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Monday, 29 June 2015

Results Task 3: Milan

Hello everyone,

Tania and I will be judging this task completely on our own since none of the other judges had the spare time to send me their judgements. Before we start, I might also say that Rei1981, juliaChang-diva and LuluTroll left the competition.
Dreamiiiii had an accident and wasn't able to work on this Task's entries so she is safe for this Elimination and will join us back in Task 4.

Oh and for the next tasks I want you ALL to be on time. Again, some of you were given almost more than one extra week to send in their tasks which isn't fair at all to those that were actually punctual and managed to send in their tasks til the given deadline.

That's why Inessa... and maria-0077 are safe for this task right away! Congrats, you two were the only ones on time and earned immunity for The Elimination afterwards.


Manda: I think your Runway Task is cute but it doesn't stand out to me. On a positive note, I like the outfit, the color is very virbant and catchy - also raspberry is a trendy summer color this year - but on a less good note, I think you definitely have to work on your shading. I can barely recognize any shading on the outfit at all. You have to use way more shading layers, don't be scared of experimenting with many layers, be generous and try to resemble the original clothing's wrinkles, shades and highlights. If you have no clue of what to do in detail, you should watch some tutorials on youtube which are very helpful. I also advise you to try a strike on your own hair in the next tasks, out of all contestants you are the only one who didn't draw her hair by herself.
I like your Sedcard Shoot more than your Runway Task but still it's not mindblowing. Your Sedcard Shoot resembles your minimalistic and simple doll's style. The pose is casual and your doll looks focused. There is barely shading on the top and hands and the hair is a slightly changed stardesign wig what I don't appreciate that much BUT hands down, you look amazing with that hairstyle.
My advise to you if you get into the next round: Draw. Your. Own. Hair. + Work on your shading technique if you want to keep up with the other contestants.

Tania: I'm not so sure about your Runway Task. It's not really Pret-a-Porter I'd say.. Again your body looks a bit strange, kinda disproportional, the neck is too long, head too big, major missing shading. With all being said never give up on doing graphics, at first it might be difficult and not look the best but i'm sure if you keep on doing them you'll get the grip of it
I think your Sedcard is fine. While your doll is pretty, the first thing I notice is the heavy countour in this picture. Other than that it's nicely simple as a secard shoot should be. The graphic in itself needs a bit more work, the skin needs more shading and the shape of the body is a bit strange, like what happened to your waist?


Manda: Even though you took one of the given references, I like your Runway Task a lot - I just love that outfit and you really pull it off! You did a great job on the jacket but I think you could have shaded the skirt and dress part a lot more. The skin shading is great! You did a really big improvement there. The hair could be better to be honest - more details and depths, more shadings and highlists - but you drew your own hair and I appreciate that.
I love your Sedcard! You look amazing. The outfit is gorgeous and the nude makeup looks perfect on you. I really like how you're playing with your oversized shirt, that gives a great modelesque vibe to the pose. Just as I mentioned before the skin shading is on point- you really worked on it and I see great improvement. The hair in your second task is way better than in the runway shoot. Good job on this one. Moreover I think it's a great effort that you did a full shot and a close shot of your doll with an each individual pose and not just enlarged the smaller one.

Tania: I like your Runway Task! Patterns and not smooth textures are always hard to do on graphics so I like that yo took the risk. Overall I think you did a good work, the dress kinda needs some work and the leg looks a bit strange but other than that it's a nice entry.
Normally a Secard is chest up only but I do like the collage. Your doll's face is beautiful and this task really makes that stand out which was exactly what Manda and us were asking. Love the pose, well done.


Manda: It's true, perfection does have a name, it's Isabella! Your Runway Task has to be one of my favorites - maybe the best out of all. You're wearing Valentino which is always the right decision. This dress is so beautiful and one of my favorite pieces from his S/S 2015 collection. You're pulling off that dress so perfectly well - It totally suits your doll's pale skin tone and light, fair makeup and hair. The edgy sandals look awesome and I have to say your skin shading is one of the best. It is super realistic and detailed. I love the fact that you're presenting the outfit in the infamous Galleria Vittorio Emanuele.
The Sedcard Shoot is fantastic. Your hair shading is flawless and the hair looks super healthy, voluminous and shiny. I NEED that hair care products to be honest! I love the grey tee, it's very simple (in a positive way) and cute, you did a great work on the detailed wooly pattern and shoulders. I like that you're not posing in any extravagant poses, the casual "just-standing-there" works really well for your doll, it shows off her casual and elegant style and it gives focus to the face.
Isabella, I'm thrilled by your results this task!

