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Monday, 25 May 2015

Results Task 2: Cape Town

Good day everyone,

I hope you've had a nice weekend. Sorry for the late elimination ceremony but yet again, a few contestants didn't send in their entries on time and also exodus27, nounacoolrock and hsm3rocks11011 decided to leave us.
Whereupon, I'm glad to welcome MissFoxyRoxy913 for a second time, who took the place of one of the three persons above.

So, let's have a look at your entries!

Due to temporary and personal reasons Cathy and Tania weren't able to judge this task, therefore let's all welcome Aeon_Flux_96 aka Giselle, the winner of MMM's last cycle.
She will be the guest judge for this task and give you all constructive criticisms. As winner, she knows what is necessary to be successful and achieve the title 'Manda's Next Mission Model'.

Beach Sunset Setting


Manda: Hats off, you delivered a way stronger entry than last time! I really like the way your doll is posing on the old driftwood, it looks very cool and also brings the bikini into a great spotlight, even though your doll looks a little uncomfortable sitting there.
About the bikini itself; I love the cut and style of it and the slogan fits the striking bikini well but I'm not a very big fan of the pattern. I think if you used more brighter and
harmonizing colors like orange, yellow, pink that would have resembled the sunset sky, your doll would look a little fresher. Anyway, you suceeded to make the bikini stand out from the crowd, so well done! 
Rafael: I do like your photo, the pose is nice and you perfectly fit into the gorgeous scenery. The hair looks nice (although it looks like it could be taken from a dress-up site... maybe it is?).
The swimsuit is not really pleasing, I believe there could have been a better one or one with a modern or appealling pattern. Not the worst entry though so keep going and do work on your graphic/editing skills. Hoping to see more improvement in the next round.

Giselle: You make your doll look uncomfortable with the shoot to be honest. The proportion of the head is terribly wrong! And I find the position of the arms werid, ignoring that you used stardoll's hands. Try to add more layers of shading and light and work on your own hair for the next time.


Manda: I love this! Alina, you look stunning - your pose is very sensual and self-conscious and your green eyes give a great contrast to the rest of the color scheme. I like the bikini you've choosen, the soft pink looks great on your smooth pale skin and it emphasizes your body.
Techniquewise, you could overall work a little on the depth in your shading, especially in the hair and also a little on skin and bikini. They look already really good but I think if you'd use a few more shadow layers it would look even better and give your photo altogether a better quality.

Rafael: What a lovely photo. It's really ... well, lovely, that's all I can say. I love the bikini and your skin looks flawless and very soft. The hair could have been better though (more detail in the shading) and the face seems to be a bit blurry. All in one it's a lovely photo so well done Alina!

Giselle: This looks cute as hell! The shading looks so nice but in my opinion I would make the last layer a bit darker and not blurred. The bikini and the hair are on point and you've choosen a great pose, hair and background. Amazing work!


Manda: WOW - was my first impression when I saw this. Inessa, you look so amazing. The pose is sexy and fierce, the bikini is beautiful and you've choosen just the right color to underline your breezing dark brown hair.
I love how you've choosen almost no makeup except the purple lipstick which reflects in the bikini. The golden details on your two piece match th golden jewelry on wrist and fingers and give a glamorous touch to your photo.
Also, this is one of my favorite backgrounds from this task.

Rafael: This is absolutely stunning!! Okay, I have to admit that it irritated me a bit at first glance because I thought you were somewhere on the northpole, but then I realized it's the beach haha.
The pose is awesome, the bikini is modern and very fashionable and the overall vibe just screams sexyness and luxury. This is definitely one of my favorite tasks!!

Giselle: Your shoot looks good and you have improved so much since the last task, well done! I can't stop staring at your shading, it looks almost flawless, just like on the hand!
I would try to darken the layers a little bit on both the skin and c.othes. Also, try to make a hair of your own! I feel like this one doesn't really fit the theme.


Manda: I see your concept of this photoshoot was definitely to be sexy and sensual, but I think sometimes less is more.
The bikini itself is incredibly beautiful and the pose works perfectly with it; I just wished it would have covered a little bit more of your breasts, because we might do a Nude Shoot in this Cycle some time anyway, so you don't need to show us all of yours at once. What I also like, is your natural makeup and I like the fact you did red nails which reflects the color of your lips and brings a little eyecatching color to your photo.
Rafael: Well, this is very sexy ... I guess? I mean the photo is good but in my opinion it's a bit too sexy, like in an aggressive and offensive way. I also don't like that you don't seem to have a neck in this photo. I do like the pattern of the swimsuit a lot!
It's not my favorite entry this week but there are worse. I appreciate the effort though.

