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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Results Task 2

Hello dollies,

Sorry for the long waiting, finally here is the elimination ceremony.
Clara (claragoosmann19) won the Challenge, good Job. :)
Now let's have a look at your steppe photoshoots.



Manda: I think your outfit does pertray the Stepp of Australia, I just miss some symbols of freedom, e.g. a flower headband or acessoires or maybe if the skit was long and waving.

Kasey: While the graphic isn't very high quality, I think it's pretty good. I'm not sure it says A Steppe in Australia. Maybe some more color and a heandband and this would've worked out very nicely.

Cathy: Your outfit fits the theme very well and I would wear it myself! Next time, pleas try to draw your own hair without using Stardoll haircuts. Everything else is fine, well done!



Manda: To be honest I don't really like this, even thogh the idea of the dress is nice the presentation is bad. You lack in graphic quality and the pose doesn't really stand for the Australian Freedom.

Good try, but it honestly has nothing to do with Australia, bohemian style, or the wonderful wild. If the graphic was nicer, I probably would've been less harsh.

Oh nice, a girl sitting at the beach. At the beach?! To my mind, you didn't follow the task as you aren't in the australian steppe. In addition, your outfit isn't related to australia in anyway and the shoes are ugly - although UGG is from Australia. I also dislike that your hands are hidden and you still have to work on your graphic quality.


Manda: One of my favorites, 'cause I love the way how you present your outfit and I really love the idea. I just think youre outfit isn't bohemian enough, but the pose is great and the colors work very nice. Good entry!

Kasey: The blue was a bold choice for this, and I commend you for that, but I feel it should of been used in a lighter way. Overall, it feels more tropical model-esque, than wild and free.

Cathy: Wow, that's fierce! I like your pose and the background but I would have prefered another outfit. It seems to distract from the amazing landscape, something more girly would have done better. Also, try to shade your hair more. Overall a good entry.


Manda: I'm not a fan of this, it looks way to childish. Moreover in my opinion the outfit  isn't very bohemian, it's just a random outfit with some boots and a hat. It doesn't look like a real photoshoot. Try to show more maturity and sexiness in your poses and presentation. I'd love to see seomthing wild, free and sexy of you this time.

Kasey: Good try, but your attempt at "Going Wild" really kinda disappointed. As I looked through the picture, I expected Cargo short, a tank top and the boots you were wearing. It would've worked so much more if you'd just not even looked at that skirt and shirt as a choices.

Cathy: Your entry seems like a photo taken to show your mom where you have been in your summer holidays and not for a photoshoot. The pose is too much and doesn't look realistic since it has been put together by stardoll body parts.


Manda: Your task is simple, but it's lovely. It actually fits the girly side of the bohemian style, I really like it. :) But wait, I've seen this hairstyle quite a lot, please take an other in the next times. ;)

Kasey: I kinda feel the bohemian style here, but I could've done without the belt, or maybe you could've substituted it for something more hippie-esque. Props for doing a graphic though!

Cathy: Your entry has a fresh, spring/summer feeling to it, I just love it! Your light, girly look fits the background very well. Very well done but I hope that this is your last graphic with this hairstyle, I've just seen it too many times!

Manda: I'm sorry, but I don't like it. Even though it's better than your first try, I don't see anything outstanding here. Your outfit could be nice, the skirt looks good and the flower headband, but I dislike the top and the bracelet doesn't fit the color scheme very well. It's boring and the pose is very unreal. My thumbs are down this week. :/

Kasey:  Your edit of the skirt is cute, but the bikini top doesn't go with it. I also don't think the shoes do either. You look from the knee up and imagine some brown gladiators as the shoes, but when you see those black shoes, it really takes away from the carefree essence you otherwise would extract from the image.

Cathy:  I'm disappointed of your entry. Your graphic abilities are not the best so i didn't expect much concerning this aspect. But usually, you have fashion sense. This outfit doesn't fit to the Australian steppe in any way, something in more natural colours would have been much better.

Manda: Wow, this is so beautiful. My favorite so far. Your outfit, pose and presentation literally screams bohemian and freedom. Wonderful entry!

Kasey: You're one of the few who can make pretty decent graphics and you should be proud. I really like the color of the dress and the idea here is very good. However, the inclusion of some trees or maybe a bit more details would've really made this one of the best!

Cathy: Amazing! Your entry is standing out of the crowd, you look very elegant and interesting in he photoshoot and I can imagine seeing this in a high fashion magazine. Very well done!

Manda: The Idea is cute, but to be honest your pose is quite boring, the outfit and background is nice, though. But you should maybe try to create your own poses with graphic programs like gimp.
I really don't see a photoshoot in this.

Kasey: I really like the idea and the outfit. But, the background could use some work. I understand the idea of an oasis, but using some trees or high grass in the distant background could really round out the idea.

Cathy: It's a nice postcard but it isn't really a photoshoot. You didn't make any effort to create a pose and the outfit is nothing special either. Although i doubt that lakes are significant for the steppe.

I love the atmosphere in your photoshoot and I can see the bohemian style.I'm just not a big fan of your outfit.
Kasey: I'm impartial to the outfit, but I like the hair, pose, and background. It exudes freedom and the wilderness. The headband is cute, but I've got say, I'm not digging the shirt too much:P

Cathy: You improve! Still, your graphic abilities are not the best, but your graphic seems to contain a kind of special spirit. I like the wavy skirt and the flower hairpiece but I completly dislike the rest of the outfit as it looks cheap. An averagde entry.
Manda: Lovely task, you look girly and sweet. Nice job. :)
Kasey: Cute outfit, cute background. Love it!

Nice entry! You look girly, you definitely followed the task and that tree is gorgeous. Well done!

Manda: I like it very much, the outfit is nice and the background too. Something outstanding is missing, idk what, probably because I don't really see the freedom of the steppe in this, more a archaeologist or hiker. Great entry.
Kasey: This is so cute! I really like it! Your knees are the bee's knees! However, the head is a bit small. Otherwise, good job

Your entry is very good graphicwise and follows the task. But still, something special is missing for me. Maybe it's because your doll is looking too fierce for this background. But very well done nevertheless!

The Decision

Tania (cooldeer123) and Joao (EllieCase) left the competition in advande, so there will be no elimination this time. Sad to see you both going, you both had big potential!

The girls that convinced us the mosts this week are: mangunmeetan, claragoosmann19, Jody_Cailin, Cheekycazbo1 and ExtravaganceSD.

Congrats, you did very well! Winner of the week will be published with the next task. ;)

So who disappointed us the most?
Moskva, emmahunt4 and danika_19.
Milana, Hilmy and Kylie, we know you have potential, but this time you didn't show it.
Please work on your presentation and graphical quality.
Your red lips challenges also weren't really astounding, they were very average and couldn't save you for the Bottom 3.

You're lucky, that there is no elimination this time.
You really have to improve, if you want to "survive" in this competition.

The 3rd task will be published this evening or tomorrow in the afternoon.

Have a nice Day,

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  1. Thank you :)I'm really suprised in a positive way.. ^^ I thought my entry was so bad that I might be eliminated..after I looked what the others gave in.