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Sunday, 3 May 2015

Results Task 1: Los Angeles

Hello everyone,

finally finally finally here are your results. I'm really sorry for the huge delay, but I promise the rest of the competition will be delivered mostly on time!
Actually I was pretty disappointed by four contestants that didn't send in their entries even after I've adressed them several times. Oh - and one tip - before you apply for this competition, next time think twice rather you're "made for this".

And before I forget it, here are two tiny sidenotes for everyone:

Please, don't spread your entries on any social websites before the Results of the given Task are official.
Also, you're not supposed to change your doll's face by major changes throughout the competition. This is a model contest after all, isn't it?

So, let's have a look at your entries!

(Due to temporary and personal reasons Cathy wasn't able to send in her judgements of the second part, so her comments are missing in some points of the results.)


Manda: I like your first outfit, it's cute and fashionable. My favorite thing about the outfit are the lovely shoes and the fact that the colors work very well together. Also the makeup is beautiful.
Your second outfit is pretty, but I don't really see spring in it. You did use floral patterns, but the bag, the shoes and also the jeans make it look autumnal. I also don't think the combination of the top and pants works that well.
Your rodeo drive photoshoot is okay. It's not great but it's not really bad either. I like your hairstyle but I miss the crazyness in everything else. The pose looks great on the upper body but the arrangement of the legs just doesn't work for me. You look wobbly and unsteady which unfortunately makes the fiercness lack in this shoot.
Rafael: The outfits are gorgeous! The first one looks flawless to me, I can't find anything that I dislike. I'm a little bit on the fence about the second one though. Don't get me wrong, it beautiful, especially the top and shoes. But I just don't get any spring vibes, it rather reminds me of late summer/early autumn.
The photoshoot on the rodeo drive is good, the pose is kind of weird though, but I love how you went for a short ice-blue/grey hairstyle! I also love the shoes! Well done.

Cathy: You really thought of a concept for both your looks and the concepts work! The circus outfit is creative and you've delievered a good entry. With other trousers for the flower outfit or a red belt for the circus one, you could have scored even better!
Tania: I like a lot the first outfit, it seems like a fresh modern spring outfit that i'd wear for sure, I'd might change the shoes though, to some more colour fitting. As for the second outfit I'm really not feeling it, the pieces really don't go well with each other, at all.
About your second task, tt's a bit of an awkward pose, it'd be difficult for the model to pose like that without any support. The graphic feels rather rushed, there are quite some things that don't feel so right to me, like the right arm, the not-worked-on pattern of the dress and the lines around the doll.


Manda: I like your outfits a lot. They are very simple, but the choices of colors are just right. In general your style is one of my favorites, because it is so casual, simple but eyecatching and high fashion at the same time. I think you can do even better. I miss some accessoires and the special something. Love the makeups, great job.
Your photoshoot is good. The pose is nice, it brings motion into the picture which I like a lot. Your outfit is not my favorite. Instead of going for a crazy high fashion look, you look more like you came from a children-birthday-halloween kinda party. Luckily, your striking face expression, makeup and hair make up for it. All in all this is a solid, fine performance but we all know you can do better.
Rafael: You're outfit task is so cute and dreamy! The outfits are a bit too simple for my taste but still lovely!
The photo looks great, the pose is amazing! I don't like the outfit because it looks rather childish. Even though the choice of clothing isn't very good, the make-up makes is very stunning on the other hand. It's very edgy and high-fashion. What I like best about the photo is how strong your face looks on it! Well done Alina

Cathy: I love your second outfit, it is so cute and stylish and definitely one of the best outfits from all contestants. You first outfit is good, too. You could have improved your entry a lot by not cutting of your doll's head, it's hard to imagine the overall look if the head is just missing, even though it's put beneath the outfits.
Tania: Very sweet and cute outfits, they fit perfectly into the spring theme and the pieces look great all together, great work!
The graphic looks a little rushed , I know you can do much better. It looks like it's unfinished and that's why it seems kinda awkward. It is surely not your best work, but it is still a nice photoshoot.


