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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Results Task 1: Face Edition

Hello ladies and gentlemen,
my dear model contestants,

welcome to your very first Elimination Ceremony of Season 4, right from our brand new Studio here in Dollywood, LA!
Tonight, Maria, Rafael, I and our special guest judge Isabella, winner of MMM Cycle 3 and overall Dollywood Superstar, are going to have a look at your entries from Task 1 and find out who's got it and who's rotted.

Let the feast begin!

First of all, let me quickly take a moment to apologize for the huge delay. Contestants, neither Judges have been punctual but I'll try to make it my very own mission to bring you the rest of the season on time, everytime - mostly, hopefully ... well, we'll see!

By the way, every contestant sent in both their entries, which congrats is a record in MMM History!
*Shoutout to all the past, long-forgotten contestants that dropped out before their cycle even began*
So let's begin right away, ladies, bucke your seatbelts!

(Due to personal reasons Tania wasn't able to send in her judgements regarding the first Edition.)



Manda: What I like about your Sedcard is that you went straight for a side face, which can be a huge risk for the fist task but totally worked out for you! I also think your pose makes a great effort and definitely brings some casuality and coolness to your Sedcard. However, I'm not happy with the fact that you went for an almost full-body pose. Usually you have a Sedcard Set, consisting out of a closeup from your face and a full body picture, normally showing off your figure but for this task we expected a chest-up shot as a stand-alone, simply focusing on your face. I'm a little on the fence about whether the full set draws attention from your face or actually works. Nonetheless, I wanted to see more of your face and less of your body.
Your Mannequin Shoot's got some ups and downs. Let me start off by saying, your face looks totally stunning in here! Even though you're resting on a chair, the pose gives a very dynamic vibe - which is a great achievement and works perfectly for the mannequin part that is supposed to be extravagant!
Concerning the task, you didn't come to full realisation of what's been asked. We wanted you to wear nude clothes, implying a nude allusion and pose in an old warehouse scenery to pull off the story correctly. For the future, try to focus more on the given task criteria!

Rafael: I can clearly tell that you had ambitiond to really deliver a great performance. However, I feel like you didn't really understand the task.
Your Sedcard Shoot is cute, however I don't feel like your face is really in the center of attention. It seems like you're lost, looking into the distance, and the dress isn't really flattering either. A white shirt and a pair of jeans as well as a straight forward expression into the camera would have made this way cooler.
Your Mannequin Shoot would have also been sooo much better if you sticked to the task and wore nude colored clothes. I can tell that you tried, but next time please read the tasks more carefully and you'll do better.

Maria: Your Sedcard Shoot was kinda out of theme. First, because you're wearing dark lips and you were supposed to have a bare face (without makeup) but I loved how you didn't add any eyeshadow to show your natural blue eyes. Talking about the face, we wanted it to "stand out and to be clearly visible" which is not necessarily the case, we asked to have a chest-up pose (or a simple one) and yours is a little too editorial. In other words, the pose draws away attention from your face.
Your Mannequin Shoot wasn't exactly what we were expecting. We mentioned in the task that the model should be wearing nude color clothes which is totally not the case, plus - again, the face isn't the spotlight of attraction and for this part we wanted your makeup to be popping, which is also not really the case.

Isabella: Not really agreeing here! I think your Sedcard Shoot literally screams MODEL. The face looks amazing and the hair too, everything is very simple as it should be. I love the fact that this is almost a full-body shoot but still focus on your face well, cause the dress doesnt draw much attention. Also the pose is very model-esque, but still nothing exaggerated. Actually, I think it helps directing our eyes to focus on your face, which is the main point of this shoot, so congratulations!
Your Mannequin Shoot looks like a continuation of your sedcard shoot, just without hair, and this was not the point of this shoot. You missed a few requirements such as nude clothes and a warehouse as the location of your shoot. It’s a very nice photo, but it doesn’t fit for the theme of this part of the task. Overall, the pose is very nice. Even though your sitting, you’re still playing with your arms and that’s the kind of modeling pose I wanted to see on this task, with lots of angles and movement.



