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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Results 1st Task

Hello girls,

finally here are your results. Actually I was pretty disappointed only 11 girls out of 18 sent in their entries, that is a very low number! Because of that we also got 2 new contestants, afrin_98 and EllieCase, welcome! :)
Let's have a look at your entries!

Rafael is missing in the results as he wasn't able to send in the judgements, because of temporary causes.


Manda: Your outfit is very nice! It absolutely fits your doll and style and you did a great job on creating a matching makeup and hair. You also did great on featuring several winter trends. Your outfit definitely fits the season. The only thing I'd like to point out is that the golden zip doesn't work very well with the silver glitter and silber buttons of the vest.
Your graphic is quite nice. I love the dress and the coat very much, they give a very majestic touch. Also the crown fits well and you really recognize it's meant to be a snow queen. The things I don't really like is the hair. The hair doesn't look a lot like hair, more like strains of plasticine. Work on that! Include more single strains and use more depth and detail in your hair shading.

Cathy: I love your outfit, you matched the perfect winter/christmas colours and trends, such as quilted leather, bordeaux red and glitter. The background is perfect. Well done!
The first impression when looking at your graphic is stunning, the snow queen really fascinates me in your graphic. The choice of colours is good and you really improved in terms of clothes compared to older graphics. The hair could still need a bit more definition but all in all, a very good entry!

Tania: I do enjoy quite a lot this outfit, everything really matches well together in the look, even the makeup, hair and background, also the colours are just gorgeous. It’s not really Punk Style though, as you’ve described when you gave the tasks, it’s in the girly side of course but it’s more like a dark look than punk in itself.
It’s a great graphic! While there’s somethings I see at once that need improving, I see lots of potential as well. Starting for the outfit of it I really like it, the fact you added fur really gives a more sophisticated look to the queen, also the flowing dress is very well designed. I really feel you should have done much more shading in the whole doll though, there’s not much depth in it, also while the idea of flowing hair is really cool, in the graphic it looks pretty unnatural.


Manda: I like the outfit actually, though it's nothing special. Your hair goes very well with the whole scheme. The background fits great too! The cluth is maybe a bit off, though it was supposed to stand out of the rest. All in all the outfit is good, but nothing that makes me say "WOW".
Your snow queen graphic could've been way better! I know your graphic skills and they are awesome! I bet you were a bit rushed as you didn't have as much time as the other contestants had. The idea is really nice, but the
execution is okay. I love the dress, but the hair's color doesn't match with anything in the graphic, though the shading is great! Your face is a little off. What I'm really not fond of is the effect you put on the graphic. I think it would look lots better if you hadn't put it on. All in all the picture looks really blurred and not high defined.

Beautiful makeup and nice hair colour! The outfit is wintery, nothing that makes me want to scream but definitely something I'd wear in winter. Apart from the orange clutch, everything matches well.
I had really high expectations to your task because I know your graphics from SNTGD and the vault. When I took a first look at your graphic, I was disappointed because your face seems completely off and the hair colour is irritating. But at a second glance, everything else is magnificient, especially the dress. All in all, a nice entry if you ignore the face&hair.

Hm I saw this sweater really often in the other tasks, of course it’s a gorgeous piece and it’s Chanel but I think it’s a 'safe' piece where you can’t do something very wrong, by experiencing we can see what works and what not. The outfit is really nice though, but I’m not so sure about the leggings and the clutch seems a bit off and doesn’t match with anything of the outfit. The hair goes really well with everything but a bit heavier eye makeup would make her eye stand out more.
To be honest about the graphic I expected way more from you, I remember your graphics and this one is surely not even in the top 10. Some parts are rushed, blurred, with little shading. The effect you added is a bit off, as also the neon hair and the background. For the dress it really looks like a wedding dress, not queen alike at all. I’m disappointed but I hope, if you pass to the next task, we can see more from the old Afrin work.


