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Saturday, 1 June 2013

Elimination Ceremony Task 4

Good Morning girlies,

finally here is the Elimination ceremony of the 4th task.
Oh and did you notice?
Next week we are in the semifinal, so who will enter it?

Let's start...


Manda: Well as much as I'm sorry, I have to agree Cathy. I had very high expectations for you this week, but you took many steps backwards with the Fairy task. It looks too much as a princess and the dress shading is very unclean. Also the catwalk is very messy shaded. You need to spend more time on your graphics and work on details!
But your 2nd task is actually rather nice. The first Makeupshot is way better, though. The 3 Makeups together look plain boring. You could have done more with a background, effects and even a more extraordinary makeup.

Rafael: Kylie, I think you'de done a great job with the couture task. I love your dress and the runway. I only wish we could have seen more of your face and make-up. Speaking of make-up ... to be honest, your other task wasn't my cup of tea. I didn't see much of the 80's in this, but the colours are definitely electric.

Kasey: They both are nice, but not that impressive. I'd love to see some super wild color explosion all over your medoll's face. I recommend putting wings and crown on your graphic next time you do a fairy princess:)

Cathy: Ah, what happened here? You took a hundred steps backward! As you were the winner of the week last task, I had high expectations in you, but you completely failed to fulfill them. You look like a princess, not like a fairy or something else. This is probably because of the badly executed gown, which looks much to heavy for a fairy, it rather fits for a barbie - but that wasn't the task. The overall graphic quality, especially of the background (which doesn't fit the theme at all) and the skirt. But i have to say that I like your makeup and flower wrench.
Where as I didn't really like your fist task, I think the second one is quite nice. It's definitely crazy and you included neon colours. The slogan was a quite nice idea, too. Maybe it would've looked better with a darker, maybe disco-background so that the neon makeup is more outstanding, but that's just a minor issue.


Manda: Wow Nora, your entries are really good! Your first task absolutely performs a demon. The outfit, makeup, hair and catwalk match perfectly together.
Your second part is also very nice. The makeups look great and you present them very varied and detailed. It reminds me soooo much of the 80's. You have big potential Nora! Keep up the good work. You have good chances to win w-o-w.

Rafael: Wow, Nora, I'm speechless!!! Your runway task is so amazing. It's really outstanding, it looks fierce and sexy but also dangerous. The outfit and the overall look reminds me a little bit of World Of Warcraft. Also your make-up task, it's simply amazing. I can truly see the 80's in this, and I love your electric and funky make-up creations. In my opinion, you did it best this time ... by far!!! Super well done, Nora ;)

Kasey: Absolutely love the shading on that body suit, but the the coat is just hideous. I don't like it at all. However, I can see the demonic essence you were going for in the overall image.The makeup styles aren't WOW, but they're pretty good:)

Cathy: Ahhhh! A demon! Your entry was really strong this time, you really looked like a demon, especially your facial expression matched very well. The runway is very nice, aswell.
Pure crazyness! That's probably what describes your second task the best. It's a very eyecatching commercial, I'm especially a huge fan of the graphic in the middle. The makeup on the right picture is my least favourite but that's just a question of taste.


Manda: Hilmy, once again your tasks are one of the weakest. Your catwalk task is'nt very good. It really looks like a drawing of a little child and it looks more of halloween costume, not very couture...
Your makeup task could have been so good, but everything else is so messy. As I love the makeup in he middle and on the right everything else is pretty bad. :/ I see your idea and as I already mentioned it could have been so good, but the execution is weak.

Rafael: Well, I'm not really sure about your tasks. I can see that you put much effort into it, but it's not as outstanding as the other's entries. Yours is rather poor, sorry to tell you that :(
I don't really know what to say else about it. All I can say is practice, practice, practice your graphic skills, watch how other graphic designers do their shading, and so on. You know, I'm really worried that you will be leaving us this time :/

Kasey: I like the facial features and hairstyles on the makeup image, but that's it. Everything is very messy and while I understand you aren't a best graphic desginer, you don't have to do graphics. It's a choice-and you picked the incorrect one:P

Cathy: Starting with the positive aspect: i like the background and the mask on your eyes. But the rest?! It looks like the drawing of a smaller child if I have to be serious since the proportions are extremely weird and the shading is - well, where is it at all? And why do you only have three fingers? It also doesn't remind me of a witch except of the broom, rather like a devil. I'm sorry, but this task was definitely not your best.


Manda: Carrie, you're getting better and better with each task. This week you could really show you've got much potential. The dress is very beauiful and reminds me much of a muse.
Your Neon Makeup task is so gooood! The Idea is very smart and really looks like a commercial of Maybelline New York. Keep up the great work!

Rafael: Oh my, Carrie!! You know, when I first looked at the pictures I couldn't believe this was you. I never knew you were so changeable and varied. I love the fact that you did a Muse inspired runway shoot as the only one. I also like your make-up task because of the colour scheme and how you put the three pictures together in one big ad campaign. Very well done, keep up the good work!

Kasey: I LOVE your makeup! Absolutely beautiful. Not a big fan of the muse thing, because she looks more like a Greek god than a muse, but nice graphic:)

Cathy: Congratulations, you've created a graphic without the typical "Carrie-look" again which is really good! You remind me of a grecian goddess or muse and the gown is really gorgeous - both graphic- and fashionwise. The catwalk could be more interesting but overall a very good task, please carry on like this!
Your ad really surprised me aswell! I know that your style is everything except neon and 80s, but you managed to show such makeups nevertheless. I also like the idea of closed eyes and of showing the nails aswell. Just watch out that you cut out properly, e.g. the makeupproducts in the corner.



