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Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Semi-Finals

Good evening everyone and welcome to the first part of the semi-finals.
I'm very excited that we are already so far and that already 12 weeks past.
Can't wait to see your gorgeous entries.
It's about who will go into the Great Final, so give your best, girlies!!

Btw Inspired by RNTM there will be a voting, where you can vote for your personal favorite contestant to be in the Finale.You can find the poll in the side-bar.
You can only vote for one.
So, you're right this, week the decision counts 50% by the judges and 50% by the the audience.
For sure The Top 6 are allowed to promote for theirself.
The voting will be opened until the deadline ends!

Okay, now lets move on to the semi-final tasks.
You have to manage 3 tasks.

1) Magazine Cover Shoot

Every Topmodel needs to know how to perform herself on a Cover Magazine. In the first part you need to show what you are able to and what you learned in the whole Cycle of MMM.
Show yourself on a Cosmopolitan Cover and spot with your smile or seduce with a sexy, arrogant expression.

2) Exotic Photoshoot

A commercial Shoot again. This time you have to pose in an exotic Jungle.
Make a shoot in front of waterfalls, seas, palm trees or whatever, at least it has to be in the Jungle or in the rainforests. Look extravagant and fierce. Cool, strong and casual epressions are needed here (Please do full bodyshots).

3) 5 Different Makeup-Looks

Your task is to create 3 different, each individual and beautiful makeups by your choice and the other 2 makeup looks should be veeeery crazy and somehow ugly. Why? We want to see how varied your doll's face can be. Nothing else.How does your doll's face look, even when she's wearing untypical makeup?
Don't forget, when you win MMM you will also win lots of Model Jobs.
Please only take plain background and your face.

Okay, that's it. I hope you will have fun with these tasks and I wish you all good luck!! :)

Deadline: 10th June, 2013.

I'm really excited to see your entries!!
Have a great day,



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  2. Is there a dresscode for the cover-shoot?

    1. Not really, it should be fashionable,it should underline the model and it should give the model a somehow sexy attitude.


  4. Exotic Photoshoot:

    5 Different Makeup-Looks:

    The Cover Shoot will follow soon...
    You can see all my entries in one post here:

    1. To the Exotic Photoshoot:
      I wanted to make my Doll look like a tribal Queen, she's strong, fierce and dangerous. But I wanted to make the Shoot also a Fashion-shoot, that's why I create a unique dress and combined some accessories.

      To the Makeuop-Looks:
      I tried not to change too much my facial features, because clients aren't able to do that either.

      I hope you like it;)
      Yours, Nora

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    3. The Cover Shoot:


  6. Cosmopolitan Cover:

    Exotic Photoshoot:

    Make up looks:

  7. Task 1:
    Task 2:

    I truly apologize for the delay to judges as well as my fellow comtestants. I had complications in real life. I anyhow insit in having a penalty or something alike for my delay.

    Hope you enjoy my work,

  8. Task 1:
    Task 2:
    Task 3:

    I hope you like it
    xoxo Minh Thi ♥