Manda: I love your outfit! I'm also very glad you went for a light color scheme. It's super cute. Everything matches very well together and it is absolutely one of my favorites. The background fits great as well.
Your graphic is also one of my favorites of part 2. The outfit is amazing and I love the scepter, it really shows you went for a frost witch. Your makeup is amazing! I love it, it looks really frosty. The aspects you should work on are hair and skin shading, especially on hands.

You're the queen of the ice skating rink! I love the mix of light, pastel colours and the wonderful beret. You could have chosen a belt that fits the outfit better but the background is perfect, so congrats. One of my personal favourites from part 1.
Your doll seems to be a snow warrior, very original idea! The outfit is okay and I really like the makeup and the thing in your doll's hand. But you need to improve both your hair and your skin, especially the hand on the left is very blurred and undefined.

It’s really nice that you went for lighter colours, and not for the dark ‘easy’ winter colours! Everything goes perfectly together, the items of the outfit, hair and makeup though unfortunately it’s not really a winter outfit, you look lovely but you’d freeze to death, maybe changing the tights and shoes would help some.
So fierce and edgy, I love it! While it needs more shading everywhere, the outfit and hair are totally awesome. You were really able to make ‘Frost Witch’ which I’m really happy about and you were able to make different shades in the background and outfit look awesome together. I really enjoyed it, one of my favourite tasks.


Manda: I think you created a nice, simple winter outfit. The color scheme is nice too. The boots look a bit irritating as they look like they were also your trousers. I'm also missing an eye-catcher and something special in your outfit.
Your snow queen shoot is good. I love the windy effect you were going for, it really looks stormy and frosty, the perfect atmosphere for a snow queen. I'm just not a big fan of your blureness. The face looks really blurred just as the background, practice on clearness and high quality. Maybe a tip, save your picture files under .png instead of .jpg, because that gives your pictures a lot better quality.

Cathy: First of all, please check the quality of your entries before sending them in, your face is very blurred. Concerning the outfit, you created a nice winter outfit. Something is missing that would make me love it and the boots seem to be a part of the trousers, but all in all the task is fine. Nice background.
And another snow queen. I like how it seems as if it was very stormy while the picture was taken, this makes the graphic very vivid. The concept is nice but you could have executed it better. try to work on your graphic quality to make the image more defined and less blurred. And please don't make your doll look so incredibly thin!

Tania: Hm I’m not so sure about the outfit to be honest, while the coat is very trendy for this season, the rest doesn’t go so well with it. There’s too much black going on and the fact that the coat is not so long but starts where the boots begin makes me cringe a little, also the fact that you seem to have only a shirt underneath the coat, that is surely not really wintery alike.
For such trendy coat, I’d go for a clutch instead of the purse you’ve chosen, also for a more edgier makeup.
I really like this graphic, while there’s somethings you can do to improve it’s really fierce and Snow Queen alike. I like the effect of the wind you tried to go for but the dress and hair looks more like chunks than little pieces flowing in the wind. The shading is nice but would be nicer if there was some more, also make some of the corners less harsh would help.
Other than that I really like it, I hope we’ll see more of you and improvement.


Manda: The outfit is very cool, the clothings fit very well together, though the lime top looks out of place. I'm also no sure if this is the right winter outfit. Anyways I like the background and the outfit is nice, jsut not vey wintery.
Your graphic has a nice color scheme, though it looks really weird. The hair looks like plasticine and the shading is very choppy. The one hand looks really strange and the shading looks very blurred and undefined. The dress, coat or whatever actually looks well shaded but it's hard to tell what it is. I love the shoe(s) though! I also don' know which mysthical creature this is. I know you can do lots better, I hope you can show us next task!

Cathy: Spooky outfit! I love the outfit and the background but I'm not sure whether it matches the topic. But nevertheless, beautiful outfit.
I have to say I'm confused by your graphic. Firstly, i don't understand where which part of your body shall be and what you exactly wear. Secondly, what happened to your fingers and to your hair? I know that you can create graphics of a much higher quality. And thirdly, I don't understand which kind of mythical creature this should be. Not your best work.