Manda: Minh, I really like yourr catwalk, it reminds me of a forest demon. If I would walk in the forest and would see you like this I would run for my life. ;))
Even though I LOVE the shading on he leggins, the rest isn't that good. Overall a good Catwalk task.
Your makeups are very extraordinary and eyecathing, as well, even though the color schemes aren't very advantageous.
All in all a good entries. You missed the chance to win "w-o-w" very close.

Rafael: I like your runway shoot, I really like the pose and the background, but the outfit seems rather lame to me. The make-up shots aren't my cup of tea because I don't like the colour scheme.

Kasey: Nice makeup:) Beautiful graphic. Not much more to it:D

Cathy: Your graphic looked really rushed and lacked definition, which is especially important when all your clothes are in the same colour. Besides, your pose and your makeup looked quite awkward. But I like the background and your idea. I hope your next task will be better, just like the previous ones.
Your makeups were definitely colourful and eyecatching. But I'm not seeing a real concept behind them and, to my mind, you should have used the blush more carefully.


Manda: Wow Mangun, again very strong entries. The catwalk task is gorgeous, the dress is amazing! The witch is very regognizable, even though a darker eye makeup would have been better.
The neon makeups are awesome, too. Love the ideas with the hands.
You also have good chances to win w-o-w.

Rafael: Girl, you somehow never fail to impress me. I simply adore your work. I love your runway shoot, this is what I call high fashion. It is fierce but also elegant at the same time. I also love your make-up pictures, the looks are crazy and colour schemes. Very well done!.

Kasey: I love it all. You're getting to be amazing at graphics and that dress is just fabulous. I kinda would of liked to seen a hat or something like a wand to make it more "witchy" but I can still see the witch in this image.

Cathy: ~ comment will be added soon ~


Manda: Even though I love your faith to scenerys, I don't know if  you still can keep up with the others graphics. Well, at least this week you could. ^-^ The dress is lovely and it reminds me a bit of a mermaid, the fish tail is very creative and definitely mermaid like.
Your makeup shots aren't my favorite. Even though they are very colorful and eyecatching I dislike the background very much. Also those stripes on the eyes aren't beautiful.
Well, you HAVE potential, maybe you can show us next week! :)

Rafael: Sorry but I don't like the runway shoot. I like that fact that you went for a scenery, I can see you tried hard. But I can't see a runway in this and I absolutely dislike the background. On the other hand you did an awesome job on the make-up task. I love your three looks, they truly represent the 80's. Your make-up task is one of my favorite's! :)
I'm really happy that you've improved so much in the last few weeks!

Kasey: Love it! Just fabulous! Great makeups, great concepts. My favorite part of all of these is the makeup style farthest to the right. It's got such great attitude and you can really see it.

Cathy: Layering clothes isn't your strength-at least you didn't do it very well in your scenery. It is quite obvious that you just pout some clothes onto each other. This would be just a minor issue, but it really distracts from the scenery and confuses. Other than that, your makeup and background are really nice, but your pose is quite simple.
I'm not too fond of your second task. It is colourful - but it isn't really neon - or have you ever heard of neon dark blue? or neon brown? Your doll doesn't look beautiful in this ad and the background does the rest to make the ad look cheap, I'm sorry.

The decision 
The Top 3 this week are ExtravaganceSD, mangunmeetan and Cheekycazbo1. You three have the biggest chances to win winner of the week. Congrats Nora, Mangun and Carrie. :)
For sure you are in the semifinal, as well.

Minh and Anne, you also managed it into the semifinal. Congrats! :)
In the Bottom 2 are danika_19 and emmahunt4.
Wow Kylie what happened? Last week you were winner of the week and now...?
Hilmy, once again you are in the Bottom choice. You rarely manage to impress us.
Who hast to leave this time??
To be really honest the decision wasn't too hard.
We see more potential in ...Kylie. Kylie we know you can do a lot better, show us what you got in the next round.
Congrats, you are in the semifinal!

Hilmy, I'm really sorry you have to go, but its time to.
It was fun to have you in the cycle and we wish you good luck for your future modeling career.

The semifinal task will be published very soon. You will have to manage 3 parts to
The winner of the week, too.

The Semifinalists are:


Have a great day,
Yours Manda


  1. awww yeah I tired my bets it wasn't enough :( anyways Thank you for the great experience I loved every moment of it :* good luck to the rest have fun thank you
    Hilmy :*

    1. Lucky you enjoyed to be part of MMM. :)
      It was great to have you in.

      See ya in the Finale.

  2. Thanks a lot, it's got to hear all this positive things about my entry, because after the last task, I really wanted to become better:) Thanks for letting me join the semi-finals!!!

  3. WOW! I knew I had done better on these tasks, but I seriously didn't expect those reactions! :D Thank you so much for all the lovely comments, and its great I could show you some more varied looks and just how creative I can be! To be a possible winner of the week alongside ExtravaganceSD and mangunmeetan is amazing!

    I am so happy to be in the semi final, congratulations to everyone else! :) xxx