Manda: Your outfits represent your unique and fierce style very well. They are nice, but sadly I don't necessarily see spring style in both of them. The nude body and the jeans skirt for sure look springlike and fresh but I think you overused black a little.
Oh my god, your rodeo drive shoot left me gagging. You look breathtaking and you really understood this task and made it your own. You challenged yourself with this amazing and CRAZY piece and the pink latex outfit looks so pretty! Your makeup is fierce, though I have to agree with Rafael that the hair isn't my favorite as well.
Rafael: I have to agree with Cathy that there isn't really a connection to spring trends, I don't really get them spring vibes. Nonetheless I think they're so nice and definitely your style, so well done Jailer.
Wow, what a breathtaking second task! I absolutely adore the rodeo drive shoot, it's daring, high-fashion and unique. I love the make-up and the shading of the dress which looks flawless to me. I'm not really a fan of the hair though.

Cathy: I don't really see a connection between your outfits and the latest spring trends, the black&blue outfit would rather fit for an autumn theme and the other outfit just seems unfinished to my eyes. As much as I respect you for having your own style, you didn't really convince me at this task.
Tania: Surely both outfits show your unique style very well. Everything is in sintony, the pieces go perfectly with each other, the backgrounds are very fitting and I'm loving the hairstyles and makeup.  BUT I don't see anything of a spring outfit, by far. You were able to only do half of what the task told you to, I'd have liked to see you incorporating something as soft and vibrant as spring into your style, it would have been a interesting mixture.
Your photoshoot, it's perfection, Not only you're good with graphics as we all know, but you totally got the idea of what we wanted for this task. Great work.


Manda: I was very very happy with your first task, you were actually one of the few that literally understood what was meant by saying to create a lookbook. You're really selling the outfits and they look amazing on your doll. My favorite outfit is probably the first one, I just adore that blazer so much and the blue shades works oh so well with your makeup and hair. Oh and for a second time, let me add how I can't stop looking at the beautiful presentation of your lookbook.
Your rodeo drive shoot is one of my personal favorites, because it looks so so pretty, yet so fierce and powerful. I love the patterns on the top and skirt and I think the whole color scheme is gorgeous. I think you could have went for an even crazier look, though the hair and makeup are on point!!
Rafael: Wow, first of all I love how you executed the first task! The idea of making a lookbook worked so well here. In my opinion the outfits aren't exceptionally good/fashionable but they're not bad either. To be honest, the way you present them makes them look better than they actually are. And that's exactly what a model has to do: make the outfit look a million dollars worth, so twelve points for that.
Your photoshoot was definitely one of the better ones! I love the hair and I'm a big fan of the make-up. The rest is quite good.
Cathy: A large thumbs up for the effort you put into presenting your outfits! Just make sure that the outfits are still at the center of attention, maybe by removing the label informations. Your outfits are perfect for spring, I only wish you had chosen another top for the yellow skirt. But well done.
Tania: Very spring alike outfits again, cute with a bit of an edge. I like the edit you made, the makeup fits perfectly and the looks are very well accessorized.
When I see your graphic I see quite some potential. The shading might not be totally perfect but it's pretty good, the makeup & hair color is perfect and I really like it that you dared to use patterned clothes, not many graphic designers would do so, so great work Sarah!


Manda: I'm not a very big fan of both your outfits. I think you can do lots better, your outfits do seem springlike but you're just not selling it to me. The first outfit is nice, the crop top is really cute and I like your doll's makeup in here, but I feel like the first look is just too basic with that flower crown, crop top and shoes. Such a combination I've already seen a milion times on stardoll. Your second outfit is better but still I find it a little hard to look at, probably because I just really don't like this dress and those shoes.
On a better note, your rodeo drive photoshoot saved you. The outfit and hair are crazy as hell. While personally I don't like the style of it, I think it does fulfill the task, even though I'd liked a more high fashion, kinda crazy look better (like ones from Alexander McQueen or Dior by John Galliano).
Girl, step up your game, I know you can do it!
Rafael: I really like both of your outfits a lot!
The first one is so cute, I love the crop-top, the shoes and the flower crown. Usually I'd say that high-waisted lace panties are for grannies, but this one worked well in here! The second one is great, too. Everything matches and I don't have any complaints.
About the photoshoot: wow, that's what I call crazy fashion! Love how there's two outfits in one. The hair screams "bam!" I mean style-wise it's really not my taste (especially not the hair), but the task is fulfilled up to 100% so I can't really complain, right?
Cathy: I like the outfit with the dress, it's creative and in style. The other outfit doesn't work for me, the colours seem randomly put together and the tattoos look like sleeves at first sight. The backgrounds themselves are nice, but don't match the outfits. You can do better!
Tania: I like the second outfit, the pieces go really well with each other and I'm loving the tattos but the first is a bit too basic for my taste, sorry.
Even though your rodeo drive photoshoot is not super edgy, I'm liking your entry. The idea of the outfit is very nice but the left arm & foot seem a bit strange to me, also the hair needs quite some more details and shading. Nice entry overall though.