While I really like the outfit, being very gothic alike but still kinda sophisticated, I feel like the doll is really undressed with the pair of leggings, leather pants would look the best. I really like the clutch and boots, they pair well together but I’m not so sure about the green top underneath, with that colour is seems a bit off. As for the makeup and hair I do like them both, but they’d be perfect if you’d have a smokey eye instead and filling in eyebrows, while bleached eyebrows can look awesome, I feel it’s not working so much for you.
About the graphic, To be honest I really have no idea what’s going on here, I mean I don’t even  can see which pose you’re trying to go for, it’s super confusing. As for the rest the hair and shading in general looks super rushed, and the makeup doesn’t fit well (that black eyeliner is really off),  I’m pretty disappointed to be honest, I know you’re better than this, hopefully you’ll show us more in the next tasks, if you pass.


Manda: On the first glance the colors of your outfit fit well, beige and olive, though the leggins in my opinion doesn't match very well to the rest of the outfit, they are a little too bright. The makeup, beret and hairstyle doesn't work with the outfit itself at all, the colors are purple and aubergine, which are out of place in this case. All in all the outfit is okay, though some pieces don't fit here.
Your graphic is really nice! It is, when it comes to snow queen, one of my favorites! The face and makeup is so fierce, so amazing, I just love it! Very mystic! Also the hair goes very well and as I know your previous graphics you did a huge improvement on that! The dress is also nice, though together with the rest of the graphic it is clearly too much blue for me! Also the wreath doesn't fit very well with the rest. In the end I love your expression, I love the use of your snow global, it looks like as if you were just about to pronounce an evil spell. You also created a nice effect with the snow.
All in all good job on that!

Cathy: You tried to incorporate current trends such as leggins, ethno prints or (fake) fur. But, unfortunately, it seems as if you just randomly picked trendy clothes. Next time, please match outfit, makeup&hairstyle and background better.
First of all, your hair turned out very well! I also like the idea of a winter witch with the snow globe and the makeup. For the next time, you could work on the clearness of your graphic, the skin is still blurred in some areas and you should pay attention to the choice of colours.

Tania: First thing I thought was: ‘Gurl put some sweater underneath that coat otherwise you’ll freeze to death!’.
It’s a very great outfit though, the colours are really nice and fit perfectly together, though the beret is a bit off, the colour doesn’t really match anything else, the same beret but of another color would be the best also a different hairstyle would be nice, braids seem always summerish to me. As for the makeup I’m not so sure actually, the black smokey eye and dark lip are indeed of winter but it’s not matching the casual outfit. I’d go for a brown smokey instead and a nude lip, also I’d fill in the eyebrows so it matches the hair color.
In the graphic I miss depth, also some of the corners are really rough, that definitely needs to have some work put on. As for the rest I think it’s gorgeous, I like the simple background and the snow falling fits really nicely.
The pose is so perfect and the makeup, I really dig it, very fierce! I must say the colours are way too strong though, kinda neon alike actually, I’d go for more pastel colour and different shades of white and greys, that would look way better.


Manda: I love your outfit! It's something very different, something that goes into the couture direction. The coat is amazing and everything fits very well. I'm just not sure about the leggins and the bow cause the opulence of these make the outfit together with the coat look a bit much. Anyways it also features winter trends and I lke it a lot!
Your 2nd part is something different. It's a drawing, that makes it difficult to judge and, as Tania said, to compare with the other graphics. All in all its a great drawing and a very nice scene. The outfit, makeup, coat and hair absolutely match the snow queen! I'm just not sure about the girl sitting on the bear, because that doesn't look too majestic. A huge palast and a throne she would sit on would have looked way better! Anyways this is a stardoll model competition, so pls continue doing stardoll graphics (!) and use your dolls face!

