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Saturday, 18 July 2015

Results Task 4: Paris

Good day ya'll,

Once again, we come together for another elimination ceremony.
is back in the race but Inessa... had to drop out of the competition, we wish her good luck for her last days of school.

Let's begin right away.

Manda: You look absolutely adorable in here, I like the amount of pastels in your look and I applaud you for doing your first own hairstyle this well!
The idea of being surrounded by huge balloons was sweet, even though you were supposed to pose at the Eiffeltower, unfortunately you didn't.
Your outfit is rather casual than haute couture but it suits you and it fits the whole look very well.
If I can give you another technical tip, the edges of
your body, hair and clothing often look very pixelated, try to work with smoother lines when you select an area with your lasso-tool and make more stops where you start a new line and don't just pull one line through the whole section.

Rafael: I really like your photo, the pose from the side is nice and I love how the balloons are surrounding you.
However I'm very disappointed that we cannot see the Eiffeltower where your location for the shoot was actually supposed to be. It feels like you completely rushed this task and it's so sad because you have so much potential in you!
Hm I'm not really feeling it to be honest. It's not really haute couture at all, the balloons don't really look like ballons and I can't see if it's really in Paris. I like your outfit though, and your hairstyle, I'd have loved if you'd have been a bit more daring though.


Manda: I like this entry very much because it looks so story-telling. I really love this Giambattista Valli dress from their recent F/W collection, you look so amazing in it. Your makeup and hairstyle totally compliments the dress and your look. Also, I see improvement in this and I am glad you're back with us!

Rafael: Your idea for this task is very cool, it's quite different from what the others did. In fact, you're the only one who doesn't hold her balloons. The dress is gorgeous! Basically everything about this picture is so dreamy. *winks*
Tania: You look adoreable,
it seems like you're flying! I really like it though, I'm seeing a great improvement, the skin shading is very nice and the dress is supe cute, totally haute couture. A very nice entry overall!


Manda: Isabella, I've said it to the judges when we saw you at the Stardoll Fashion Week and I'll say it again: You're a total stunner! You've got the ability to enchant someone with your pure and beautiful aura ever again without becoming boring and stylewise-predictable as most of the people do.
The color of this dress suits you like nothing else and I love that you've choosen Giambattista Valli for your look which totally fits into the concept of this Ballon Shoot.
What I also really like about this entry it the magical atmosphere that gets transfered immediately when you look at it. Yet again, congrats on a great task!

Rafael: Oh my gosh you look absolutely gorgeous!!! You look like Cinderella, it's a dream come true!
Love the dress, the hair and the white bow is such an eye-catcher. I have absolutely nothing to critise, this photo is perfect to me!

Tania: Ugh, you look so cute I can't handle. I love everything about it, literally everything.
You surely have the perfect package, not only you're good at graphics but you're pretty stylish and know what fits and what not. That dress is just magnificent, the more I look the more I like it, what a great entry again.  


Manda: Maria, you never fail to impress us! Each task you get better and better and I'm loving it.
You just look drop dead gorgeous. I love your pose and I adore the pink details in here (shoes, bow and balloons) and still your face is the center of attention. This is how modeling works.
Your face is super fierce and seductive, that way you're advertising the dress perfectly. You set the dress fascinatingly in scene and make it look a billion dollars worth.
Your hair is so beautiful as well, it looks vivid and healthy and I love how it flows in the wind.
This entry has to be one of the strongest and you totally nailed the concept of this task. With your glamourus attitude you leave everything and everyone behind you and the moment is yours as you capture everyone's stares.
I'm amazed by your entry, congrats!
Rafael: I actually don't know what to say because my jaw just dropped down to the floor.
This has got to be my favorite entry to be honest, this photo has everything: it's cute and romantic, it shows the Eiffel tower, yet the focus is absolutely on the fashion and your amazing modeling skills. Girl, you absolutely know how to sell fashion. The pose is amazing, it emphasizes the skirt of this oh so lovely dress, like this could absolutely be a bridal couture shoot for Dior! By the way congrats for getting married to such a hottie!
Seeing you like this makes me believe that you are a professional Topmodel. You truly have the potential to make it big in this Business. I think it's save to say I see great chancec for you being in the great Finale of this cycle. Wishing you the best of luck, well done Maria!
I love your edginess and the fact you're not afraid to dare so much.
Your entry is perfect, the colours, pose, dress, if I would stare for hours I'd still not find any flaw. And your stunning, the gaze in your eyes is amazing. Amazing entry, once again.