Manda: Your outfits are so so pretty. They are definitely my favorites from this task. I love your denim street look and the shoes give a perfect edgy tone to the it. Also your make-up and hairdo are on point. Your second outfit gives me coachella vibes and I live for it! Your hair is the prettiest I've seen and the bohemian style works just perfectly with your doll.
I'm so in love with your rodeo drive photoshoot, this is perfection. Your look is fierce and that dress suits you like nothing else. Yet, I think you could have went for an even crazier look, because even though I think that dress is definitely super fabulous and exceptional I'm still missing a hint of crazyness in here. All in all, you blew me away this time.
Rafael: I love your outfits! The double denim outfit looks very pretty, the purse is gorgeous! I love the bohemian vibe of the second outfit and THAT HAIR.
My jaw dropped when I saw your photo! Gurl you rocked that rodeo drive shoot! The pose is edgy, the dress is super gorgeous and your make-up is spot on. It's definitely one of the strongest entries and a flawless first task!

Cathy: You've created the best spring outfits in my opinion. Both the outfits themselves, which  are very trendy, and their presentation convinced me. Especially the outfit with the skirt is something I could see my doll wearing!
Tania: While your doll has one of the most striking faces in the competition, you've also such great sense of style it amazes me. I'm in love with the two outfits, there's nothing I can comment about that doesn't fit, they're just perfect spring outfits. I'm so looking foward to see more of you in this competition.
Your rodeo drive photoshoot... well, so as I was saying... you're the 'perfect package'! You're not only immensely stylish and fashionable but you're also great with graphics. I really like what you did, it's fashion foward but still very feminine and modern, perfect shading & outfit & background - again my favourite work of this task.


Manda: First of all, I really like your idea of doing a day and night look. Your day outfit is sweet and pretty but I think the lower part from the pants looks a tiny bit better than the upper part. I am not a very big fan of the flower tee, it looks a little quirky and the hat doesn't necessarily make up for it but I guess that's just my personal taste. The second outfit isn't that much of a big deal as well, the idea is really nice but the flower crown is out of place and in my opinion the top looks a little too funky for this look.
Your shoot on rodeo drive is fierce and casually cool, the makeup is awesome and it definitely gives the crazyness in this shoot. Your pose could have been a little more extraordinary, but I think the color scheme of your look kind of makes up for it, even though I can't decide whether I find the colors just fitting or completely miserably put together. I looove the hair tho!
Altogether I think you did an okay to good job but I am sure you can do way better.
Rafael: I really like the ideas of your outfits, I think the day outfit is very cute and nice. The night outfit looks gorgeous at first sight, but looking closer I feel like the flower crown is too much in combination with the flower top. I actually think that the flower crown is  generally irrelevant/unnecessary. The pants look awful to me. I do like the jacket though.
The rodeo drive photo is very cool and edgy, I love the pose and the hair. The outfit could have been better if you didn't choose this painful color-combo. Seriously these colors just don't match, it's too much. Sorry.
Overall your tasks were nicely done but you should definitely work on your style and fashion sense and also watch out to combine the colors wisely!
Cathy: Your day outfit is quite average, it's something I've seen a dozen times and the clothes don't match that well in terms of fitting. Your night outfit is better, although the silhouette is quite awkward.
Tania: While I really like your first outfit, I'm not at all sure about the second one. At a first flance the combination is really nice, even though I don't feel the background really matches that well, the items do overall and are giving a nicely soft and cute vibe. As for the second one I don't think it's working at all the combination you've put together, it's not only one item that doesn't really match but all of them,if you wanted to go for a night outfit, i'd rather use some skinny leather jeans and some loose top without any flower wreaths and keep the coat as it's already quite a statement piece itself, so maybe keep it a little classy.
About your rodeo drive photo, I can say I'm loving your makeup also I think you've lots of potential in the graphic world but it feels not daring enough for me, specially the pose, as Manda said that was the most important. But with that said I'm loving the mochino suit & purse, your doll is rocking it.


