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Sunday, 20 April 2014

The 5th Task + A New Contestant?

Hello dollies,

today I'm announcing the 5th task, but before that I want to welcome another contestant or better say: Welcome back Dreamiiiii! Alina wasn't able to send in her last task because of private and temporary cases, that's why we will give her the chance to come back to fight for the title. I'm sure you are questioning now if this changes something in the schedule concerning the Great Finale, but I can only say give your best this time, because maybe two contestants have to leave us after task 5.

So now I want to announce the winner of the week from Task 4. Aeon_Flux_96 and Missflora9 were the best this time. You both did a gorgeous job but we decided for... Aeon_Flux_96. Congrats, Giselle! You will get a beautiful clothing, which is waiting in my bazaar for you. Hope you will like it. :)

This time your 5th task will be two parts, so we can see who really has got the potential to win this competition and to go one round further...

Part 1: New York Rain Shoot
For this part we want to see your doll, wearing fashionable and casual Street Fashion, while she is standing in the rain in a lonely street in New York City. Create a graphic concerning these conditions and add a matching makeup that underlines the outfit and use a well fitting background.
Important: Rain!


Part 2: Hair Commercial
In this part we want to see how you advertise your hair for a special hair care product. Create a graphic where your doll and her hair is in the focus and add your own special hair care product, it can be shampoo or hair color or whatever you want.
Important: Create a catching slogan that underlines the product and your hair appearance.


Your Deadline for Task 5 is: Sunday, 27th April.
Good Luck to everyone, show us all your potential and give your best!

If there are any questions feel free to leave your question below in the comments.



  1. Thank you so much! I'm really happy! I love the clothing *-*
    The first part of the task is such an incredible idea! ^^

  2. Hi ! Those are my entries :)

    Part 1: New York Rain Shoot :
    Part 2: Hair Commercial :

    Good luck Everyone

  3. Hi! Here's the first part:

    For this one, I shaded the clothes a little darker than usual, specially that beautiful sweater that I'd love to have, to make it look wet, I mean, I'm under the rain.. So I should be really lucky if it didn't get wet right? haha anywaaay.... I still have to finish the second part, but I don't know if I am going to be able to present it tomorrow, of course I will try, but also I have to study for some exams and finish some homework.. and that.

    Hope you like it! Ciao!

  4. Just to let you know, I'm almost finished, sadly the internet goes off at around 10pm so I don't know if I'll be done before then. I'll try to post it as soon as I'm done and have internet! :D

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  6. I have done it :

    Task One:
    I have put bot Rain and Non- Rain so you can see my work a bit more clearly :)

    Task Two:
    My inspiration for this was the amazon and Beyoncé song Standing on the Sun XD

    I put all my effort on these task hopefully I have impressed you to stay in this competition

  7. Here is my second part:
    I've litterally, made the impossible to finish it just in time -and because my sister forze me to do it-
    Well, the slogan: Be the beautiful one with Flux. I've keep it simple just that and because.. I didn't know what else to write lol...
    Well, that's all... Hope you like it!
    Ciao, Aeon

  8. Here are my tasks, sorry that they're a bit late :L
    Hope you like them, I put all my time and effort into them!

  9. My entries:

  10. When will be the results?? Long time has passed since we sent our entry.

    1. Yes I'm so sorry for that!!! They are coming today, I promise it! Semi Finals will be posted today in the evening or tomorrow!! x