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Monday, 12 August 2013

Winner's and Runner Ups Prizes

Hey everyone,

finnaly I have the time to write a new post. :)
It's about the Finale and the winner and prizes.

At first I want to thank everyone who joined the tinychat disussion and watched the show with us.
You've been amazing and we had so much fun. :) The whole evening was a blast!
I'm very happy that I got so many positive feedbacks about the Grande Finale! Thanks again. :)

Don't worry I didn't forgot about the Best Dressed list I'm probably going to publish it tomorrow.

Now let's talk about our winner ExtracaganceSD!!! Nora, you really deserved it and did a great job.
Congrats again!
You know what prizes you get, they are listed here: ~click me~

The final decision was really hard and Mangun did aswell a marvelous job. That's why you are also getting a few prizes! You will be a Runway Model for Desire's debut collection and you will also receive 50 stardollars!! Just reserve something in your bazaar so I can buy it.
I hope you like your prizes. ;)

Besides Nora already got the 3 beautiful graphics made by MisaStylee, shown on The Appearance. Here they are:

I really like them, they look just flawless. Annika, you did again a gorgeous job. :)

See you then,
Yours Manda El Rose


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  2. Thank you very much, I really looove this shoots!
    They look sensitive, dreamy and just gorgeous!!!
    I'll put them on my portfolio right now^^
    Thanks a lot, once more
    Yours, Nora

  3. Thank so much Manda! It was an unforgettable journey! Congrats again Nora! :D *huggles*