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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

2nd Task: The Action Edition

Hello everyone,

welcome back!
Before I'm going to tell you about all the details for your second task, it's time to announce the winner of the week from last task's Edition. The Top 4 were Juan, Elisabeth, Arafah and Pablo.
So who's our first winner of the week?
After going back and forth, the judges and I felt that Juan delivered the strongest entries. Congrats, keep going like this! A little something will be waiting for you in my starbazaar, hope you'll like it! Let's move on.

Unlike last time, where you had to look extravagant like a silent mannequin, keep the focus on your face and most importantly pose, this time you'll have to get wild!
Our second Edition is all about Action! The challenge is to work with your whole body and still look like a model!

For this task we will divide you into two groups. One challenge, but two different settings, giving each group their very own possibilities to work with: Desert vs. Air.

This task is all about stepping out of your comfort zone.
We want to see you girls in movement, be creative, be wild and create
something dramatic, crazy and daring. Do whatever you want to do but just don't do one thing: BORE US.
One half of the group will step into the very sandy, dirty and hot scene of the Desert. Especially you will have to work with the area around you. You could be stuck in a sandstorm, protect yourself from heat with beautiful fabrics, being trapped in the sand, having your car broken down - everything is possible!
The other half of the group will have to work with the freest element there is, Air. Unlike the other group you won't have solid ground under your feet, which makes it neccessary for you to work with dynamic poses and clothes to transfer the feeling of action. You could jump high on a skyscraper, stand on a helicopter, hold on to a building in 100 meters up or hang loose on a box in the clouds - your freedom knows no boundaries!
Important for both groups is to: Commit emotions, transfer a feeling of action and drama by working with everything you have to offer - face expression, pose, movement, clothes, setting. Use it all and make it work but OWN your scene, don't make it own you, plus don't forget to always give a model-esque vibe to your photo, you can go wild and spicy and still be editorial.
(This time clothes are your free choice, wear whatever you want to!)

1) Group A - Desert Shooting in Sandy Area:
bloom_xx_layla, Hevyy, juankisjuankis, MomoSakuraChan, SandyHermosa, 
juliaChang-diva, mangunmeetan.

2) Group B - Air Shooting in Dangerous Height:
hermosalisagirl, jesspoynter, xXSophiie.luvXx, Star_girl.girl, Lutzst, SoniaBellaStone and sparklewand12.



I hope you like your given tasks and I can't wait to see what every single one of you will make out of this. This is your chance to commit us your own personal 'handwriting'.
Send your finished entries to with an or link or send them to me on Facebook, thanks.

The Deadline is Sunday, the 9th April, 2017.

If you've got any questions left or struggle with temporary problems concerning the deadline, feel free to leave an ask/note in the comments. :)

Good Luck darlings and stay tuned,
Manda El Rose

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