Congrats for choosing a very different approach to the inter topic, you definitely didn't go for the usual monochrome/red theme but chose a style that seems a bit asian. I love the haircut and the outfit is beautiful aswell, it might have been even better if you added a skirt under the coat to make it look even warmer&comfier. Nice background. Well done! One of my personal favourites from task 1.
Your graphic is an entry that is off the mainstream. The idea of placing your mythical creature on an ice bear is very original and makes the whole image very cute. The dress is magnificient aswell. BUT this is a stardoll competition. The task was to use your doll's face and you didn't complete that. Your idea was good, but next time, please do a stardoll graphic.

Tania: I love this outfit so much, really! It’s like a mixture of Haute Couture with casual items, it gives a very strong but still feminine statement. The colours go really well together, and while it’s still a winter outfit, it’s super stylish. The makeup, while simple, fits really well, I like a lot that you added some nice countouring, also the detail of the rings with the gloves is just awesome.The only thing I’d change though would be the ribbon in the hair cause I feel it’s not really needed and also I'd change the leggings to something more plain, the pattern of it and the pattern of the coat may feel a bit too much together. Oh surely not like the other graphics! I really like your task but since it’s more a drawing than a graphic, it’s harder to judge and also to compare to the others.
Even then I really like it actually, the dress is amazing, I love the colour and its design, the cape also goes really well with it as the headpiece. The hairstyle is very cute but very queen alike anyway, the background while simple, it’s very fitting, also with the bear, though both elements give less of a feeling of an Ice Queen; maybe having your doll on a thrown with the bear near her would give a bit more ‘powerful queen’ feeling.


Manda: I really think you failed in this part. This doesin't look like a winter outfit at all, more like a party outfit in summer. Also the background looks weak, 'cause there is no one.
Your graphic is very boring, I love the background, a great ice cave, but the snow queen looks very out of place. She doesn't even look like a queen, also the text is irritating and takes too much space. The dress is nice, but too simple, same for the poste. Your tasks are one of the weakest this time.

Cathy: If I didn't knew the task, I would have thought that you had to create a spring outfit. The outfit as such is ok, nothing exceptional, but you definitely missed the topic and you didn't use a background.
Cool background! You went for a stereotypical ice princess look which can never be that bad and yours turned out well. But it was nothing outstanding and you were one of those few who didn't draw their own hair. Next time, try to draw your own hair, shade your face and don't write the task in such large letters, it is completely sufficient if you write it in a small font size in one corner. the main focus shall be the graphic, not the text.

Tania: Sorry but this is no winter outfit, it’s more something I’d wear at summer to go to a club. Also it’s very rushed and way too simple, if you’d have put time into I’m sure you’d end with something way better.
The graphic, Hm again it feels like it was super rushed, also it doesn’t look like a queen at all. If you pass to the next task, which I’m actually not sure about, I’d advise you to spend more time working on it, it’s really a pity you don’t take it more serious.

For the graphic in itself,  there’s almost no shading in the dress (which is kinda princess alike, not for a queen) and the background and makeup really don’t fit.


Manda: I really don't see a winter outfit in this! This is what you can wear at warm fall nights. You just wear a tights, miniskirt and a tube top, only covered with a coat, lots too cold. I also don't see the winter trends in here and the background doesn't fit at all.
Your graphic part is a lot better! I really see the fairy in it and it looks very cute! I also like the clean and pale skin. The dress is nice, though I'm missing some depth, same for the skin shading, though in this case the light skin shading matches the winter fairy scheme. I'm not sure if the hair fits the rest but it's indeed an eye-catcher. I think you should practice on depth in your shading and take more time for your graphics.

Cathy: Where is the winter outfit? I don't know from which part of the world you come from, but where I live it definitely isn't warm enough to wear a very short miniskirt. To my mind, you completely missed the topic and failed to choose a fitting background.
A snow fairy! This part of the entry is definitely your stronger one. I like the dress and I love the pose, it seems very elegant and fairy-like. The hair colour and the makeup are not my cup of tea but the background is well chosen. Try to work on your technique by practising a lot, one can easily discover flaws like a missing thumb.

Tania: To be honest this is the outfit I like the least so far. It’s ok of course but totally not winter alike, more for beginning of Autumn one, also it doesn’t make any statement, very plain and surely also very rushed, it feels like you’ve put items around the same colour on the doll and that’s it.