Giselle: The lighting looks great, but I'm not a fan of your pose or bikini, in my opinion it doesn't fit the sunset theme. Also, try to make your own hair the next time. It's really an important thing to do your own hair if you want to be successful in this competition!!!


Manda: I am LIVING for this photoshoot! Your pose is super seductive and diva-like, the hair looks fantastic, the ombré bronde tone is fabulous and it works oh so well with this sunsetting beach theme.
The most stunning thing in your shoot has to be the bikini, you make it look a million dollar worth, the pattern is extraordinary and the striking colors are supported by your pink nails and the colorful bracelet.
I like that you added the sign for Cape Town Tourism, which makes it clear that you're shooting an advertisement. For sure the one who walks besides this poster, will definitely go to see Cape Town for the next vacation.
By the way, I love how u played with the sun's light on your doll's body and added shadow to the non-lighted spots but you could have shaded the face more fitting to the body.
Rafael: And here we have another strong entry: sexy pose, a gorgeous bikini and flawless hair! I really like the skin shading. I have nothing more to add, well done!!

Giselle: That hair, that pose that everything, girll! Love it so much, especially the bikini you've chosen!
I'm not really sure about the shading of the body and your face, like separate they look so fabulous but together not that much, even though Otherwise you prove us that you can do great hair!



Manda: I'm a little confused about your photoshoot, first of all you're wearing a huge black sombrero hat and a red kind of cape/cloth is flying to the left - being the total eyecatcher of the whole picture. Complementing this your bikini is kept in a plain white color, being a normal two piece, mostly hidden by your wild weave.
I don't completely get your concept of this photo and it leaves me questioning why you kept the bikini so simple while the red cape and the black hat are almost overwhelming the observer's eyes.
On a positive note, your makeup looks on point and the hair is beautiful but sadly you didn't sell the bikini for me. 

Rafael: Well, first of all, I can definitely see improvement. You fulfilled the task and the graphic itself looks quite good... but I can also see a bucket. In the sea. And a hand on that bucket.... Um... Wow okay, this is so unrealistic. This could have worked as a surreal artwork, but not as an advertisement shoot. I'm sorry but your "beach bucket challenge" - as I like to call it - distracts me so much from that actually beautiful photo. The pose and the hair is nice, I also like the idea of including a hat. But that hand and that bucket... Gosh.

Giselle: Well your shoot looks kinda nice on a first glance, but then it doesn't convince me at all. I would add more layers of shading and lightings and lowered them a bit, so the quality of the graphic has a better outcome.
Try to work on the details so your graphics don't look like plasticine and take your time!

Waterfall Exotic Setting


Manda: Aaah this is impressive!! Yet again another oustanding entry, Isabella! I really love how you convert the tropical feeling of the waterfalls in your photoshoot, reflected in your bikini, jewelry, hair and pose.
It's one of my favorite bikinis, even though the bikini top almost looks like a crop top actually, but I totally love the pattern. The jewelry fits really well into the color scheme as well and the many golden jewelry give such an exotic and fierce feeling which gives your photo an even more extraordinary feeling. Beautiful makeup and hair as well. Your skin and hair shading is perfect!
Rafael: Bam! This photo slayed me on the first look, it looks very tropical and makes me want to go on a holiday in Cape Town! Love the shading of the skin and I especially love the detail on the hand and the accessories.
My only negative point is that the chest looks a bit weird... are you hiding watermelons in your bra? I don't know, there's just something odd about the breasts. Aparts from that, your task is breathtaking and definitely one of the best! Well done Isabella.

Giselle: You should go and sit in a corner to think about of what you just delivered to us. This. Is. Perfection. In so many levels!! The details are so well done! Can we talk of how you are someone who just took her time to work on every single accessory? Your makeup, hair and pose are on point and the bikini is to die for!!! Totally amazing Isabella! Well done my dear.


Manda: Gabriel, you look so beautiful in your photoshoot! I love the bikini itself, the color is fascinating and the purple vibes look awesome on your doll but I think they don't necessarily match the tropical feeling and all in all it looks a little off. I wouldn't have choosen roses for a tropical pattern as well, I guess some more exotic flowers and leave would have worked better.
The shining silver body chain is a great accessoire though and gives a great detail to a in general simple bikini look.
In addition, I think you should have removed the flower wreath in contrast to the chain, it it kinda irritating and is a bit too much. I would have liked to see more of that flawless hair.
On another note, your face looks beautiful, I love that soft and pale makeup. Good job on the skin shading as well, even though the arms look a little deformed.
Overall, this is a good entry, just work a little on the things named above.
Rafael: I like the swimsuit and the photo looks nice to me at first sight, but looking closer I detect some flaws. Okay, maybe not exactly flaws, just a general feeling that something's not right in here. It's probably the arms that are bended so weirdly, I doubt that this can be correct. When creating a graphic where your doll strikes a pose, it is important to study the anatomy of the human body first so that you know what you're doing. The hair looks pretty good to me, it's shiney and the shading is great.
I see you have potential, just keep working on yourself and don't lose faith. I believe in you!

