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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Results Task 3

Hello everyone and welcome to the third elimination ceremony,

the theme for this task was "Haute Couture Catwalk S/S 2014".
Now let's have a look at your results...


Manda: Wow Giselle, I love the dress and I love the hair, the makeup fits perfectly and it gives a very nice contrast between it and the skin. Again you delivered us a wonderful entry. I also adore this flower print, it's very nice! I also think you did very nice with the skin shading, it works very well with your skin tone, it's very soft. Maybe you could add some depth in your shading and the blank area around the chest bothers me. As Cathy mentioned, maybe do your own background next time. All in all a beautiful entry!

Rafael: Oh I love this one! The dress is soo gorgeous!! I love all the little details in the top, the make-up fits the looks quite well and I think the hair is just perfect. I only think the shading in the skirt is wrong, especially the higlights. You should definitely keep working on your highlighting. I also don't like the bare chest shading, but all in one you did a great job!

Cathy: Oh lala! Your dress is one of my favourites from this task, very good choice! The white parte is well shaded but practice shading wide skirts a bit so that they look flowing and flawless. Your hair is very well shaded as is the skin. I'm on the fence concerning your makeup, the eyes look great but the thin, dark mouth isn't my cup of tea. The background is ok but please do your own one next time. Very, very well done!

Tania: Wow I love it! The shading is really neat and your doll just looks stunning with this makeup & dress, awesome work, I cannot point out anything I don't like.


Manda: Oh Anna, you look so fierce! Let's start with the positive things, I love your legs and shoes, your face looks very seductive, the makeup is great, also your hair is very nice and shaded very well. On a less postitive side I think you should add more depth to your clothing shading, the white part is very well made, also because it's transparent, but the yellow part should be a lot more defined. What bothers me a little is that the catwalk looks very blurry and a silver-white minimalistic choice would have looked better. Anyways a very good entry!

Rafael: Wow I actually really like this one! It's sooo pretty, I love the dress! I love the make-up and the hair! I quite like your shading, it reminds me of Kasey's (Martusia_144) earlier shading technique. It's actually a shame that the background is so groundbreakingly lame, otherwise it would have been exceptionally fabulous!
Cathy: Your doll always looks great no matter what she wears! The makeup is very seductive. Sadly, the dress is not at all my cup of tea, in my opinion it ressembles a table cloth. Nevertheless, the pose is ok, skin and the white part of the dress are well-shaded. The yellow part needs a more defined shading and the runway looks unreal not only because of the unfitting colours. Do better next time!

Tania: The tranparent part makes it an harder dress, also especially because it's so flowy. I like it, it has some harsh line and lacks some shading but in itself you did a good work.


Manda: Looks like we have some different opinions here! Let's see... in my opinion I think you did a good work with the dress, but a very weak work with the skin, pose and skin shading. The hair shading is okay, I mean there's not a lot that can go wrong with this simple hairstlye. What bothers me the most is the skin shading, you should add more depth in your skin! More dark layers, also I'm missing layers of highlighting. I think you just used your stardoll body and edited it a bit. Next time do your own pose again. Alina, this wasn't your best work but I know you can do a lot better and I think you can show us the next time. Let's see what the other judges say...

Rafael: What happened? I'm seriously in a shock! You used to be so exceptionally great and now BAM ... that's not a huge step back, it's like back to the beginning. Where's the skin shading? The hair is not really great either. The dress is okay, but nothing outstanding. Seriously, what happened??? You have such a pretty face and so much potential, please I want the old Alina back because this entry looks like it's been done in a total of 10 minutes. Very rushed and the haute couture flair is missing. I'm seriously scared that you're going to be eliminated because I was rooting for you!
Cathy: Omg, that dress! It looks magnificient! You took a big step forwards in terms of graphical quality, the dress looks flawless and your hair has improved as well! Try to create a more interesting pose next time and don't hide your hands although they're difficult to draw. Very well done!