Manda: As beautiful as your face looks in your Sedcard Shoot, the effort you've put into it is low-brow. Props to you for not overdoing it but in return you kind of underdid it, I think you've kept it way too simple. The shoulder pose looks cute but seems very basic and minimal, you could've brought up one of your palms at least, or hold your head straight with both hands. I'm not mad at you for taking another graphic designer's hair since we're still at the very berginning but since your concept falls down, it would have been nice to see your own creation here!
First of all, I like your Mannequin entry. Yes, you could have done something way more out there regarding your shoot, The setting seems a little bit too 'clean' for me, the pose is okay, it's dynamic, especially the legs make it work for me but with the given concept it seems a bit flat to me. I really like the outfit though, the latex-kinda texture you went for looks pretty cool on your doll, especially the gloves!

Rafael: So your Sedcard Shoot is really just ... plain. I feel like you didn't really put in any great effort, I don't really get any strong vibes from it. I appreciate that you respected the task, however I feel like you could have done way more.
Your Mannequin Shoot on the other hand is way better. I love the pose and the gloves. I just don't see a connection to the backround, since your pose tells a story and the backround... is just there. So please work on that and really try to tell a story with your photoshoots and really work with the background.

Maria: I can see that you respected the rules of the Sedcard Shoot. But sadly, there is no effort in this entry. You just did the shoulders (small part) and the hair is simply made by another designer. You should try to do your own hair, it will give you a plus.
Talking about your Mannequin Shoot, you also respected the theme in this one. Here, we have some minor problems with the background. The background is so normal, we can't see any understandable story in the shoot

Isabella: I believe Sedcard Shoots should be simple, but this is way too simple! We can see your face clearly and this is obviously a good point, but you didn’t take the time to make your own hair, which means the only things you did were the body and the background. I would have loved to see more of your own work here. Overall it’s good, just a little disappointing cause you were the only contestant that didn’t do your own hair.
I’m not a fan of this pose of the Mannequin Shoot, I think you could’ve done something better with your arms instead of just using them to cover your breast. I love the fact your legs look long even though I don’t see your knees. Overall, I don’t see much creativity in here – from the pose to the background to the makeup – nothing is much out of the box.



Manda: Your Sedcard is super pretty, you created a very fair, natural look for yourself, which I think works perfectly for you. On a positive note, your side face turned out really well, otherwise I'm not completely sure if it resembles your normal face that well. Looking at your original headshot, I think your lips are fuller, more of an almond shape, and your eyes are usually bigger, they look pretty small in here. Also I think a softer, rounder jawline would have worked better for you in this case - but hey that's just calling out details! Nice body shading.
Concept-wise I think you had great ideas for your Mannequin Shoot. I like how much effort you've put into this, doing your own background, working with a lot of mannequin pieces, etc., I also like the details you've put on your body to make yourself look like a real mannequin, and the little platform you're standing on, which transfers the allusion very well - points for that! Overall, I am not really feeling the atmosphere that I think you tried to create here. I was expecting you guys to create a grungy, urban atmosphere within a very wasted, dark old warehous, contrasting with the beautiful porcelain mannequins. Instead I think your shoot feels very light and a little too playful, where especially the pose makes it a little vacation-photoshoot-y like.

Rafael: I really love your Sedcard Shoot and your strong expression. I also love how clear your face appears and how there's no heavy amount of makeup.
The Mannequin Shoot is what really blew me away, though. It's so daring, so straight forward and it really tells a story. Well done!

Maria: I like what you did in your Sedcard Shoot. It's simple, beautiful, and that's what we want actually. All I have to say here that one of your eyes is out of proportion to the other one, but still, it's not bad.
I love and appreciate what you added to your body in the Mannequin Shoot, even though I'd prefer if you used another pose (especially the hands). Talking about the background, it's good that you worked on it, but I wished it was dark, since your skin is not tanned. Another negative thing in this shoot is that you didn't wear any makeup, and the makeup is also a primary thing in this part of Task 1.