Tania: Stunning Runway Task! Beautiful once again, I love the choice of the dress, background, hairstyle, everything. It's always a pleasure to see your entries.
Oh my god, that Sedcard Shoot! Well do I have anything to judge here? Nah, not really, it's just perfect. Great job again Isabella, not only your doll looks fierce as always but you totally nailed the graphic


Work it Girl!! This is high fashion! You look splendid in your Runway Task. I am so in love with that outfit! I really love that did something completely edgy and cool. I really adore the shorts and the accessoires which give a nice touch to the look. I might also say that your doll looks amazing with glasses on! Also, the hair looks great. I'm a bit confused about the background though - is this Fiji or the Bahamas? I thought our topmodel jet brought us to Milan? Well, probably, you got an extra flight to Fiji. ;)))
I like your look in the Sedcard Shoot. It's very extravagant - maybe you could have used something less exciting, like a basic black top and a pack of high waist shorts. I think for a sedcard shoto you should have made something less exciting and thrilling. It looks more like an editorial than a sedcard. Nonetheless, you look great. I like the hairstyle you've choosen, it's very you. Techniquewise, I think the skin shading in your runway task was a bit better than in your sedcard shoot. You could add some more layers of shading and highlights to give the skin a little more depth.
Otherwise, I like how your gazing blue eyes stand out from the shoot and still give focus on the face.

Tania: Those legs though! Fierce and flawless, nothing to point out or say other than keep it up. Amazing Runway Task!
Hm I'm on the fence about your Sedcard Shoot, I wouldn't really consider this entry something for a sedcard shoot to be honest... While you look stunning, your makeup is too heavy for such shoot and your clothes drive away the attention that should be totally on your face. Nice entry but not really what the task was about.


Manda: I'm a little on the fence about your Runway Task. I don't really think it represents summer, also I'm not sure which trend it is supposed to be. Anyway, I know that I don't like the outfit neither the boots. I think it looks tacky and blocky - the colors aren't my faves as well. The only thing I really like is the hair but I know that you didn't do it yourself. The shading is way too bare as well which only adds to the blocky effect of the dress/coat/oversized sweater.
Your Sedcard Shoot is okay. It's pretty average and nothing special. I see you wanted to go for an elegant look because of the white tight dress and the curly updo - which I do like but I just think it's nothing special at all. It looks rushed just as the results of the last tasks did as well.
Roxanne, I know that you can do lot better but you aren't showing any improvements neither follow our advises. You need to step your game up if you want to go on in this competition.

Tania: Unlike Manda, I do see some tiny improvement, so don't give up! It's a bit shabby and as Manda said, blocky, but I like that you've choosen something extraordinary for your Runway Task - even though it is not my cup of tea.
Secondly, I'm not a fan of your Secard Shoot. I feel like the hair takes too much attention, a sedcard should be a bit more simple, also it feels a bit unfinished and much too blank and bold.


Gosh, I love the exotic diva vibe I'm getting from your Runway Look. I'm so obsessed with this dress, I looove it! The colors are so vibrant and catchy, they totally take the center of attention. Your hair is stunning and it matches so well to the whole look. The shading is near to perfection and I love how edgy and fierce you look in here. Your facial expression fits perfectly well to this goddesslike gown which you pull off gracefully.
Your Sedcard Shoot is STUNNING. You took a risk at doing this sideways over-the-shoulder pose and you totally nailed it! You look edgy and fierce and I love the way your hair is all over the place - messy but still glamorous. I'm living for this sedcard over here.

Tropical goodess! I'm in love with your Runway Task, surely my favourite entry of this part. Perfect shading, perfect outfit and perfect hair!Love your Sedcard Shoot - It's Different but surely astonishing. I love what you did , perfect again, great work!