Again your 2nd part feels like it’s very rushely made, the shading is almost not there and there’s plenty of harsh corners everywhere and parts that seemed not to be finished.
The hair is way too dark for a fairy, the wings are missing and the background doesn’t really match so well. The colours are nice though, also the fact you tried to go for a flowing dress is nice. The most important though is that I really don’t feel the fairy part in the graphic, which is a total pity.
I don’t like to be harsh but I really feel you didn’t put much attention in the tasks, which is a pity, like that we cannot see your real potential.


Manda: I really like this outfit, it is one of my favorites. You did a great job on combinating the sweater dress and it is a very chic combination! I also like the fact you worked on a nice pose and added a shadow. Love the background and love the red lips and the hairdo!
Your graphic really isn't the cup of tea. When the dress, background and the skin are really nice and cute, the wings, hair and makeup look totally wrong and don't fit with the theme neither the dress. Also the wing shape is weird and not very fairy alike, it reminds me rather of a butterfly. Also your hair and your looking remind me more of a winter demon.

Cathy: Stylish combination in grey, black&white! You could have payed more attention to your face, the glasses, lipstick and hat don't match perfectly but that's just a minor issue. Nice background!
My first thought when I saw your graphic was "Why does she look so mean?" The black from the butterfly wings distracts from the  outfit. The dress and the background are nice but the makeup, hair and wings aren't. Besides, I don't understand what a butterfly, even if it is blue, has o do with mythical winter creatures.

Tania: I really enjoy this outfit, it has different colors but they all match nicely, and very winterish. I really like all the pieces. The hairstyle together with the beret look great, also the red lipstick, showing that even in the winter you can show a more feminine side (and that makeup can do a huge difference) but the glasses are really off, they’re too summerish.
The graphic, hm while the shading is really good and the background nice, the doll and background really don’t match with each other.
Also I must say it doesn’t look so much like a winter fairy to me, don’t get me wrong, I think it looks nice anyhow but if you google it you’ll find something more different; for instance the wings look more like butterfly wings and the colors of it, as of the whole look seem too dark. I really hope to see more of you in the next tasks, you’ve lots of potential and that is very easy to see.


Manda: Your outfit is nice, very wintery and I love the color scheme and it fulfills the winter trends. I'm not sure if the leggins with cow-pattern is a little too much together with the other pieces, but in the end your outfit is one of my favorites.
Your graphic is gorgeous! The shading technique is perfect and the dress looks very elegant, also a bit seductive and I love the glitter on it. Your crown and makeup also fit the snow queen very well. You did a great job on that. The background and the setting are also amazing.

Cathy: Your look is trendy and definitely fits the winter trends. Nevertheless one item less could have worked better.
OMG! Your graphic is so overwhelmingly amazing, perfect technique, perfect dress, perfect everything!

Tania: I really enjoy this outfit, it shows really well what the trends you chose are about and while you went for different items you made them match well and give a strong statement. The only thing I’m not so sure about are the leggings, there's already a lot going on, one colour leggins (black ones maybe) would fit the best and give some more balance to the outfit. Also I'd might trade the cap for something without spikes, i think it's an edgy piece that doesn't go 100% with the rest.
Oh lala, your 2nd part looks amazing! Even with me being perfectionist I cannot point out anything bad. The dress is my favorite part of it, the glitter and the design are just the most beautiful thing in this whole task, also the hair and makeup go along awesomely with it.


Manda: There is definitely a lot going on in that outfit and many stuff doesn't fit. While the shirt, sweater and coat look very nice, the skirt doesn't fit at all, same about the hat and the necklace just looks very weird. The shoes though fit again, but the socks don't look good in this outfit.
The graphic is not your best work. I don't really see the mythical creature in here. I don't understand the pose either the clothing, which is just a nipple patch. The skin shading is very messy, though it looks good in some parts, but you should have added another shading layer to add more depth and give a definition between the different body parts, e.g. arms and chest. Anyways I like your hair and makeup a lot.