Isabella: I like your Compcard. You got points for making your own hair, for making a good sideface and for keeping it simple. Nothing unexpected but also nothing disappointing, it’s a good entry.
I like the fact that you made your own background for the mannequim shoot, this is pretty unusual. However, I don’t like the pose cause you’re basically just there standing and waving “hi guys”. Could’ve been worst but also could’ve been better. Your body looks very good in here though.



Manda: I love the intensity in your eyes. Your Sedcard keeps it simple but not too simple, follows all the requirements and portrays your face well. This is what I wanted to see! I love your complexion in here, you totally found a way how to present yourself and I'd book you right away! The hair works perfectly for you and for this task, so does your pose. You could have went easier on that eyeshadow but I don't mind it!
Your Mannequin Task is a little underwhelming. Don't get me wrong, you look great, your makeup is gorgeous, finally someone who went in with it - but the execution falls a little flat for me. I would have liked to see you go way more out of the box. The mannequin body is shaded perfectly - one of the best mannequin-allusions from all entries - but the pose is so random and basic, it's not delivering any extravagance at all. Overall a nice photo, just not my favorite.

Rafael: I really like your Sedcard Shoot, it looks modern, fresh and edgy. I only would have appreciated if you had just a little less makeup on to really let the face speak for itself.
The Mannequin Shoot seems quite off to me. I don't really see a connection between you and the backround, plus it seems like you just blurred a real life picture of a mannequin and put your head on it. I could be wrong though, but if I were you I'd really work on the quality of the graphics (or maybe in this case the skills/effort you put into it) and on the concept of your shoots.

Maria: Your Sedcard Shoot is one of the best sedcard shoots. I love your simple hair, your natural face, and adore your beauty marks. Your top/dress is also simple and not taking the importance from your face. Though I can clearly see a difference in tones between your face and your body, but all in all, it's a great entry.
For your Mannequin Shoot, it's normal. Of course it could be better, I just can't see something different, new, or creative in this entry. Also, the background isn't helping the shoot and this is not the right atmosphere we were hoping for.

Isabella: Your Sedcard is perfect, you look beautiful, we can see your face clearly, your hair is hopefully of your own and you kept it all simple, just like it should be. Love the fact you added freckles to your body!
I don’t like the pose of your Mannequin Shoot. You’re basically stading there, doing nothing with your hands nor with your legs, but I love this shiny effect you gave to your body and also your makeup is amazing! Overall, you missed the most important part of the shoot: the pose.



Manda: Easy to say - one of my favorites!
Your Sedcard is soooo high fashion, I love the pose, I think it's a really smart move to play with your sweater as it shows your ability to cooperate with fashion which is a necessary know-how you need as a good model. The prominent yellow is a risky choice but in my opinion it makes your eyes pop and totally helps to sell your face to the costumer. The hair is slick and laid back which works really well for you and is a great hairstyle for a Sedcard.
This Mannequin Shoot? Simply, s-t-u-n-n-i-n-g! I see this as a photo campaign for a high brand, featured in Harper's Bazaar, VOGUE, ELLE, etc. Also you're one of the very few contestants that really owned their background and didn't let the background own them. You're interacting with every single piece in this setting which is genius. Adding a second 'you' to the scene, brings this task to the next level which is what I wanted to see! The clothes are spot on, so is the shading on the bodies, which you worked on really well; the shine gives it that porcelain/plastic feeling that we need for this task.
Congrats on this strong, conceptual photo!

Rafael: Love love looove your Sedcard Shoot, it's definitely one of the strongest ones. Love the pose, how clean and visible everything looks. It's so simple yet so effective.
The Mannequin Shoot is EVERYTHING! You really came up with a great concept, it's very contemporary (come through Kylie Jenner reference!), very edgy and yet so high-fashion. It's definitely one of my favorites. A big fat YAAAAASS from me.

Maria: I'm living for your entries. You nailed your Sedcard Shoot , that hair is simple yet so amazing. I wish you used another color for your shirt. Yellow is an attractive color, and of course , when you first look at the picture you notice the shirt before the face, which is kinda annoying, because your face is fabulous. Thanks for using a simple background.
In my opinion, your Mannequin Shoot is one of the bests. I love that you used your doll twice , it's like if someone didn't notice you on the left side, they will find you in the other one , and that's an innovative and creative idea. The wheelchair, the background, the fake mannequins, the two real ones are creating all together, a great atmosphere. I think it couldn't be better. Great work!