Manda: Your style seems to be very minimal and simple but it does look good as proven in your first outfit. I like the concept of it and I think the white suits your doll perfectly. Your second outfit though is plain boring. I like the shorts but thats the only positive thing I can say about it. Just as Tania said, the outfit looks way too basic.
Your rodeo drive shoot is great, I love the pose and outfit. The shoes are amazing and I think they are the craziest piece in your photo. The hair fits nicely but your makeup is average and I have to agree with Rafael on your facial expression, it wasn't very wisely choosen.
Rafael: The outfits are very simple but nice. While the first one is chic, the second one is rather playful. I also like the pose.
The rodeo drive shoot looks gorgeous, I love the shoes and the pose. The hair fits the outfit quite well! Only negative thing is that your facial expression ain't the best, you look quite lost here.
Cathy: Your black&white outfit is cute, but I see your doll's bra which is a complete no-go, and the second outfit is just too simple for me, I'm not sure whether you put much thoughts into the second combination. Try to work on your makeup and hair styling, they have a childish vibe.
Tania: The outfits are a bit too simple and basic for me, specially the second one, it seems unfinished. I'd like to see something more daring, I feel like they're too boring sorry.
I like the concept & the pose you chose for your rodeo drive shoot and I see you've potential but some parts of the graphic need a bit of work, specially the arms & hands, they look a tad weird to me. Nice entry though!


Manda: Your outfits are very nice. Your first outfit looks gorgeous, it looks like pink and denim meet coachella which is a striking and beautiful look. Also your second outfit is very pretty, the look is very fresh and I like how the whole outfit seems to fit together like the green/blue scarf matches the dress and the light blue belt perfectly.
Oooooh girl, I'm getting Lady Gaga - Love Game vibes from this shoot! You are rocking rodeo drive! I'd never expect such a unique and over the top representation from anyone in this task - which is a good thing, Maria! You look fierce and crazy as hell and I can't complain about one thing.

Rafael: I'm in love with your first outfit! It's so playful and pretty and cute and accurate and well-accessorized and aaah I luv it! I also like the second outfit, the green looks very fresh and spring-y and it's very fashionable.
The photoshoot is stunning as well. It's very daring and crazy, you look like one hell of a badass chick. Me gusta!
Cathy: I really like the backgrounds you chose, they really match your outfits. Your blue-grey-pink outfit has a fresh spring vibe, it would have been even better if you had removed one of the bracelets, it looks a bit too overloaded with all the eyecatching accessoires. I'm not a big fan of the dress outfit, it doesn't seem to match your doll's style.
Tania: Very nice outfits, quite spring alike and very glamorous. The combinations are perfect and I really am very glad that you acessorized it very well, that is forgotten so often!
Is Edgy your middle name? This work is so totally over the top, I'm loving your rodeo drive shoot! Not only the picture in itself is awesome but also the fact you dared to put a side face. Great work, I'm excited to see more of you in this competition.


Manda: I like your first outfit, I think the floral skirt works really well with the rest of your outfit and I like how the tone of the roses reappears in your lip color. Maybe I would have removed the neck tee beneath the black transparent top but it doesn't look too bad and I like it. The other outfit is okay, not very springlike and a bit plain.
Unfortunately your rodeo drive shoot isn't finished so I can barely judge it, but from what I can see, I think you could have achieved a nice crazy fashion shoot but sadly it doesn't exist.

Rafael: The outfits look lovely, I especially like the one with the floral-print skirt. The white one is a little plain though, I'm definitely missing a bag and a colourful eye-catcher.
As the rodeo drive shoot is unfinished I cannot judge it.
Cathy: You're skirt outfit is really cute! It has a Victorian touch which I really like and the makeup is cute. I'm not a big fan of the trousers in the second outfit, but overall, it is quite okay.