I think you did a good job with your Runway Task. I really like the color scheme of this outfit which suits your pale skin tone perfectly and gives you a slight fairylike touch. Great work on the details of the skirt - I wish you had made the whole skirt, not only the right side, as detailed as in the original version from Oscar De La Renta, which would have looked even better.
Still a great enty and try to give your shading technique more depth!
Your Sedcard Shoot is really lovely. For the first time in this competition you did your own hair which is great! I appreciate the effort and I have to say the outcome looks nice. Try to get rid of the blur in your hair technique and work on more depths in the hair so you can recognize individual strands. Also vary more between shades and highlights so your hair looks more three-dimensional.

What a gorgeous outfit choice, your doll looks breathtaking in this!  Great work, the only thing I could point out (by being a bit clingy) is the lack of layers in the neck but other than that I am very happy with your Runway Task.
Hmm, your Sedcard Shoot is kinda pixalated, isnt it? I like the idea but I'd have loved it if it would have been a bit less rushed and more worked on.


The Elimination

Now it's time to announce the elimination.

First of all, as an reminder, Inessa... and maria-0077 are already in the next round, They earned immunity for this elimination by being the only two contestants on time.

Another Two of you delivered the most impressive entries of this task and left us gagging over their detailed and breathtaking work. The two of you who have the chance to win winner of the week of Task 3 and can join Maria and Inessa are Isabella8103 and Pau.Cam.Arena! Congrats, one of you will be the next winner of the week who will be proclaimed by the announcement of Task 4.

Let's move on to the sadder part. This time there are two contestants that couldn't completely convince us with their task's entries. In the Bottom Two are Black-Lady-1 and MissFoxyRoxy913. I'm sorry ladies.
Therefore, Tadi_12 is in the next round! Congrats, dear!

Caro, it's your first time in the Bottom. We didn't expect that as we thought you were improving by each task but this time you did a small step back from your previous work. We are sure that there's a lot of potential in you and you know that you can do better.
Roxanne, another elimination - another time in the Bottom. It's your third time being left in the Bottom which is not good at all. Again, you disappointed us and we think that maybe for now it's just not the right time for you to start off a model career.

So who will have another chance to fight for the title? Who do we think has the biggest chances to improve?
Roxanne, I'm sorry but we did see bigger chances in Caro. That means Caro, you are in the next round! Congrats! See this as a wake-up call. Wake up, Caro and show us your full potential!
Roxanne don't be sad, we had a great journey with you and we want to see you back next year. Pratice, practice, practice and then see you soon again. We know that you can do it and we know that you really wanted this but now is not the right time for you.

My dear cuties, CONGRATS to everyone of you that made it into the next round!! Concerning, the circumstances we reached our Top 6/7! Whoop whoop, it's getting serious.

Task 4 along the winner of the week of Task 3 will be announced SOON (you must hate that word by now).

Hope you'll have a wonderful rest night and keep shining,
Yours Manda 


  1. YAY finally! lol
    So many lovely entries, my favorite is Jeanette's, it's breathtaking!
    Congrats everyone! :D

    1. OMG Those graphics from you are P-E-R-F-E-C-T!
      We must kill her before she wins this contest, guys!

  2. I am so happy to have compete in this! I understand now that I took a huge leap into this contest, and I was SOOOO not ready! I loved each task, and I still will make the graphic most likely for each task, (so I can have an excuse to add to my portfolio, lol). This week's entries were SUPERB. You guys are amazing! I must apologize to you Manda. You had so much faith in me, and I just didn't make a good impression. Thank you for giving me all these chances. I also am sorry that its only the third task, and there is so little people left! I hope this contest lasts longer! I love MMM and will hopefully be ready by Cycle 4! Thanks a whole bunch! I love you boo!

  3. I'm so glad we have the results already, I liked Isabella's runway and alex's sedcard, they are breathtaking, good luck guys , and can't wait for task 4

  4. Jeanette and Maria... <3 <3 <3

  5. My faves : Alex and Isabella, you both rocked it! :D

  6. The skin and hair in Alex's runway shot ... I'm like dying, they're so perfect! Great job everyone!