeep breath*
Wow, I there's absolutely nothing I could tell you. It's perfect!! I love everything. The make-ups looks are awesome, every single picture is unique which was a very clever idea of you. My favorite make-up look is ... uh, hmm ... I don't know, I love them all!!
The exotic photoshoot is gorgeous as well, you really look like a tribal Queen, I'd defintely bow to you. Haha!
And the cover ... well, what can I say? I can really imagine you to be on that cover in the Finale of MMM. It's so professional and the pose is outstanding. All you can do now is to continue like this and then you'll definitely be able to come far.

Cathy: Your exotic photoshoot is awesome! You look both fashionable and hot and you definitely fulfilled the task! Your makeup commercials are very innovative aswell, especially the first and the last one are really cool. Your cover isn't as impressive as the other two tasks, but it's good nevertheless, I just don't like the pose&outfit that much.

Kasey: I Love it all! Oh my gosh, they are so you! My absolute favorite it the gold and silver, purple lips style. It's such a great combo and I'm probably goona have to steal it from you(:D) I honestly love your cover photo. You've made your lips look pouty, but not whiny and totally just pulled off the whole task in a superb way! Well done!

Advice: Maybe take an even closer look into inspirations (e.g. the Cosmopolitan cover and its typical scheme) and keep on like that!


The final moments have come, now we'll reveal the decision.
The decision, that will reveal who got into the Finale and who still has the chance to win MMM.
Even though all of you deserved it, only 3 Finalists will be in the Finale.

Let's start with you Nora, Nora it's been a long journey with you full of downs and ups...and I'm happy to tell you that it won't end here! Congrats, you are in the Great Finale of Manda's Model Mission and have the chance to win Manda's Next Mission Model.
Let's continue with Carrie... Carrie you showed much evolution and improvements during the whole cycle, you have lots of potential, but you rarely show us all 100% of it. Does this mean this is your end? Show us your full potential next time in the Great Finale! Congrats, you still have the chance to win MMM.
Now it's your turn Anne, you showed to be a good contestant during the whole were good, indeed, but you never stood ouf of the crowd. Anne, I'm sorry but your journey ends here. :( It was great to have you in this cycle and I enjoyed to have you here. You can be proud of yourself for getting so far and reaching the Semi Finals! You are a wonderful person, thanks for participating. Anyways we will see us again very soon, when you are walking with the other girls in the Top 13 Walk in the Finale.
Kylie, I want to go on with you. Kylie after task 3 I thought it would go upstairs with you, but you disappointed us in task 4 and also in the Semi Finale. Even though you could show us stronger entries than previous, your makeup and exotic shooting weren't very convincing. Kylie I'm sorry, but you also have to leave us now. :( It was a pleasure to have you in this cycle and in the end I think you, concerning your first entries, improved very much! Just as Anne, we will meet again in the Top 13 Walk. :)
Now only 2 contestans are missing and only one of you will get into the Finale, Mangun, Minh, the decision was very hard. But we have to decide for only one of you. You both showed huge improvements and both of you could always satisfy us with your entries, even though sometimes you had some weaker moments. The girl, that will enter the Great Finale with Carrie and Nora is... it's you... Minh. Congrat's my dear, you deserved it! I wish we could take you both... well, hey wait!! Why don't we just take both of you? Mangun, this means you're also in the Great Finale! Congrats to both of you!!
You have the chances to win MMM and archive the title "Manda's Next Mission Model."

Wheew, that was exciting girls!

Carrie, Mangun, Minh, Nora you are our FINALISTS!!

The Final tasks are coming tomorrow.
I'm so excited,

Stay tuned,
Manda :*