Tania: I'm sorry but the first outfit is a total mess. So many textures and patterns all together, it doesn't make any sense to me.  The only two things I'm liking on it is your hairstyle and the lip colour. The second outfit is better but you're really lacking accessories and is a bit too simple, also I don't like so much that you've used (on both) real backgrounds and just blurred them a bit, next time I'd use just stardoll ones.
I read in the comments that you unfortunately had some technical problems and were not able to finish the rode drive task, which will make it a bit hard to judge but from what I see of what you did, I can tell you I like the concept but again I really don't like the combination of patterns, also I don't know if you were still working on it but there's almost no shading at all in the graphic which is super important.


Manda: I think you created two nice spring outfits. While your first look is more chic, the second one is more playful and casual. I actually prefer your second look, I really like the blouse, but I think the bag should have been in similar shades of the top. Some bracelets would have been nice as well but overall I think you look nice even though the outfits could have been more of a statement.
I'm sitting a little on the fence about your rodeo drive shoot. I really like the setting of posing in front of a Chanel store on rodeo drive but I think your pose and outfit are way not crazy enough. I'd even say the post is boring and the outfit is near to that. Though the pants do look amazing and I wish you had put them more into the front, sadly the great effect of the pattern disappears behind the shopping bag. Luckily you've choosen this crazy diva-weave hairstyle which makes you look stunning.

Rafael: First of all, the set where you chose to present your outfits instantly reminded me of "Sound Of Music". The green grass, the mountains, the blue sky.... sorry I'm drifting off.
So, in my opinion, your first outfit is okay, but it isn't my favorite. I don't like how the shoes don't match the nude tone of the bag/blouse. And I would have preferred a different bag as well because this one looks rather lame. But I really like the skirt and the blouse.
The second is better, but not exceptionally good either. I think the colors of the purse don't really match the outfit. I'm also missing some accessories, such as golden braceletts or a necklace.
The photoshoot is definitely better than the first task, I love the outfit and the pose. I also like that you chose to shoot in front of the Chanel store a.k.a. sacred fashion temple.
The hair is not really my fave though.
Cathy: Your outfits are cute and they match the spring theme. Try to think more out of the box for the next task, but this is nevertheless a decent styling, well done!
Tania: While surely both outfits are quite spring alike, they feel so simple to me.. The combinations are nice but I'd like  to see a bit more daring look, also in the first outfit it seems like you're wearing leggins with a top and that's like a big fashion no no.
As for your rodeo drive shoot, it might not be an too edgy pose, but your hair & clothes are really cool, I'm loving the patterns. Gorgeous doll & good technique, you surely have potential in this competition.


Manda: Fabulous outfits!! I absolutely adore the first one, it is such a pretty look, even though it might even fit better into a summer night club look. The second outfit is beautiful. The dress fits your doll so well and I love your makeup and hairdo! Maybe you could have added some accessoires but nonetheless you look stunning.
The outfit in your rodeo drive shoot looks really nice and it suits your doll perfectly, you look great and the makeup is beautiful, BUT I don't really see the crazyness in here. Neither the outfit nor the makeupor hairstyle (which is just real hair, edited onto your doll's heard) scream "crazy" for me. If the task would have been "Fashionably Down the Street" then you would have gotten a full score, but this is kinda underwhelming. The pose is fine, just a bit normal as well. I love those shoes tho.

Rafael: WOW your first task is breath-taking!!
The silky long dress is marvelous and it looks great on you. I think it was clever not to use any accessories because the dress already does the whole magic. The second one is just as stunning, I love how you're wearing a net dress on top of a vibrant yellow body. The shoes give the outfit a glamerous touch.
The rodeo drive photo looks like you're a diva strolling around jn LA and then you're suddenly caught by paparazzi. It's very sexy and lady-like. I really liked it on the first look, but looking closer I noticed that the hair is just real hair which you cropped out and pasted onto your doll's head which is quite disappointing to me. Also, the outfit isn't really crazy fashion so you didn't really stick to the task. Next time pay more attention to the task and don't copy and paste things.
Cathy: You know how to style your doll and you've shown this in the entries. I just wish you had paid more attention to detail.
Tania: As for your outfits, your doll looks stunning, it's simple but very beautiful, specially the second outfit but a purse would have made it perfect.
In your rodeo drive shoot your doll looks stunning and I'm loving so much this graphic, your graphic technique is just great. It's not super edgy though, it's a statement but not high fashion type of graphic. I'm looking foward to see more of you though.