Isabella: I love your Sedcard, everything is so detailed and even though you’re wearing such a bright color and playing with your sleeves and your hands, the main focus is still on your face, which is the point of this shoot. You look gorgeous girl!
Your Mannequin Shoot is one of my favorites! It’s amazing how you made everything fit well together. Points for following all the rules for this shoot and still managing to look hot not only once but twice! Although the first pose is nothing extraordinary, I think the second one compensates it well.



Manda: Your Sedcard is great, it is very modern, dynamic and totally works for your aesthetic! It kinda reminds me of Isabella's Sedcard from last cycle but that's probably just a coincidence. You followed all instructions and pulled of a stunning picture!
The Mannequin Task is okay, it's not bad but I'm not really feeling it either. I think you're relying a little on the nudity/shock value (like the nipple patches and the sexual pose), which actually can work for this task but just doesn't do it for me in this context. I like the idea of putting yourself in a cage but I would have liked to see something more story-telling. The background is plain white which doesn't really transfer the wasted warehouse vibe that we asked for, maybe you could have spread various mannequin pieces around yourself, or chill next to some headless dolls - that would have totally made me love this picture. I'm just missing something!

Rafael: I love your Sedcard Shoot, I really like your hair and how clean everything looks. I can also see that you really improved graphicwise!
I'm a little bit on the fence with the Mannequin Shoot though, it's too sexual for me. In my opinion, the concept with the cage could have worked out way better if you had a more artistic approach to it, for example if you referenced Sia's Elastic Heart video.

Maria: Your Sedcard Shoot is so good. But it would be better if you used a simple hair, this one is so messy and kinda hiding a part of your face. Also, I found it similar to a sedcard shoot of one of the models of the past few cycles. You are doing the sedcard shoot to convince and sell yourself to the customer and, of course , for this to happen, it needs something innovative and new.
The skin shading on your Mannequin Shoot is great , but sadly, your body (pose) and the atmosphere have nothing to do with "mannequin". It should be unreal. Also there is no need to cover your nipples since mannequins don't have real nipples. It could be better to be honest.

Isabella: Julia, you improved a lot since the last cycle! I love your Sedcard, it follows all the rules, it’s simple and your hair and face look great!
About the Mannequin Shoot, I think your pose is ok, you could’ve played a little more with your hands, but you’re selling your face and body well here. However, I think you missed the location of the shoot, cause your background doesn’t look like a warehouse at all, more like a photography studio. Also, I dislike the fact we can barely see your neck, I think your head is too low and that makes your neck looks large and short, so be careful on this part next time.



Manda: Your Sedcard is one of the strongest out of the bunch. Your face looks just stunning, I really love your uniqueness and I can see you do a lot of editorial and runway work in the future. The glasses are a wonderful touch to your photo,he pose is definitely my favorite part, it's exactly what I wanted to see you guys deliver!
The Mannequin Shoot is strong as well, story-wise it's just on point. When coming up with the task I imagined a room full of hundreds of mannequins, a dark area and you girls standing right in the middle - which you totally brought to the table! Well done. Your pose could've been a little more prominent and extravagant though, it's like you almost vanish inbetween the other mannequins which is not a good thing - BUT alone for all the effort you've put into transfering the story, drawing each single mannequin and adding all the details (makeup, body shading, "cancelled" sign) I can't be mad at this amazingly great photo!

Rafael: I loooove your Sedcard Shoot, it really shows your personality and I love how you show us a different side of "beauty". Your face looks so fresh, untouched and raw, I simply adore it!
The Mannequin Shoot is simply stunning, I love the concept, it's thought through so well. Your story is so deep and emotional, you're showing us how "perfection" can destroy someone on the inside. Making the photo black and white really underlines this. Well done, definitely one of the strongest entries overall!