Tania: While the dress in itself is just gorgeous I really miss more shading and work as whole on it. It's too harsh and not flowly and together with the almost non existent skin shading I really don't think it's that good, sorry. I love the makeup though, also the hair shading is better than in your last task.


Manda: Hello Hilmy, welcome to MMM Cycle 2! First of all, the first appearance is beautiful,very diva-alike, though when we go in detail there are som flaws. The proportions are off, e.g. the hands are a too big and also the elbows look somehow weird and deformed. The dress could be very nice, but the skirt part is a bit blurry and the upper part is too little, I mean the breast should take more place in the dress. Then I love the background and the hair and I have to say I like the makeup.

Rafael: Welcome Hilmy! Nice to have you back in the competition. It's nice to see that you tried to make a graphic. Umm ... well ... You know how hard it is for me to judge this when I basically can't? There's hardly any skin shading, the skirt of the dress is very blurry and I'm also on the fence about the make-up. And Oh my gosh those hands! They are really big! I hope you can work on your skills!
Cathy: Welcome to the competition, Hilmy! You definitely improved since the last task I saw from you in cycle 1! But still a lot of work needs to be done. Check the proportions of your doll, her hands seem very large in comparison to her head. The dress is gorgeous and well-shaded, although it looks a bit copy&pasted. The skin needs a bit more shading but I can see that you already tried out some. Very nice runway!

Tania: I really think the pose is gorgeous, very fierce! It lacks some shading and it's blurred in some parts but you surely have potential, Welcome to MMM, again!


Manda: Maurice, at first, don't care about the negative comments about your task, haters gonna hate. So now about your task, your face fits the dress beautifully and your makeup is very nice, same about the headpiece. About the rest I barely see your own work, the most pieces of your dress were just copied from the original photo. We've seen your previous tasks and you for sure have some potential. Just don't take the original real life photo... it never works out and it's just not your work! It's copied and you know we can't judge this.
We gave you another chance and I don't know if you convinced us this time.

Rafael: Well I seriously don't have much to say about it ... I honestly can't, I just don't know ... it's basically a real life picture with your doll's face and it's edited a bit. It actually doesn't look bad and yes, I also started like this. *huge flashback to early 2011* Anyway, I think next time you should try to make your own graphic because editing real life photos is not what I call a real talent. Sorry.

Cathy: Your face fits the outfit quite well and the headpiece is so haute couture! Sadly, I don't see your work in most parts of the graphic. The dress and background seem to be copy&pasted from the original runway photo which is a complete no-go for me in a competition. I know how hard it is to start doing graphics but you have already showcased your drawing talent, so just give it a try!

Tania: First of all don't mind the negative comments that were on the blog, whatever we do there's always such comments going along and this is something for you but also for everyone else in the competition: we give our opinion but that's it, an opinion. It should not bring you down or whatever cause this is only the way we see it, you can use it for whatever or not even care but that's up to you.
Now about the graphic: It's visable that you're a beginner, the graphic in itself seems kinda unfinished and in some parts very blurred but I think you're in the good path and I see potential in you.


Manda: Great Leon, I'm very surprised by your entry, good work, it's a big improvement comparedto your last task. But still, there are flaws. While the shading of your dress is quite good (still some flaws though), the hair looks somehow weird, the idea is good but the execution is weak, u should make it more flowy and softer, not these harsh edges. Also the skin shading is one of your weaker points, the bare chest bothers me a lot and also you really have to add more depth and highlighting to your skin. Make it look more realistic, follow the reference picture 1:1. If you follow these tips your graphics will be near perfection.

