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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

The 3rd Task + winner of the week

Hello models,

at first I'm going to announce the winner of the week.

The girls who had the biggest potential to win "w-o-w" are Jody_Cailin, claragoosmann19 and mangunmeetan.

The winner is Mangun! You did it again, great thing. ;)
Congrats, you never fail to impress us!

Your prize is something very special.
You will get an editorial shoot in the upcoming issue of my new magazine Distance.

Now let's come to the third task

You have to present and portray sourself matching to specific sins and values.
Each of you get it's own sins or value to show how varied you are and open-minded for new experiences.

Let's distribute your sins & values:

Mila (...singstar...) Minh (Sweetpiink1999): Love
Kylie (danika_19): Danger
Nora (ExtravaganceSD): Envy
Milana (Moskva): Sexyness
Carrie (Cheekycazbo1): Pride/Arrogance
Hilmy (emmahunt4): Fear
Mangun (mangunmeetan): Madness
Stefan (Sweet_gal11): Hate
Anne (AnneHattaway): Lust
Clara (claragoosmann19): Gluttony
Mari (Jody_Cailin): Anger/Wrath

Tips: Come out of yourself! You need to give your best. Show what you are able to, maybe look for some inspirations and include your own spirit.
And put effort in it, because now its about the Top 10 and who gets her/his setcard.

Deadline: Thursday, 18th April, 2013.

Please be on time, I don't want to run for your entries.
Including today you have 10 Days, this should be enough.

Who will leave the Top 11 and who will suceed the next round?
I'm excited for your artworks. ;)

Have a gorgeous day,


  1. Thank you for giving me another chance. I know that my tasks are weak so I will make up for it. :)

  2. Thanks so much! And I love the new task, very innovative. I'm really looking forward to giving my best :)


  4. I'm just raping the anonymous button!! >:D

  5. "Why is a raven like a writing desk?"

    I hope you catch onto my reference, and I certainly hope you like it.
    As for me, I love it. A wonderful task with quite a few hidden challenges; but in the end its all about picking yourself up and getting it done.

    1. I love it, it looks great:) Hard Competition;)


    My word was hate. This was a really hard task for me. Idk why. :/


    Hope you like it <3

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.


    I tried to keep it fashionable and stylish but also show the personalized envy. I don't know whether you know the saying "Green with envy", that's why I choose a green as dominating color. My personalized Envy is arrogant and bored but also very fierce and beautiful. She has everything, but her eyes are always looking for something new, she wants to have. If she can not get it, she becomes beastly and mean. - So as you see, I tried to work very hard with her face-epression!
    Hope you like it:)
    Yours, Nora


    Here you go! :)
    When thinking of pride/arrogance I imagine a wealthy woman looking down on others, I tried to portray this idea in my entry. I also used the colour red as it thought as an "evil" colour, and arrogance is an evil side to someone in my opinion, I hope you like it! x

  11. Hey Manda, i'm so sorry.
    I can't finish the Graphic until tomorrow. I have to learn so much for my A-Level. I can send you the graphic on the 19. april.

    Love, Minh Thi ♥

  12. I am also running out of time on this. I have got school the whole day, but i will try my best.

  13. Hi!
    This is my entry:

    I had the word "Lust", I think the image clearly reprents it, I used the color red and included the petals, smoke and skirt to get a better atmosphere and help the meaning of my sin. I hope you like it, although it´s a scenery and not a graphic.



    Gluttony - I just thought of those rich people centuries ago.

  15. Here is my task:

    My word was "love". I hope you like it.

    xoxo Minh Thi♥

  16. i sadly have to give in my entry unfinished. I don't want to do this unfair by getting more time to do it and let others wait longer for the top ten decision. It was very hard to express some feeling, mine was anger:

    I hope you still like it and see the effort i put in it. :)

    1. Hehe I know I am a contestant but DAMN i love this one haha :3

  17. Moskva :)

    just to finalize my presence as a competitor :) thanks, i really enjoyed being here :)