Giselle: Your shoot looks so good! The choice of the pose is great but I'm not really sure about the bikini or at least the color scheme...
The shading is amazing an nothing to complain about, you've been working with hair and this time looks great. Maybe next time try to draw the graphic all by yourself e.g. the flowers crown!


Manda: Actually, my jaw dropped when I saw this. On a first impression, the colors are so intense and shiny! Your photoshoot lives for its variety of several blue shades which serves underwater-sea-cave-waterfall realness and I am loving it!
Out of all bikinis this one has to be part of my favorites. The vivid deepsea blue looks perfect on your doll's skin tone and it harmonizes so well with your sensual and seductive pose. The golden waist chain looks fantastic and works so well with other golden details.
Your hair looks all wet like you just emerged from the water after you took a deep dive. You're totally selling this bikini for me and it's amazing how you succeded to make the blue bikini actually stand out from the blue background.

Rafael: This is my absolute favorite photo this week, period. The scenery is a dream come true and you look endlessly sexy and sensual. The bikini is very lovely, it looks expensive and precious. The skin and wet hair look flawless and ... ooh the whole damn advert looks flawless to me! If I was a woman I'd buy the bikini straight away. And if I had a girlfriend, I'd buy her this bikini straight away.
Very well done Maria! Lovely boobs by the way.
Giselle: Shading, pose, background. You made the shoot so sexy but lovely at the same time! Love your face and how you came up with an amazing work! The bikini is totally amazing and the shoot looks so professional! You make me fall in love with this one! Nicely done, beauty!


Manda: I like how your bikini waterfall advertisement is totally different from the others. As most of them are mainly colorful or feature a green/blue background, yours is quite minimalistic with neutral, calm colors.
Therefore, your photoshoot is giving me heavy Mulan vibes and your doll reminds me of an Asian beauty!
Your bikini is very interesting and complex, I just think you should have shaded it way more. I think I don't see any shading on the bikini at all, sadly it doesn't stand out from the photo as well, it's not eyecatching at all. Also, your face is very blurry which makes the photo lack in quality a lot. Never use a blurry head, it will always worsen a graphic! I wished you had shown us more, I see potential in you and I think you can prove it, but this time you slightly disappointed me.

Rafael: So first of all, welcome back in the competition! You were given another chance but unfortunately you didn't really use it, sorry. The bikini is not really my taste and the graphic is very blurry. But that's not really the worst thing. What I find very sad is that the bikini which should be advertised is not in the center of the photo. If I didn't see logo of the swimwear brand I wouldn't even assume the bikini is important or being advertised.
Please remember, as a model you have to advertise the clothes you're wearing and make them naturally stand out. In a photo/advert, you should compliment the clothes by doing a pose that presents them in the best way possible and by a fitting facial expression. Of course this doesn't mean that you have to change your doll's face for every single photo, but you can use make-up to make your face look stronger or softer, whatever is required.
Please keep this in mind and I hope I'll see you in the next round so you have a chance to improve.

Giselle: The pose looks nice but the graphic not that much. The face looks blurry and the rest kinda pixelated!
I would have add layers of shading in the bikini as well. The hair is not my cup of tea.


Manda: Unfortunately, I think this bikini advertisement is the most boring one. The two piece looks like random lingerie from the supermarket, it doesn't really underline your doll's body, neither do I think that the black and magenta/pink don't harmonize so well with each other. You should have went for an either complete pink OR black look.
The pose is kinda awkward, I think the arms are was too short, it's like half of the arms are hidden behind the small head which very unrealistic.
Also, you should add some more depth into your graphic, that way it looks pretty average.
On a positive note, I love your face in here, it looks amazing all natural. 