Manda: Your outfits are stunning! Your first outfit is a real eyecatcher... the silver fur jacket matches so well with the clean, soft white and grey shades! Lov' it.
Your second outfit is really pretty as well, a very interesting combination of the top and skirt and I think it works really well with your doll's hairstyle, makeup and accessoires.
The Rodeo Drive photoshoot looks gorgeous. I love this outfit, it looks really fashionably crazy and the hair and makeup suit your doll perfectly. I think the shading on the right arm looks really awkward though and you should increase your highlighting on black materials, you barely see there any shading at all.

Rafael: I fell in LOVE with your first outfit!! The hat, the cute crop top + fur jacket, the bag, the hair... everything looks perfect and so fashionable! It's one of the most beautiful outfits in my opinion.
On the other hand, the second outfit is rather boring and kinda... I don't know, it's just not my cup of tea I guess.
I love the photo from the Rodeo drive shoot. You look endlessly sexy in this outfit, hair and make-up are nice as well. The shading is a bit odd though so make sure to work on that
Cathy: I like your dress outfit, it's something different and the clothes match each other well. The outfit is the trousers is extremely posh, maybe a simpler, more chilled top would have made it look less diva-esque, but it certainly is a statement!
Tania: I am really liking the first outfit, very chic and glam, only if you'd have acessorized it a bit more it'd be perfect. The second one if gorgeous as well though having two larger pieces at the waist is often not the best choice, if the  upper part is large the other should be a bit tight and vice versa. Regardless I can really see your style on them, great work!
I'm loving the edginess of your rodeo drive shoot! While there's quite some rough parts than needed to be a bit softenned and some more shading, I really like the idea and your doll looks super fierce!


Manda: You did a great job on your spring outfits. Your first one could have been a little more springlike, but because of the denim jeans in combination with the pastel yellow of the sweater I do get at least a tiny bit of spring vibes. I really like the second outfit tho, I think the trousers are super pretty and your doll looks really chic and stylish in combination of the black blazer and white fabrics.
Your "Rode Drive" shoot is not on Rodeo Drive, which is bad bad bad. You just took a random background of a green meadow. Also the outfit cannot really be considered as crazy fashion. In all honesty, I don't get your concept of this shoot at all.

Rafael: The first two outfits are really pretty.
The "rodeo drive" shoot is honestly catastrophic. The outfit looks rather tacky and the background doesn't look like the rodeo drive in LA (?)... at least to me.
Cathy: Your outfits are simple, but you succeed to look stylish in them and thanks to some flowery details, it's something my doll would definitely wear in spring! I'm a big fan of your hairstyling and makeup, too, looks perfect for spring.
Tania: While the outfits are simple they are very well put together, your doll looks great on them. For the first one I feel like something is missing, maybe a clutch instead of the purse you chose and a leather coat would have made the outfit more complete and with a bigger twist. I loved the shoes you chose though, they go super well with the trousers. For the second one just a purse is missing, but nice anyhow.
The graphic is a bit too rough and the shading needs really more work. I don't know if you're a begginner but if you are, it's a good start but I'd advise you to practise as much as you can, I see potential. On a less positive note, you completely missed this task's topic. No crazyness and no rodeo drive.


Manda: I love the way you presented your outfits! I am literally in love with your first outfit, it is super pretty and the floral pattern works perfectly with your doll. The bag might have been a little too much but it still looks nice overall. Your second outfit is really interesting, one one hand I like the color and style combination but on the other hand I am not sure about the combo of that skirt with the socks and the top because, as Cathy said, it gives the look a kind of sexy schoolgirl vibe which wasn't necessarily part of this task.
The Rodeo Drive photoshoot is stunning! I love this outfit a lot and the hair is perfect. The pose works really well with this outfit and I think you did a good job portraying the complexity of the top and skirt. The beanie could have been left out though, it hides your beautiful hairstyle and in my opinion the shoes would look better in an equal black tone. Technique-wise, the head is a little bit too big in proportion to the rest of the doll's body and you could have stretched the legs more so it would have given your doll an even fiercer look.