Rafael: Well, I don't think that it's that bad to be imediately eliminated, but it's not the best one either. The skin shading is just sooo ... ugh. Look, make it darker, add more layers, make it less blurry but PLEASE work on it!! It's always the same lame (lol that rhymed) skin shading every single time. Please, I beg you, work on your skin shading!! I mean, it looks like you've got no breasts and no hands at all because there's basically no shading. Okay, enough complained, now for the positive aspects of your graphic .. Background: top! Dress: top! ... well, almost! Hair: Well, I really can see an improvement, that's great, but it's still not "it", you know? But I kinda like the face shading ... Anyway, I definitely don't want to eliminate you because I really wanna see if you can do better - and I know you can!
Cathy: You've improved, congratulations! The shading of the dress is much better than I expected, there are still some parts with unlogic shading, but it looks elegant nevertheless. You still have to work a lot on the hands, try out a much darker shading in some parts. Your hairstly doesn't do your face any good, it makes it seem a bit childish due to the big eyes. Try to go for am more feminine hairstyle and makeup next time.

Tania: Dear I don't to sound harsh but this is one of my least favourite graphics. The shading in the dress is pretty harsh while the skin shading is almost non existent. As for the hair it looks really artificial, I'm not really feeling the whole thing.


Manda: Wow this dress is beautiful!! I love it! The detail is gorgeous and it looks perfect on you.
The hair fits the look, too. Maybe next time draw your complete own hairstyle, I'm sure you can do that. The skin shading is okay, it's a bit blurring and messy, but I think you can fix that easily. Nice job!

Rafael: Wow, your catwalk shoot looks fantastic! The dress is so beautiful, it really fits you. The simple but pretty make-up compliments the dress. The hair-do goes perfectly with the whole look although shading-wise it could have been a bit more detailed. Speaking of shading: Your skin shading is quite simple, but I don't have any big complaints though. Very well done!
Cathy: Wow! This is much more than I expected from you after the last task! The dress is extremely close to perfection! Taking a look at the neck, it seems as if you understood the shadow-light thing. The hair is ok, too. My only negative remarks would be the simple background and the shadow line at your arms that seems displaced. The largest surprise of this task!

Tania: I really love the dress you chose, and I think you did a good work with it though there's some harsh lines that should be fixed and some parts need a bit more shading. Nice.


Manda: Rei, I actually think you did a very great job with the dress, though the color is a bit too garish. I also wish you would have choosen a longer hairstyle, because this one doesn't suit the dress neither your doll. Also I'd like to tell you, that you should improove on your skin shading, it's very harsh and these strings, that are meant as collarbone, breasts and knees look bad. :/
Make your skin shading a bit smoother and softer, but still use enough layers of shadowing and highlighting. In the end what bothers me a lot are the green eyes, why did you choose them?
Rei, this isn't your best work, but also not a bad one, it's just average and I think you can do a lot better!

Rafael: Honestly ... I'm disappointed! I don't see any improvement in skin shading, the hair is utterly boring, there's one very lame background and gurl ... the shadow of your doll is just wrong! Like a shadow would never ever be like that I don't really like the colour of the dress either, it's looks like a lemon and I honestly doubt that this colour fits your skin type/hair colour. I'm sorry but this time I'm not satisfied at all, you better work!!
Cathy: Oh, how amazing, you can walk on air! A background is completely missing here and makes your graphic seem incomplete. Your dress is very extraordinary, definitely haute couture and very well shaded. You still need to work on the neck shading and the hair which ruined the entry a bit for me because it makes you look masculine. But as the dress is so gorgeous, well done.

Tania: Love Versace! I think that there are some harsh lines that could be worked on as also the shading (for instance the darkish lines in the dress could be softer and have more layers instead) but taking that it's a very good entry!


Manda: Well done! The dress is simply beautiful, the skirt is shaded perfectly, though the top could have been a bit better (it's a bit blurry). The hairstyle was done very well, too. I like the makeup, it fits great. Maybe you could have done something better with the arms, but still a nice outcome!

Rafael: Oh I actually like your graphic The dress is gorgeous and even though your shading it simple it's quite good. Too bad your face is so blurry, otherwise I don't really have too many big complaints. Well done!
Cathy: You've improved a lot! I love your choice of outfit, Elie Saab is one of my favourite designers and the dress is gorgeous. The technical outcome is quite good, I love the shading of the skirt, the top could have been shaded better but I know how hard it is to shade special garments. A personal background would have been much better but well done.

