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For the forth time, MMM is back with a complete new cycle, ready to discover new talents and fresh, beautiful faces.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

1st Task: The Face Edition

Good evening!

First of all, Congratulations to everyone that made it into our beautiful Top 15 that were announced via Facebook. The judges wish you all the best of luck!
We are really excited and look forward to see everyone of you 'building their own brand'!

Don't worry, the Opener for Cycle 4 will follow very soon.

So you may have noticed the Edition for our very first task is all about The Face. Throughout the whole Cycle we'll have a different Edition headlining for each Task, challenging very specific, different abilities that a Topmodel has to deliver.

For the first task, you will have to create two parts, helping us to see who's got it and who doesn't. Free yourself from everything and showcase us all of your inner potential!

As an aspiring young, international model you will travel around the whole world to visit model castings for various fashion labels, campaigns, runway shows, etc. in an attempt to receive jobs and become successful in this business. Therefore you need your own business card to promote and sell yourself to the customer, which is your Sedcard.
Create a Sedcard Shoot, featuring your doll only chest-up (or a simple pose), posing simply/naturally in front of a simple/blank background.

The Sedcard is supposed to inform the customer directly about the model's quality, versatility and c
ommerciality which means that your face has to stand out and be cleary visible. Don't wear any makeup, be as natural as you are, giving imagination of diversity to your face. Wear your signature hairstyle but keep it simple. Choose wisely, hair (tip: create your own one!), as well as facial expression are very important for this task.

For this part we want you to proof your modeling and posing skills as you step into the setting of an old, lost empty warehouse. The story is that you're a fashion mannequin, somehow forgotten to be shipped out to the fashion stores.
Your task is to
create an Editorial Shoot (Graphic/Scenery), in which you're wearing baldcaps. Yes, you won't be able to work with an amazing hairstyle or any glamorous clothing. Since you're mannequins, you'll be wearing nude clothes, too, supposed to imply a nude allusion. Your Face is supposed to be the spotlight of this, you can paint yourself with a fierce, expressive makeup however you wish but stun us. And most importantly, pose, pose, pose!
(Don't forget to create a matching atmosphere by underlining the story with a fitting background!)


I hope you can get creative with these given tasks and I can't wait to see what every single one of you will work out!
Send your finished entries to with an or link or send them to me on Facebook, thanks.

The Deadline is Saturday, the 25th February, 2017.

If you've got any questions left or struggle with temporary problems concerning the deadline, feel free to leave an ask/note in the comments. :)

Good Luck darlings and stay tuned,
Manda El Rose