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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

MMM - Manda's Model Mission

Hello fashionistas,
Inspired by America's Next Topmodel and Germany's Next Topmodel I wanted to start my own Model competition.
There will be different rounds and each round one contestant or more have to leave until the big finale, where the best three girls out of 18 will fight for the title "Manda's Next Mission Model.
In the 1st task 15 people will stay in and then the 2nd task we will see who is strong enough for the Top 10!

For sure no competition is a good competition without any wins, so here you are:

- The Title "Manda's Next Mission Model"
- Covergirl of RUN Magazine F/W 2013
- Covergirl of Allure Magazine by Editor in Chief cooldeer123
- Editorial Shooting in NYLON Magazine by EllieCase
- Conventional Contract with Sparkle Model Management by rafi101
- Price of 300 sparkling stardollars

If you want to sponsor any prices, write to me in stardoll. It can be everything, clothes, stardollars, interviews or any editorial shootings.

The applications will  open very soon for judge places and contestants.

Will you be my next Mission Model? My mission is to find you and to make you famous and help you to step up in the stardoll model world! Win gorgeous prices and enjoy the glamour!

Twinkle Twinkle,

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