Manda: Wow, was the first thing I thought when I saw your entry. You totally surprised me with such an amazingly detailed and perfectly executed entry. I wouldn't have expected it from you, not because I thought you wouldn't be able to deliver something like this but because I didn't expect you to slay this hard. This Dior dress is one of my favorite haute couture dresses Galliano did for the F/W 2010 Couture collection - in general one of my favorite Dior collections ever - and I am glad someone brought it back to us.
Even though you look like the most stunning thing ever in here, I am not super happy with your face. When you asked me if it was okay to have a face covered by the half, I found it okay but I didn't know you were talking about doing your own face. Don't get me wrong, the face looks really amazing but as you know this here is a model competition, not a graphic competition, which means we need to see your face because your face is the most important thing in the model business. You have such a beautiful face Alex, so why don't show it off?
Besides from this, your entry is perfect. You're working this dress and the joy of this shoot totally gets transmitted. Congrats

 Rafael: Bam! Boom! Pow! Absolutely stunning, this photo is show-stopping. That dress screams high fashion and I'm slightly getting dome theater/circus vibes.
Everything is so perfect, but... there's something that bugs me. It's the face. You already did a side-shot in the last task which turned out amazing, but now it kinda feels reductive. Don't get me wrong, the graphic is beautiful and perfectly done, but this is a model (!) competition where we want to see your doll's faces. We want to see how versatile your face can be, not how versatile you are as a graphic designer.
Alex, I truly adore your work and I know that you always give 100% and I appreciate this a lot. But please keep in mind that you don't have to pull off a super detailed slaying graphic in order to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes less is more. And with that said, I congratulate your for such an amazing photo.

There has been really stunning entries for this task but this one is surely my favourite. It has all Manda has asked for, and done so goddamn well. I'm very impressed Alex, you've really take it to the next level, just perfect.


Manda: Tadi, you look totally loveable in here. I like the concept of your entry and your hair, dress and pose are matching the scheme of this shoot. The pink butterflies are a nice detail and fit the idea of you being lifted up by the balloons. I think your photo would have looked even better if the balloons would have been in the colors of your look; nude, pink, purple, bright yellow shades - but still this is a beautiful entry.

And here we have another amazing photo. I love how yours stands out from the others because the balloons lift you up. The idea is lovely, the pose is fitting and I love those little details such as the pink butterflies on your skirt. In my opinion an eye-catching pair of shoes is missing though... but then again, I shouldn't be so picky. Well done!

How cute are you? It's not neccessarily haute couture but you look adorable, that dress totally fits you and the pose is sweet. I'd like to see something more daring though, sweet and cute are nice but it was not really what Manda asked for. Regardless a nice entry.


The Elimination

It's time to announce the elimination.

Two of you totally stunned this task, Isabella8103 and maria0077, congrats, you are in the next round. Along with Isabella and Maria, we thought also Pau.Cam.Arena deserved a spot in the Top 3 of this task when we ignore the little fault of the face.
One of you will this task's winner of the week who will be proclaimed by the announcement of Task 5.

Also straight in the next round is Dreamiiii. Congrats!

The two contestants left are Black-Lady-1 and Tadi_12. One of you will get into the next round, while the other one has to leave us unfortuantely.