Rafael: Whoa, what happened? I know you can do sooo much better than this. The bikini looks like you didn't even bother to put effort into it, the skin shading is a mess and the pose/arms... well, let's not talk about this because you can hopefully see what went wrong yourself.
Oh Virginia, I'm actually really disappointed by your photo because I was expecting something great from you. I hope you can return to your old standard of graphics in the next task!
Giselle: Love how your skin looks kinda darker because of this shoot! The idea is great but Im not a fan of the pose or the outfit. The neck bone looks so harsh. You've choosen a nice background but it doesn't fit anything else. Also, we know you're improving with the hair and we know you can do better than a stardoll one! ;)


Manda: Your bikini photoshoot belongs almost to my favorite ones, the pose is super fierce and cool, you did a perfect job on the body propositions and I like your skin shading a lot, it makes your skin look super smooth, even though you could add more depth into your shading, so it would look even more defined.
The bikini is perfect, I love the style of it and it fits so well into this waterfall scheme. Your hairstyle works superbly with the style of your photoshoot but next time please try to draw your own hair, I am sure you can do it! What I don't like so much about your advertisement is that I think it turned out a little boring, almost average, you should definitely try to stand out in the future.
Rafael: I like it. The pose is great and the bikini looks cool. There's actually nothing wrong with this photo, I guess what bugs me is that it... well, it's boring compared to some other entries. Not that it's bad, it just doesn't stand out from the crowd. And if you want to become a successful model, you HAVE to stand out, otherwise you will get sucked into a black hole. No wait that's bullshit. You will blend into the big grey crowd. I know, that's not better, at least not if you want to become a model.
I mean you definitely have the potential, you have a beautiful face and also talent. I'd love to see you in the next round and maybe then I will look at your task and say "WOW, that's the absolute best this week".
Giselle: Your bikini suits the theme perfectly and your shading is so nice, you shade the right areas but I would love if you could define them a little more, 'cause I could barely see them That's just my opinion, the technique is great tho. On another note, I would work on hair the next time!


The Elimination

Now I will tell you who will enter the next round of Task 3 and will have another opportunity to fight for the title of Manda's Model Mission.
You know with each task, at least one person has to leave us, regardless of how many people had to drop out of the competition.

Let's start with those contestants who convinced us the most with their task's entries. The first four that will enter the next round are Isabella8103, Inessa..., maria-0077 and Pau.Cam.Arena. Congrats!! You four delivered us the strongest and most striking entries of this task.
As always,
one of you four has the chance to be the winner of the week of this task, who will be announced by the introduction of Task 3.

Let's move on with our Bottom 3. In this week's Bottom there are
MissFoxyRoxy913, Rei1981 and SandyHermosa. Sorry girls but your tasks were convincing us the least this time.
Therefore, all the other contestants that weren't named yet; Black-Lady-1, Dreamiiiii, LuluTeres, julia-changDiva. Tadi_12; are safe and can join the others in the next round! Congrats!

Roxanne, last week you were in the Bottom, you came back and we gave you another chance, but now unfortunately you're in the Bottom again. We feel like we gave you another chance which you didn't quite use but on another note you probably wanted to delimit from the others and show us something complete different. Also, you added a slogan which matched your advertisement.
Virginia, I know, you had to rush your graphic but still I think you could have managed to do something more creative. We all know that you can do something better than that, but you can't get further in this contest when we only know that you can do better, but you actually don't ever do it.
, your entry left us perplexed, confused and definitely not happy. Just like Roxanne you're yet again in the Bottom. We couldn't find out what your advertisement was supposed to deliver, therefore sadly you couldn't show us any improvement in this task at all.

who of you will have another chance to fight for the title? Who will be in the next round? Roxanne...Congrats, you're in the next round. We want to give you a last chance, use it!! Don't be in the Bottom of the next task or you might eventually have to leave this competition forever.
Virginia and Melanie. Still one of you has the chance to fight for the title. Who will it be? Who do we want to give another chance and from who do we even expect that she really can use another chance?
The judges decided and we came to a conclusion.
Melanie..., I'm sorry but it's not you. This means, Virginia is in the next round! Congrats, you barely safed yourself from elimination my dear. Show us what you've got in the next Task!

Melanie, don't be too sad, you have a beautiful face for modeling and we enjoyed our journey with you, but every little journey has to come to an end.

So my dear contestants, congrats again to everyone who made it!! We've reached the Top 11 which means next task we will have our Top 10 - how exciting!

Task 3
along the winner of the week of Task 2
will be announced very very soon so stay tuned!! 

Hope you'll have a wonderful day and keep shining,
Yours Manda 


  1. Amazing entries ! I'm so excited for those who'll be in Task 3 , and ss Melanie, you worked fabulously in both tasks <3

  2. Oh my god.... I will use this as a revival! I am so sorry i let you guys down, i promise it wont happen next task! Thank you! THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

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  4. Thank you so much for the chance to be on MMM!! I know it was not my best, I apologise for this.

  5. I need help! Im making a graphic but the face becomes blurry as ai resize it I try everytime to fix this and I use gimp as a begginer @mariastardoll can u help?