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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Information Task 3!

Hello everyone,

so maybe as you noticed the half of the contestants didn't send in their tasks yet, only seven contestants.
There are actually still six contestants missing, but there were some changes.
Soso-asooly seems to have left stardoll, so she is out, also Sary.Babyfayce and EllieCase decided to quit, because of temporary cases. Afrin_98 hasn't been online quite a long time and also didn't respond to my messages, so she will be out, if she won't send in her task til the new deadline.
The contestants ajehdn and pavlovagurl told me they are currently working on the task and will send them in soon.
Because so many contestants left the competition there will be a new contestant and it will be emmahunt4! Hilmy got the 7th place last year in Cycle 1 so I'm very glad to welcome him back. :)
In the end we also now reached the Top 11 or Top 10 (depending whether one contestant will send in her task or not).

The new Deadline for Task 3 is: Wednesday, 26th February 2014!
It's 3 days, please use the time I give you!

Manda El Rose

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