Maria: You really amazed me with your Sedcard Shoot. This must be the best sedcard shoot in this task. Your face is stunning, your hair, you just have all the ingredients to be a real model. I'm just not a big fan of using accessories in a sedcard shoot, but still, it's not taking the importance from your face, Bravo.
The two things I like in your Mannequin Shoot is that you made it in black and white, and that the theme/atmosphere of it is so creative. Having mannequins as models is great, but the shading of the bodies could be better, it seems to be rushed to be honest, still, the makeup is totally working. All in all, your entries are both good , well done Lutzst!

Isabella: Your Sedcard is so cute! I love how you look like a tired librarian in here. Your face is on point, you hair is on point and the simplicity is on point as well.  Also love the fact you were the only one to wear glasses!
I wish I could’ve seen more of your body on the Mannequin Shoot. The fact you made a waist-up shoot didn’t help you at all cause you weren’t allowed to pose as much as the other contestants. So you basically missed, like many others, the most important part of the task, wich is the pose. I adore your make up though and I found it creative to have a board written “cancelled” on your chest cause it helps to tell the story of the shoot well.



Manda: Your Sedcard is nice but a few things are bugging me here. Your pose isn't neccessarily what I would want to see in a Sedcard, a straight forward, chest-up pose might have worked better. The clothes are very sweet and youthful, I would have prefered to see something more minimalistic. Point of the task was to make your face stand out from the rest though, which you did. You clearly show us your face, there is nothing too distracting in the picture, quality-wise this is amazing, so all in all I'm liking it.
Loving your makeup in your Mannequin Shoot, your face has always been a beautiful canvas. I like the idea of having no arms, it's very edgy and original but I'm not sure if it helps creating an extravagant pose. I feel like you kind of drown in the background instead of standing in the center which you were supposed to. After all I'd toot this more than I'd boot this but I know you can do lots bettter!

Rafael: There's something so fresh and free-spirited about your Sedcard Shoot, I can't help but stare at it in awe. It's definitely not a classic high fashion sedcard photo, but maybe that's what I love about it and why it stands out from the others. The quality of the graphic also speaks for itself (and omg that hair!).
The Mannequin Shoot in the other hand is rather.. well.. meeh. Compared to your sedcard shoot it's weak. Especially quality-wise. Gurl why did you just blur a real life photo? That's soo ~me in 2012~ unprofessional.
The idea itself, however, is very very strong. Love the pose and all I can say about the (missing) arms is OUCH. Overall, I'd say you did well, but please make sure to deliver constant quality through all of your entries.

Maria: The top in your Sedcard Shoot is amazing, but I don't feel it's appropriate for this kind of shoots. If I were you, I'd pick a minimalistic top. Also the pose isn't helping much. We asked for a chest-up pose, and we can clearly see your legs. I'm not saying that it's bad, no, it's actually good, but it's not perfect yet.
I love your makeup in your Mannequin Shoot, it's amazing. But the negative thing is that you didn't work at all on the background, you just blurred it. Your doll is posing behind the dark mannequin, so the dark mannequin should not be blurry too, i think if you worked on this part, it would be better. Also, I'd like to see more defined shadows on the skin. Plus, there is no need for the nipple cover since it's a mannequin

Isabella: I think your Sedcard shows a little too much of your body, wich wasn’t necessary at all. A chest-up shoot would’ve worked better. However, we can still see your face well here and you look beautiful. I love how well made the clothes are and your hair is also on point.
I think what bothers me the most on your Mannequin Shoot is the background, cause you shouldn’t have blurred it that much. The only thing I like in here is your make up cause it shows how versatille you face is. Your pose is nothing outstanding, cause you’re basically sitting inside a box without arms and that also bothers me a little cause If you kept the arms your pose could’ve been a little more creative.