Rafael: Your outfits are really great, especially the first one is really gorgeous. I love the color scheme and the combo of the shoes, patterned skinny jeans and the necklace. I only think that the bag doesn't stand out well enough from the outfit because it also has a floral pattern, therefore I would have either kept it simple or made it stand out in a different way, e.g. a purse (either pink or nude to match the shoes).
The second outfit is very sexy and well-combined! I also love how you presented the outfits in a modern and playful way. Overall the first task is well done!
The rodeo drive shoot is equally great. I love this amazing outfit! You look cool, sexy and very edgy. I like the pose and also the hair. Overall I'd say it's one of the best entries so well done my dear!
Cathy: Nice presentation! Your first outfit is cute and has a nice colour scheme, whereas the second outfit just doesn't fit in my eyes. The white socks combined with the risky skirt and the short top have a sexy-schoolgirl-vibe which is not at all what I want to see this spring. Also make sure your makeup and hairstyling fit the outfit, they might be a bit too grunge for your outfits.
Tania: Ugh your doll is so cute I can't handle it! I'm loving your style though, sweet but sassy, I really want for sure see more of you. The outfits are great, my favourite is surely the second (one of my favourite of this task overall) but both are very complete and stylish. The edit, hairs & makeup also really complement them.
I really like your rodeo drive shoot. Dat hair, dat outfit.. At first it seemed that the head was a tiny bit too big for the body but now I'm not so sure anymore, regardless I think you did a great work, while it's not super edgy it's for sure sassy and modern, also i like a lot the shading.

The Elimination

Now the time has come to tell you who will enter the next round and will have another opportunity to fight for the title of Manda's Model Mission.

The first contestants who will enter the next round are... exodus27, Isabella8103, maria-0077, Rei1981 and tadi_12!!! Congrats! You five delivered us this task's best entries and you've truly proven that you have big potential going on deep down in your guts. Also one of you has the chance to win this cycle's first winner of the week who will be announced by the introduction of Task 2.

In this task's Bottom Two are MissFoxyRoxy913 and SandyHermosa. Sorry girls but your tasks were convincing us the least.
All the other contestants that weren't named yet are safe and can join the others in the next round! Congrats!

Roxanne, your outfits were nice to average and you weren't able to finish your rodeo drive shoot which was the most important part of this task. There were two opportunities, either you deliver or you fail. In this case you unfortunately failed.
Melanie, your rodeo drive shoot was totally out of place. You didn't follow a single
criterion of the given task. Your outfits were stunning though and your style could convince us. But... Who of you will have another chance to fight for the title? Who will be in the next round?
Melanie... congrats, you saved yourself from elimination and you've made it into the next round. Roxanne, I'm sorry but you are eliminated, an unfinished task can cost you everything. Don't be too disappointed, I know how excited you were about competing in MMM, but I am sure we didn't hear the last of you.
And Melanie, take this one advise: Follow. The. Task! Next time I want to see you rocking Task 2.

So my dear contestants, congrats again to everyone who made it and - oh, looks like we've reached our Top 14 - Yay! 

Task 2
along the winner of the week of Task 1 will be announced very very soon so stay tuned!! 
Have a wonderful sunday, 


  1. Thank you for this opportunity, but I find it unfair that I even said I could not finish it and you said just send in what you can. :/ I really thought that this wasn't going to effect me :/ I was even going to finish the task when I was able to make graphics again, and I have fixed my computer and can make graphics now, but I guess not.

    1. Glad I wasn't th only one to take inspiration from ANTM ;P

  2. Oh my god, I'm really lucky to stay in the contest!
    I hope I was very creative with the tast.
    I will try to improve myself on the next task! Thank you so much. Kisses.

  3. Some entries are amazing!
    Well done to everyone that is still on the competition :)
    - mirdith