Cathy: Confuse the cat! Your outfit is different and that's for sure. To my mind, the items don't match each other and the background doesn't match either. At least it's not boring.
Lady gaga is not what I'd call a mythical winter creature. The makeup is lovely and the skin shading is very good in some parts, in other parts there are too many lines (e.g. the arm on the right). All in all, an average graphic that seems a bit rushed but not what I expected for this task.

Tania: There’s way too much going on in this outfit, I really expected more from you. The patterns all together are a total turn off and while the pieces are nice, they should be put together with other neutral ones. Also being a winter outfit, you’d freeze anyhow, some tights or some pants would really help in that.
Hm about the graphic, I love the concept but I’m not so sure if I like a lot how it turned out. It seems really rushed, many harsh corners, no shading in the face and the hairline is a bit strange. The makeup doesn’t match so well with the rest of the graphic, though the black lipstick could look great with another eye makeup.


Manda: Your outfit itself is quite cute, but very simple, just a dress, stockings and shoes. The doll looks undressed and I'm really missing a pants. The shoes also don't fit very well.
Your hairstyle is very weird. What were you thinking? It doesn't fit at all with the outfit neither it fits itself.
Your graphic is okay, nothing special. The dress isn't shaded very well, same about the skin. It looks very rushed and blurrred. I know you can do a lot better, but maybe this time it was because you didn't have a lot time to do your tasks. Show us your real potential maybe in the next task.

Cathy: What happened to your hair? I wasn't able to concentrate on the outfit at first but it is cute, I especially like the stockings. The shoes don't fit and the hair, the hair, the hair.
Your second entry is average, neither bad nor outstanding. I like the choice of background and pose but I dislike the haircut and the facial expression. Your doll doesn't look motivated, rather bored. Try to focus on a clearer shading and draw the hair on your own.

Tania: Hm I’m not digging this outfit so much to be honest, it seems a big mixture of styles (which make it very hard to find which trend you’re going for) and even weathers.
The hat doesn’t match with anything else, also the fringe is really a big no no. Being a winter outfit, the socks and the shoes are really not going well for you, I’d wear some leggings instead and maybe some combat boots otherwise your doll would freeze in the stardoll world for sure.
As for the graphic at once my attention goes for the face, it looks like a hot mess. I am not sure if it's meant to be tears or ice or so but I really don’t like it so much sorry.
I like the background and I like the dress but I'm not so sure if they really match.
Taking that, I really like the hairstyle, it matches well, also the dress looks nicely in the doll.
I’m not very pleased with both your entries but I really would like what you’re capable of.  

The Decision:

This task was a complicated risk for many of you.

The Top 3 this time are Aeon_Flux_96, Sary.Babyfayce and ajehdn. You did the best job and you got the biggest chance to win winner-of-the-week, who will be posted with the next task! Congrats!

The Bottom 3 are soso-asooly, pavlovagurl and MG286. You were the weakest in this task and you couldn't convince us with your entries, but because many contestants didn't send in their entries for task 1, there will be no elimination!
Sera, Beth and Leon you are also in the next round!

All the other contestants are for sure also in the next round, congrats!

The 2nd task will be posted very soon.
Stay tuned!

Manda El Rose


  1. Oh My! Wow! Thanks for your feedback! Can't wait for the next task ^^

  2. thanks for the feedback , in real i didn't have time to do my task cuz i was thinking in my exam :( . i will try my best next task . but also these two weeks i have exams . my exams finish at 12-1 . at least make the deadline at 14-1 . so i have the time to make it .

  3. Oh My ... I can´t believe it that Im under the TOP 3!!!! :') I´m really really happy

  4. See Manda, I'm stalking you here too. ILY! <3

  5. Thanks for your feedback and if I'm honestly I completely can see where you're coming from. With the graphic, I have been told I need to add more definition, so I'll certainly work on it. Anyway it's great I'm not eliminated, not so great people didn't send in their tasks.