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Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Finale Tasks!

Heya everyone! :)

The time has come for our last four remaining contestants to get their Finale tasks.
Moreover this were the voting results of the followers, concerning the Semi Finals and the elimination, I didn't show you:

Overall 40 people voted. Obviously the majority voted for Nora, which makes her the one with the biggest fan-base.
By the way there will be a second voting during the Finale weeks, where you can vote for your favorite Finalist, the one with the biggest voting, will get the biggest applause. Oh and this time the voting won't take influence to the decision who will win MMM.
You are allowed to share the link to vote for you in your presentation and you can ask others, but please don't spam!

Now here are your tasks for the Finale weeks:

1. Ad Campaign:

It's finally time for an ad campaign and I can tell you I looooove ad campaigns!! ;)
You're goint to pose with these gorgeous shoes, called Armadillo Shoes by Alexander McQueen:

In the ad campaign the shoes have to be in the focus, make them stand out of the shoot and they should match the pose and outfit: extraordinary, sexy, crazy, unique.
The shoes doesn't need to be the same patterns/colors, which are shown in the picture, its just about the shape. And don't forget your epxression and the eyecatcher on the shoes are very important!

2. Runway Task:

We didn't do a Prêt-á-porter runway shoot yet, so yeah, now you have to portray your doll in Prêt-á-porter outfit, which means casual, but still chic. The Prêt-á-porter outfit and makeup should fit the current summer scheme. The pose should underline the outfit and atmosphere, you can decide whether it will be a walking or end pose. Moreover don't forget to create a matching catwalk! ;)

3. Editorial Shooting:

This is something very special actually, each one of you has to portray herself to a matching Action/Thriller movie and it's main character. Try to catch the movie's message and main story and then create a pose, outfit, makeup and expression which has to fit your film and the main character. The background is indeed important!
I want you to show Action! ;)

Tomb Raider - Cradle of Life:
Nora/ExtravaganceSD as Lara Croft


Resident Evil - Afterlife:
Carrie/Cheekycazbo1 as Alice

Black Swan:
Minh/Sweetpiink1999 as Nina Sayers

Mangun/mangunmeeetan as Violet


Okay that's it girlies!
I hope you'll enjoy these tasks!
I am really excited to see your entries!

The poll on the side-bar where you can vote for your favorite finalist (remember: the one with the biggest fan-base will get the most applause in the Great Finale) will be published tomorrow.

Your final Deadline for the Finale Tasks is:
6th July 2013.

Good Luck my finalists!
If you have any questions just ask me...



  1. Task 1:

    I hope it's not too sexy :D

    1. Honestly, there's never a "too" sexy! ;)

  2. So, here are my entries I've finished 'till now:
    Task 1:
    - I tried to make it look like an ad campaign by adding the McQueen-Logos as Tattoos and I thought it would draw more attention on the shoes adding the armadillo:)
    Hope it's sexy enoughxD

    Task 3:

    Task 2 will follow soon

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Task 2:
      - I decided to combine current summer trends in one look but make it look aesthetic and harmonic. At first I thought of the minimalistic white dress trend, so I used a white dress as basic of the outfit. This is combined with transparency elements as the pinholes in the dress with a layer of neon yellow fabric under it to make it look fresh and special. I added a pastel-rose Handbag and Headscarf and metallic golden shoes!
      Hope you like it

  3. Task 1:
    I spent most time on this advertisement and did a lot of research on designer shoe campaigns. I really wanted the shoes to be the focus, so used bright colours only on them and for the shoe boxes with the brand ect, this way your attention is automatically drawn to the product :)

    Task 2:
    For my pret a porter outfit I decided the colour blue would work well. The dress is a summer maxi dress with a suttle flower print. I thought it was simple and elegant but still makes a statement! It of course is something that is ready to wear on a hot summers day :)

    Task 3:
    Here I wanted to portray Alice as well as possible, so I made it simple and showed her looking fierce whilst holding a gun and wearing armour type clothing. For the background it is actually a pixelated one from the movie, It may seam simple although I struggled for time with this task, and hope this is okay as it gives the movies message.


    I know I'm late, but I have a good excuse- my internet limit finished off. So, I had to wait for today for the new cycle to begin to upload the last entry to my blog. I hope I haven't caused you much inconvenience.