Tania: Aw you look like a princess! I really like it, the shading is so gorgeous and it was a great choice for the dress. The hair & makeup go very well along with it, so yep, super fab!


Manda: At first I have to say, I compliment you for doing a short dress, as you are the only one who did! It's always hard to do a short dress and still make it look Haute Couture and you did! Congrats.
On a also better note I think your skin shading improves time from time, that's nice to see. :)
What I'm not so fond of is your hair, it's absolutely not my favorite and it doesn't help the dress make it look very elegant. Maybe a smooth, long, back put hair would have looked nicer. What bothers me is the general blureness in your graphic, everytime you have this kind of blureness in your graphics, i don't know why, maybe give special attention next time when you do a graphic (but this time it's a bit better). You'r propotions are a bit off, but well I think you can fix this and you are able to improove even more! If you do, you can come far in this contest.

Rafael: I can see that you've put a lot of effort into your work and I can also see an improvement! The skin shading is quite good, I also like the dress, but I absolutely hate the hair - you look like a grandma! It's also a shame that the graphic is so blurry, I seriously don't know why but you should really be careful that the quality of your graphic is high! The background is okay but nothing special. The shadow of your doll is also not right, the position as well as the size is just so wrong - from this angle it would usually be 'flatter' if you get what I mean. But what really bugs me about your graphic is neither the shadow nor the quality ... girl you have to watch your proportions! Either the neck is too thick and the shoulders/chest are too wide or your head is too small. I actually think it's a bit of both, so please work on that! It's definitely not the best entry BUT I really do have hope that you can improve and that you're actually able to create much much better work. I believe in you and I hope that you can show us what you've got!
Cathy: Finally someone took the time to do a personal background that is just gorgeous! Your pose is good, it looks very realistic. Just check the proportions, your shoulders seem very masculine and your face is too small. The dress you choice is beautiful but I think it rather prêt-à-porter than haute couture. The shading is good, especially of the hair. All in all, a very nice entry!

Tania: I really think your shading is perfect, in the skin, hair & dress as well, but a bit blurry. Great choice of dress, looks amazing with your skin tone. The only thing I can point out actually is how big the forehead is, making you look a bit disporpocionate. In general the propotions are a bit off.

The decision

Now we have to decide who will leave us and who will enter the Top 9.

The three contestants who delivered us the best works this time were Aeon_Flux_96, Missflora9 and pavlovagurl. Well done, you are for sure in the next round and you've got the chances to win winner of the week of Task 3.
The two contestants who disappointed us this time and didn't show enough potential to directly move into the next round, are Dreamiiiii and kickherout.
All the others, Beth, Hilmy, Jovana, Leon, Virginia, that weren't named above are in the next round, Congrats!
So ... who hast o leave us today? Alina or Maurice?
Alina, last task you were one of the best and your place in the Bottom 2 surprised us a lot! You started very well but this time you just failed. Do we still see enough potential in you to keep you in this competition?... Maurice, we gave you another chance with this task, but also you disappointed us and you failed with your entry, it didn't give us what we wanted to see from you. Also we didn't see any evolution in your tasks. Who has to leave us? Alina or Maurice? Alina...Maurice... the one who has to leave us is .. Maurice. I'm sorry but you showed us three, completely different tasks and without any improvement and we don't think that you can go higher, for now. Don't be too sad, maybe try it again in the next cycle, we think you need some more time. Congrats on the 10th place.
Alina!! This means you are still in the next round. Congrats and show us what you got in the next round, we know you can do! :)

Task 4 is coming soon, along with the winner of the week. Stay tuned!
I hope you are happy with the results.

