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Saturday, 21 June 2014

The Final Tasks

Hey there everyone,

finally after 17 weeks the time has come to post the final tasks for our three remaining contestants. I am really excited and I cannot wait to view your entries, also I can tell you the live Great Finale is going to be amazing!
The official poster for the MMM Finale Cycle 2 will be out soon.

By the way there will be another poll for who you think deserves to win the second cycle of MMM. The poll will be released right after this post is published (the one with the biggest fanbase will get the most applause in the final).

Now let's take a look at your tasks:

Part 1: Ad Campaign

It's time to do an ad campaign, doing this you have not to add any slogans or logos, the product should speak for itself! You are going to do pose with a bag, named the gorgeous Skull Box Clutch by Alexander McQueen.

In the ad campaign the bag should stand in the focus, make them stand out of the shoot and they should match the outfit, the pose, the makeup and the rest of the graphic: fierce, powerful, crazy, extraordinary.
The clutch doesn't need to have the exact pattern and color of the ones, which are shown in the picture, the shape is the important thing.
Don't forget, your expression should match the theme and the clutch has to be the eyecatcher.

Part 2: Runway Task Prêt-à-porter

So, we didn't do a runway task for long now and we didn't do anything related to prêt-à-porter, which means casual, but still chic. Now I want you to create a prêt-à-porter look and to present it on the runway, which has to fit the current sommer trends and scheme.
The pose, which can be walking or end pose, should underline the outfit and you should create a nice and matching atmosphere and catwalk!

Part 3: Editorial Shoot

Just like last year this is the special gold part of the final tasks.
Each one of you has to portray herself as an iconic character of the current music culture by recreating expression, pose, outfit, look from the given music video.
The background and atmosphere are indeed important, such as the other aspects named above.
Be creative!

Beth/pavlovagurl as Marina & The Diamonds


Flora/Missflora9 as Lana Del Rey


Giselle/Aeon_Flux_96 as Lady Gaga

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Okay that's it girlies!
I wish you lots of fun while creating these tasks and I can't wait to see them!

Your final Deadline for the Finale Tasks is:
Monday, 30th June 2014.

If there are any problems with the deadline or if you need more time please tell me!
Good Luck my finalists!



  1. OMG, I can't wait to see all your tasks, this is going to be amazing!
    Great work Manda, loved this Cycle so far. :)

    1. Me neither!
      I'm glad you like the cycle! It's always nice to get positive feedback! :)

  2. Gosh! This tasks are amazing!! The third part it's my favorite! Lady Gaga :D
    Also.. I think that I will have a problem with the deadline.. My computer hasn't been working really well and I will take it to a service this Monday to fix it... and I don't know how long it's going to take them >_<
    I will try to make the Tasks today and/or tomorrow but I don't know if I'm going to made it on time I'm really really sorry!

    1. First of all I'm glad you like the tasks!
      Let's just wait until the deadline is over and see what you already got, when you still need more time just write me, I won't deny it.
      A small tip: never rush a final task! ;)

    2. Thanks for understand! I'll give my best for this Task and I will take your advice c:

  3. so excited to see the third part!i also hope i won't take too long until they're revealed

    1. Just like last year the Great Finale will be live and it will be shown in several video parts, this takes a lot of work but the Great Finale will probably take place about after one week when the deadline is over.

  4. This was such an amazing cycle! All the tasks are all exciting - I can't wait to see what the finalists will do with it!

    You have put so much time and effort into this! You are amazing Manda!

  5. Hi ! these are my final entries !!

    Part 1 :
    Part 2 :
    Part 3 :

    It was such an amazing journey. And I had alot of fun doing it :)

    À bientôt

  6. Here's my first part of the Tasks:
    I will upload the next parts as soon as I can! I'm really sorry for slowing down the competition! Hope you can understand ^-^

    Ciao, Aeon

    1. Here's the second part:
      I will upload the second one one as soon as I can!

    2. Annnnnnnnnnnd the last part:
      Hope you like my entries as much as I did, and I want to apologize again for sending my entries this late. Thanks for giving me more time.
      Being in this competition was a really beautiful experience and I've really enjoyed it. All this journey have been amazing with every one of the contestants of it.
      I have never believed that I'd reach this far with talented girls as Beth and Flora, good luck girls! ^-^

      Ciao, Aeon

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Here's the first task,
    Sadly my internets about to go off but I will post the last two in the morning (i can finish them without internet) Thank you for letting me have more time to work on them! :D

    1. third task:
      I'm almost done with the second, my charger just decided to break!

    2. second task:
      Thank you Manda for being so patient and also good luck to everyone else, it's amazing to have got this far!