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Monday, 11 July 2016

Winner's and Runner-Up's Prizes of Cycle 3

Hey everyone,

As everyone knows by now, Isabella is our winner of Cycle 3. You really deserved it and did a great job, dear.
At this point, Congratulations to you again!
Just in case to re remember what prizes you're receiving, they are listed here: ~click me~

The final decision was one of the hardest we ever had to make. Obviously, Maria did aswell a marvelous job.  Of course, that's why she's also getting a few prizes for an outstanding second place! You will be a Runway Model for Desire's upcoming summer collection, for Spice Couture as well,  you'll star in Risque Magazine and - as you have already received - 200 stardollars!

Besides Isabella was already booked for her winning Editorial Shoot by MisaStylee, shown on The Appearance. Here is it:

I'm already in love with it, just flawless. Annika, you did again a gorgeous job. :)

See you soon my lullabies,
Manda El Rose

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