Manda: Your Sedcard could have been a stunning photo but I feel like you wanted to achieve more than you were able to live up to. I see Roxanne's features but I don't see her, not recognizing her. In this case less would have been more. Don't overdo yourself, work within your possibilites and you get the best results. Overall the shading is way too harsh. Especially because this is your third chance in the race, you should start to work on details. Things like a good concept, a smooth shading, following task's requirements closely can really make a photo. I think within your shading technique,you're trying way too hard to make as much visible layers as possible but the goal is too create a smooth, blended shading within a few layers. Overall, concept-wise this is more than okay, graphic-wise this needs some improvements.
Your Mannequin Shoot is better, the shading is smoother but looks very twodimensional. Love the outfit, that's a really great nude allusion, you can barely distinguish the transition from skin to clothing! The makeup is alright, not my favorite but I like that you tried something out, gives this photo some spice! In total, this picture is a bit boring, I wanted you guys to go all the way extravagant. The pose seems a bit too bikini-advertisment-ish and doesn't really work within the story.

Rafael: I can see that you tried, but since I know your previous work, I don't see any improvement. Your shading in the Sedcard Shoot is very sharp, and very minimalistic. You should really try to put more effort into your graphics by trying out different techniques, adding more layers to add depth, work with colors, heck just watch sone tutorials, there's a lot of ways to improve if you actually put effort into this. Sorry if this comes off rude but I know you, I've known your work for a while and I just feel like you're stuck and you're not using your full potential.
Same about your Mannequin Shoot, it's simply boring, there's no real story behind it and the shading is very flat and plain.
I'm sorry to say this but you're one of the weakest this time. I want you to get your ass up and work!! I know that you can deliver much more, don't let me down my dear!

Ps. Love the makeup in the mannequin shoot, it's the best part of your entries.

Maria: I like the concept of your Sedcard Shoot, but the shading is so sharp and the face elements are so disproportionate. It would be better if you used your normal face instead of doing a side one. Also, again talking about the shadowing, the hair doesn't look like hair. You should try more techniques, maybe have some new programs if your actual program is not let you do hair properly.
It's good that you did a colorful makeup in your bald Mannequin Shoot, but also, there is a problem in the shading technique, I won't repeat myself again. I also didn't understand why you duplicated your body three times to use it in the background. I find it unnecessary.

Isabella: I don’t understand your Sedcard Shoot. Is this really you? Cause this sideface doesn’t look like you at all! I like the fact you kept it simple but this skin and hair shading kinda kills the whole thing, not in a good way. Be careful next time you try to make a sideface cause if you don’t know how to do it, it can be very dangerous.
I think you forgot to pose on your Mannequin Shoot. Just to be standing is not the same to be posing. Once again the skin shading is not good here and also I don’t think your makeup fits well the concept of this shoot.



Manda: There isn't a single negative thing that I can point out from your Sedcard. I love the outfit, the trashed top is really cool, the pose is dynamic, your hair is alive, shiny and blowing and your face stuns big time! For sure one of my favorites.
The Mannequin Shoot is so artistic, I really love the makeup that you created! Your face is showing emotion and is telling me a very sad, nostalgic side of the story. You're completely interacting with the background by playing with the light and sitting on a heap of doll heads. A very cool idea. Normally I'd say something about the pose that is very calm, but for your story it works perfectly fine, I think making an extravagant gesture with your arms or legs would just look distracting for this sad-kinda undertone.

Rafael: You totally slayed the game with your tasks! Your Sedcard Shoot is! You're giving us hair, face, simplicity, wind machine, attitude, everything we asked for and more.
And your Mannequin Shoot... Gurl.. I. Am. Speechless. You nailed it! From the idea to the execution, everything is just on point and it's so deep. You came, saw and SLAYED. You didn't just serve a dish, you served a whole buffet! To me, you're the best this round!!

Maria: Let's talk about the good things in your Sedcard Shoot, since there are no bad things in it. Your hair is so great and healthy. Your face is amazing and those eyesss. Your top is minimalistic and the background is so simple. You followed the rules and it turned out to be amazing.
The makeup in your Mannequin Shoot is everything. I loved how you put the reflexion of the lights coming from the window, it shows that you work in every small detail. I'd like to say that the entry would be better and complete if you added more dark shadow to the skin (in the edges) so it looks hotter and more realistic. But all in all, both of your entries are shining.

