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Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Semifinal Tasks

Hello everyone and welcome to the Semifinals,

It's really exciting that we are already in the Semifinal Tasks and reached week 14.
I cannot wait to see all your beautiful entries.
Now it's about who will enter the Great Finale so give your best, girlies!

Just like last year there will be a poll, where you can vote for your favorite contestant to be in the Finale. You can find the poll on the side-bar. You can only vote once.
So you're right. This week's decision counts 50% by the judges and 50% by the the audience (out of the votes from the poll).
The Top 4 are allowed to promote for themselves.
The voting will be opened until the deadline ends!

Before I will announce the tasks I want to publish the winner of the week from task 5.
, Missflora9 and Rei1981 had the chances to win it and the one who convinced us the most and just surprised us with her tasks is...Missflora9! Congrats for winning winner of the week for the 2nd time. Something is waiting for you in my bazaar. ;)

Okay, now let's move on to the Semifinal tasks.
You have to manage 3 different parts/tasks.

Part 1: Magazine Cover Shoot

Every Topmodel needs to know how she has to look like on a Magazine Cover and how she needs to portray herself.
Like last year in the first part, you have to create a Cosmopolitan Magazine Cover with yourself on it, try to spot with your beautiful smile or seduce with a sexy, arrogant expression.

Part 2:  Makeup Commercial with Two Shoots

Again a commercial, but this time you have to do a makeup commercial.
Make two commercial shoots for the same store. Choose one makeup store out of stardoll's starplaza. Use the makeup of the store you want to advertise for. You don't have to create a slogan but show the makeup's logo.
Add a matching hairstyle, pose and background!

Part 3:  Style Guide

For this task I will give you a piece of basic clothing and you have to style it. Just make it your own. In the end it should be a cool, casual look so that the tee doesn't look boring anymore, but fashionable and special. Take attention to a fitting hair, pose and setting (background, etc.)!!

This will be your clothing:

(it's a png file and it's white i hope you can see it)

Okay, that's it! I hope you will have fun with these tasks and good luck! Give your best.

Deadline: Monday, 26th May, 2014.

I'm really excited to see your entries!
Have a wonderful sunday,

Yours Manda


  1. Great Tasks! I have a question about the 3rd task. Do we have to make a graphic or just create an outfit and if we want we change the background?

    1. Yes you have to make a graphic, but the clothes can be full stardoll.

  2. Monday, 26th June, 2014.??? Is that right? or Is it May 26th?

  3. Great Semi-Finalists:) I'm really looking forward to the results! There have been a lot of great Entries so far!!!

  4. Here are my entries:

    Part 1 Magazine Cover Shoot:
    Part 2 Makeup Commercial with Two Shoots:
    Part 3 Style Guide:

    Hope you like it! ^^

  5. My Entries !! :)

    First Part (Mag Cover):
    Second Part (Makeup Commercial):
    Third Part (Style Guide) :

    Good-luck everyone :)
    À bientôt!

  6. Just a little question, Is it me or Missflora always uses the same orange hair by using copy and paste? It always looks the same one. Just asking.

    1. oye callate mierda estás envidiosa por q no tienes talento puuuuut a

    2. Estoy deacuerdo, por que criticas a Miss flora, ni siquiera das la cara. Ella al menos sabe hacer gráficos

    3. First, why don't You give your face, and I'm talking to those spanish girls. The first anon, She or He wasn't being rude, it was asking a question. And I make the same question and not just because I'm saying that Flora isn't talented. I mean, the hair it's a difficult part when it comes to graphics, but I saw that all of the contestants try and make their OWN hair, why don't she make the same. Sorry if I'm being rude. But that's my opinion.
      And I would LOVE to see the faces of the Spanish girls, so I can see how much of graphics you know! Cause if you don't know, why are you even being rude. Why don't you even talk without shitting another person.

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    5. I can't believe how rude people can be.. honestly. You can give your opinion without insulting anybody, don't you think? And as the comment above said, you could at least show who you are instead of insulting people behind "Anonymous". Please, stop being so mean and think before writing.

      I have to say the first anonymous, the one who made the question, may have sound as something more than just a question (depending on how you read it) but the answer that he/she recieved was way too rude.

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      Manda, if you are reading all of these comments, it would be nice if you can desactivate the 'Anonymous'' option for the comments. So we can see if this girl is Mature enough to give her face, and continue to keep being a Bitch.

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    10. I really can't understand why you have to talk with 2 differents Anonymous.
      And no, I'm not Amaia. And I talk with the anonymous option because if I want to be a Bitch whith you, I would show my face.

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    15. Soy de Colombia, feas perras

  7. Part 1:
    Part 2:
    Part 3 Style Guide:

    Good Luck girls!

    Thank you for being so patient! <3

  9. Sorry for asking, but when are you gonna post the results? Don't want to hurry you, I know that all the judges may be busy, just asking

    1. Yes, agree! Please, when are you gonna publish them??

    2. I'm still waiting for the judgements of the other judges.
      As soon as they are sent in, the results will be posted here. :)