Caro, it's your second time in a row that you are in the Bottom. Your entry was one of the weakest as you just couldn't deliver what we wanted to see from you. We are sure that there's a lot of potential in you but maybe it's just not the rith time to let it all out.
Tadi, your first time in the Bottom, but not because your entry was super weak. Logically, there always have to be two contestans in the bottom, and in the end Dreamiiiii's entry convinced us slightly better than yours so that's why you are here in the Bottom. Still, you should step up your game a little and give us something more daring and extraordinary.

So who will have another chance to fight for the title?
Tadi, congrats you are in the next round of MMM! This is a wakeup-call, give us everything you have in the next round!

Caro, I'm sorry but we did see bigger potential in Tadi but Caro you can be proud of yourself. You pushed yourself through 18 very strong contestants which is amazing! You started low with almost no modeling and graphical skills. Now, look at you how far you've made it. We are proud of you Caro and wish you good luck in the future!

THAT'S A WRAP!! CONGRATS to everyone of you that made it into the next round!!
Wait! Next round? Top 5? You know what this means?'


 Whoop Whoop! Concerning, the circumstances we reached our Top 5 and traditionally the last five contestants of MMM come together in the semifinal!

So, get ready! It's getting serious, give us everything you have in the Task 5: The Semifinals.Now it is about who will enter the Great Finale!
Along the winner of the week of Task 4, the tasks
will be announced soon,

Hope you'll have a wonderful day and keep shining,
Yours Manda 



  1. Wow, these tasks were AMAZING! Congrats guys! also sorry Caro!

  2. Thanks for those amazing comments <3

  3. Thanks for having me xx
    Congrats and good look to you guys <3

  4. I'm kinda surprised with the results tbh. I rushed my entry a little and I personally don't think it's my best job. Alex's entry is next level! It's totally unexpected and even if the face don't look much like his doll, I think he had the best entry on this task. Congrats to him and to everyone! x

    1. It seems like the results of this task are surprising or maybe seem unfair/unexpected for several but we as a jury judges everyone's tasks thoroughly. We were really struggling by the judging of some of this entries in this task, many times opinions changed into the opposite and as a team we had to come to a common denominator. Sometimes it's not just about the look of the graphic but about the whole damn thing. Indeed we pointed out that Alex brought it to the next level. Thinking about it we were not sure if it might be too high for Dollywood already? When models are booked, you (usually) always see the face from the front, it's very rare to see a model being booked side-wise so you almost can't recognize the face anymore.
      When we judge your tasks we go into every single little detail, we try to judge fairly from our experiences and thoughts as judges and as a jury we always try to involve all components that incorporate into your entries.
      With no doubts, Alex did the best graphic of this task, totally! If this was a graphics competition he'd totally had the best results but for a reason this is a model competition and we search the perfect stardoll face - along many many other skills - each cycle. Definitely, there are graphical components that are also important for this competition and it's right that a good grapic always gets better results than a weak one which is just logic because the better the graphic the better the model advertises the clothing and her face but in the end of it all, the whole package has to be right. The results count 50% modeling skills and 50% graphic skills, depending I might even say 60% modeling, 40% graphics.
      So when one of you gets all points on graphic skills but lacks features on the modeling skills or only achieves a few, then for sure it's not necessarily the best entry of all altogether(!) when we take all components into assessment.
      I hope this statement could help to understand these results.

    2. Well, what I meant to say with "surprised" is that I didn't expected such a positive feedback to my rushed and weak (in my opinion) entry. I never said the judgement on Alex's entry was unfair and never said that I disagree with the judges. I just appreciated the fact he tried to make something different and never seen before on this competition. Also, I never said it was unfair to choose Maria's as the winner of the week cause her entry is as stunning as the others. I never meant to start drama or something and you didn't have to write a text to explain the opinion of the judges. My apologies for my misunderstood comment. x :)

    3. I'm sorry Isabella, the comment wasn't addressed only to you. I've read several comments on facebook and put them into my statement, therefore it didn't make much sense posting it here as a reply to you. Your comment wasn't the reason I made this statement, more an explanation for everyone that was surprised.
      And we never thought you found something unfair, I was speaking in general, addressing everyone. :D xo