Isabella: Girl, I adore your Sedcard. It’s perfect from head-to-chest haha! I love the textute of your t-shirt. Your face really transmits a serenity and of course looks beautiful. Momo seems like a good model to work with!
I think your Mannequin Shoot could’ve been much more outstanding to be honest, I expected a little more from you. I mean, your makeup is amazing, I’m living for it! But your pose bothered me a little because it’s too simple. Also your skin shading was a little disappointing cause it looks good on your neck and face, but it starts getting undetailed when my eyes go down to your feet. I think the level of depth and detail should be the same from head-to-toe, you know? Another thing that bothered me a little was the fact that you could’ve made a mannequin of your own but you didn’t. Overall, it’s a great entry, just nothing extraordinary.



Manda: Your Sedcard is very mediocre, it's nothing outstanding but you followed all requirements! The execution feels a bit lazy but I like that you did your own hair. Your face looks beautiful and you did well in presenting it.
The Mannequin Shoot is confusing me in several ways. I don't get all the clothing that you're wearing, they aren't even kept in nude colors. The accessoires are overdone and the whole thing looks like a normal fashion advertisement, only the bald head leaves the conclusion that you're supposed to represent a mannequin. The dolls in the background (fully dressed as well) don't do it for me and kinda mix up the story. I would have liked to know what your concept was about because it's not working for me. So, concept-wise you failed this task, graphic-wise you did a pretty picture. Focus on what we're asking in the Tasks and try to follow our criteria closely, because I can see that you've got potential!

Rafael: Your Sedcard Photo seems very.. well, plain. Kinda empty. It's actually just a simple headshot with no real twist, therefore I simply feel like something is missing. Not a big fan of the hair either to be honest, not because of the quality (it's executed really well!!) but because I think this hairstyle doesn't really underline your type or your face.
The idea for your Mannequin Shoot was amazing, it could have worked out soo well IF you sticked to the task and wore nude clothes. But you didn't, which is so so sad because your photo is so unbelievably dynamic, progressive and fresh.

Maria: I feel like there is something missing in your Sedcard Shoot entry. The sedcard shoot should be normal, but not too normal. There is nothing innovative here to differentiate you from the others. Also it would be better if you picked another hair, maybe something more natural.
The makeup is on point in your bald Mannequin Shoot. The pose is good too. It was bugging me to see you wearing so many clothes (precisely black clothes) and accessories. Also the background is kinda making me dizzy. Anyway, I'd suggest to work more on the skin for next time.

Isabella: I have nothing much to say about your Sedcard, it’s not much and not less from the expected. It’s simple and sells your face well. Points for making your own hair even though it looks blurred in some parts.
I think the pose of your Manequin Task is fine, but it could’ve been better, of course. I think a important point you missed on this shoot was that Manda asked you to wear nude clothes and nothing too glamorous, which is exactly the opposite of what I see here. The mannequins on the back got me a bit confused – were they really necessary? Overall, I like your makeup and your shading on the clothes and the skin, even though I don’t see your knees.



Manda: First of all, you created two very outstanding pictures!
From all the tasks your Sedcard is definitely the most creative one, it showcasess the amount of talent and enthusiasm that you're bringing to the table. While I'm loving the photo itself, I'm a little bit on the fence whether it suits the Sedcard theme or not. Sometimes less is more, I think a minimal background/setting would have made this a perfect entry. Anyways, you look amazing. I love the hair, you did so well in advertising your face, you brought a natural glow to your complexion which works just right. The earrings are a beautiful addition and totally harmonize with your face. Graphic-wise this is a perfect entry. Next time, just stick to the task's theme more closely.
Your Mannequin Shoot is beautiful! I love the detailed work you've put into this, the makeup is a piece of art and the texture you brought to the mannequin body is very well put together and realistically made. On another note I love your outfit, I'm not sure about the amount of textile but you've kept it in earthy colors which follows the task's requirements. Additionally, I like that you went for a medium shot and kept the focus on your face which makes a great, dramatic scenery.