Have a beautiful evening,
Yours Manda El Rose


  1. I knew that it was not a game, I knew that this competition is very important to some people. That's actually why I wanted to participate. You see, I wasn't seeking the 1st place or even a so-called stardoll fame out of it, I just wanted to improve my skills, and myself. I must say that I had the eyes bigger than what my stomach could actually carry (sorry it's a french meaning, hard to translate). I know my approach of things are a little weird, sometimes it's brilliant (that's not arrogant, in real life people prove it to me everyday - whatever, who cares right ?), sometimes it's misfiring. It's life, and it's ok - I mean, no one died here.
    I came to check the results as soon as I got Manda's mail on stardoll. When I read about my work, the judges started to talk about bad comments and I didn't understood why. Then I read about the other ones and figured out that something was wrong. I was very moved, on one hand by someone who stood up for me (I always thought that internet community is cruel, and Vana, thanks for showing me the opposite, I don't know you, but thanks), and on the other hand by someone who said that he disagreed with what I did. My work is not at your taste, ok. I did follow a picture - but who didn't ? I just began doing graphics recently, but that doesn't mean that I botch my work and clearly was disrespectful of the judges and the other participants by showing that I had a place in the competition (and then a second chance) and that I don't give a fuck about it. I knew that by posting it I should have explained my approach. Technics are different, it doesn't mean that i'm bad I guess - try to do what I've done, and tell me if you found it pointless. I just love manipulating pictures and photos, here I worked on the aspect of the colors, on the details of the chest-belly part of the dress so it can look the more pixellised possible, to the details of the skirt which is supposed to be the opposite : plain, see through and blurry. I could have told you how I reworked the feathers, shade by shade, pixel by pixel, that the white halo is the actually halo of the dress. This is my vision of the task. I wanted it like that, because I love when my doll gets real, it's normal according to me that it looks like a picture and not a cartoon. And it's a catwalk photo right ? It's an assumed point of view. And I had two days to do that. Like you, I have a life, by when I commit to something, I stick to it. I didn't have the time to rework a pose, find a new background, a more sophisticated hair style (to do something i find irrelevant with what I'm used to do), but to make what I'm good at.
    I'm really sorry that it turned out that way. I really didn't mean to hurt or upset anybody. Really.
    Maybe I didn't had my place in the competition, maybe I'm too old for this (I'm sorry but the last time I had to make such a disclaimer I was 13 and that kinda pisses me off a little).
    I'm ok with finishing on the 10th place. But I feel both sad and disgusted by the way I lost it and how people are just hiding to say this kind of stuffs. I know I should not take this very to heart but I needed to say it.

    Thanks anyway.

    And I'm a girl by the way.

    1. *yaaaawn* oh, you've finished?

      why the hassle? nobody cares...

    2. Your comment also interested no one, yet you wrote it.
      If you don't care, how about not commenting it? :)

    3. It's okay may, everyone has to start somewhere and nobody expected you to be perfect because you are still a beginner.
      Keep working on yourself and never stop believing in what you do, then you'll be successful. ;)

  2. I loved all the entries, but omgash Giselle's is my total favorite!
    But I also like that jovana8 did something very special!
    Rei1981's versace dress *o*

    I'm rooting for them 3 girlies!

  3. At first, I want to thank the Jury for giving me a second Chance as i couldn't reach any WiFi Connection and couldn't do Task 2. Also I have to thank you for letting me in the next round.

    I'm am very, very sorry for you, Maurice. I liked your work even though some people (that don't even show their name!) meant to disagree with your graphic. You really don't have to thank me, because I think that even competitors should help and stand up for each other, 'cause we are all in the same Boat :D I bet you would have done the same for me even if we don't know each other :)

    @Anon: Thank you i hope i can do better next round :)

    1. PS. I AM VERY VERY SORRY I THOUGHT THAT YOU ARE A BOY!!! REALLY REALLY SORRY! Hope you can forgive me, i thought Maurice is a french boy name :( :(

  4. Hi everyone I want to know if s going to do the second part of this contest?