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For the forth time, MMM is back with a complete new cycle, ready to discover new talents and fresh, beautiful faces.

Friday, 13 February 2015

MMM Cycle 3 Aplications

Hello a third time! :)

I'm soo excited for this, and we, the whole team hope for another amazing cycle! MMM is finally back and celebrates with the begin of Cycle 3!
I hope you enjoyed the trailer and like the new layout!

The theme of this cycle is - Taking Over All Fashion Capitals - which means that, for the first time ever, we will visit a specific fashion capital for every challenge (of course each time a new capital) and you'll have to fulfill a task matching to the city's theme.
The Applications for the second Cycle of MMM are now officially opened.

If you want to apply as a Contestant* for Mandas Model Mission, here are the requirements:

- You should follow the blog at first!
- You should have a unique style and fashion sense and know how to present yourself on the catwalk.
- You should be able to understand English to a good level.
- You must have access to a google/blogspot account.
- You need to know how to create a scenery and how to do at least one simple pose!
- Graphical skills are very appreciated in this competition as well.
- Of course you MUST know how to take screen-shots and how to upload them on tinypic, imgur,
  etc., and you should be able to work with the basics of a graphic program (e.g. Photoshop, Gimp).

*You may not apply again if you've been in Top 5 of any cycle before.

Do you think you fulfill the steps above? Then fill out this contract in the comments:
  1. First (and last, if desired) Name:
  2. Stardoll Username:
  3. Age:
  4. Any past experience + Example? (modeling/graphics/sceneries)
  5. What do you have that makes you stand out of the crowd?
  6. Headshot without and with make-up: (imgur or tinypic link) 

These are the prizes of Cycle 3 so far:

Good Luck to you all!
The Top 18 will be announced as enough days have past and enough applications were sent in.

Stay tuned!
Yours Manda El Rose

The Anniversary Party officially started!

Hello everyone and welcome to the Great Party of the 2nd-Year Anniversary of Manda's Model Mission!

The whole team is very excited for tonight and we have a big announcement to make at the end of the night. Just stay tuned and follow this thread throughout the evening, it will be updated from time to time with news, surprises and events.

We; Manda, Rafael, Cathy and Tania; hope that you're heaving a great evening and thank you for two wonderful years and cycles with many individual contestants!

Let's not lose too much time and begin right ahead:

20:00PM GMT:
Join us in the Live-Chat and be part of the Anniversary!

20:15PM GMT:

The Interlude:

As announced in the video, Cycle 3 will start very soon and the Applications will be still out today!!

Theme: Silver & White Pic of your outfit (imgur/tinypic link):

Share your outfits via an imgur-link in the comments under this post and add your username.
The winner will get a prize!

20:30PM GMT:

The first surprise of the evening will be posted now! See the spoiler down below!

To see who is part of the model list for the first ever collection of Desire,
then go here:

21:00PM GMT:

The second surprise is up!!

Thanks to everyone wh ocame and celebrated the Anniversary with us, it was an amazing evening!
Good Night everyone!


OFFICIAL SCHEDULE for the Anniversary Party Tonight!

*NOTE: The time in the schedule above is wrong. It is supposed to start from 20:00 PM GMT and the 2nd Surprise, which is the last event of the party, will be announced at 21:00 PM GMT!

It's so exciting! The official schedule for tonight is out and I hope you all can make it! Great surprises are being revealed today - so make sure not to miss it!

Of course You are all invited and also a Best Dressed will be part of the celebration!
So - See you this evening!


Saturday, 7 February 2015

Applications for Anniversary-Surprise!

Hello everyone,

you've got now the chance to apply for the certain surprise, which will be revealed at the Party of the 2-Year-Anniversary of MMM on Friday, the 13th Februrary, 2015.
(Invitation will still be sent on time, don't worry!)

To apply, fill in this contract*:

SD Username:
Real Name:
Picture of your doll with and without makeup:
Previous Experiences (portfolio if possible/none):

*pleaes take a second, to follow the blog while you're filling in the contract.

Good Luck, see you soon and stay tuned!