Rafael: Your Sedcard Shoot.. doesn't really look like one. I mean the photo itself is bomb, the graphic/shading is flawless, you just completely misunderstood the concept of the task which is quite a pity.
The Mannequin Shoot, however, is so so great. Love the dark, destructive, dangerous vibes.

Maria: Your Sedcard Shoot is so great. I love your wet hair. Like I previously said to some of the contestants, I'm not a fan of accessories in sedcards. So I didn’t appreciate much the earrings in your shoot, but they are amazing. I like the way you posed in water (which is not a simple or blank background as demanded) but still you as a model are in the center of the picture and the face is standing out.
What I actually adore in your Mannequin Shoot is everything. From the fierce makeup, to the pose, the shading, also the atmosphere is giving me the immortal vibes and this is a creative idea too. Well done!

Isabella: I think you went totally out of the box for you Sedcard Shoot, but I’m still not sure if this is too much or not. Of course it sells your face well, and you look gorgeous, but three things bother me on here: the fact your face doesn’t reflect on the water, the fact your hair isn’t blonde on the reflex and the fact your neck looks too short. Overall, it’s a good and creative entry, but can we call it a sedcard when it looks much more like an editorial?
Is this an unfinished piece? Cause that’s what it looks like. I gotta say I adore your makeup, it’s bomb! I think it’s the best one from this task, but your pose was a disappointment because it’s basically a close-up shoot instead of a full-body. I like what you did with your arms, but it got me thinking “is that all?”. Also, I’m not sure if your clothes follow the requirements for this shoot and the fact that you’re laying on the floor makes your entry a bit boring to be honest. Still, you’re selling your face well here, you just forgot to give proper attention to all the other important points of this shoot.



Manda: I'm in love with your Sedcard Shoot, it's got something so fresh, alive and vivid about it that makes it so unique. Your side face turned out perfectly, shading is super smooth, proportions are on point and you did a great job on resembling your original face. The highlighting/sparkle you added to your skin makes a beautiful texture, it looks flawless. Makeup-wise, you could have went for an even more natural look and I am not sure if especially the flowers are too much of an eyecatcher, taking away attention from your face - but overall this is a stunning photo.
Your Mannequin Shoot is so next level - this photo is an artistic masterpiece. The setting you created by having sparkles/fireflys and rose petals all around you in that wasted, grungy area is simply beautiful. By sitting on a swing you pretty much took away all possibility to make a pose but it works for your concept. Your makeup here is everything and proves that your face is super versatile. I wished you were more prominent in the whole picture though, in comparison to the background, your doll falls pretty small. These are just minor issues though, overall a stunning entry.

Rafael: I think I don't need to tell you how much I simply love your graphics! You've proven your talent counless times and this is no exception. I love that you took a different take on the Sedcard shoot, the side shot with the flower crown and this hair works so well here.
I also love how you came up with something that's so different compared to the others for your Mannequin Shoot. I just wish the focus was more on the face than the whole concept.

Maria: Your Sedcard Shoot is so great. The glowing/sparling parts on the skin made it special. Your hair is amazing too. Talking about the things I didn't like, I'm not appreciating accessories in the sedcard shoots and the most important thing ever in a sedcard shoot is the eye contact which is sadly not existing here. It would be better if you used your normal face.
Your Editorial Shoot is amazing. Those body parts , that makeup, these legs, this is everything. I also like that you are the only one who used an appropriate accessory to your mannequin task and that was necessary for you, since there is a distance between your doll and the camera, so a tiara helps a lot to recognize your face. Good job!

Isabella: This sideface is killing me (in a good way)! I love the fact you gave a theme to your sedcard but still kept it simple, it looks very ethereal and also sells your face well. You look gorgeous and I love how your hair and skin look so shiny, making both very appealing. Congratulations!
Your Mannequin Shoot didn’t fail to impress me. It’s very unique, creative and out of the box! The heaspiece is bomb, the makeup is bomb, your skin is bomb but the only thing is not bomb is the pose. It’s just another sitting pose, you know, nothing outstanding. The fact that you’re holding a mannequin head may have been the problem that didn’t allow you to make a better pose, a more creative one. Overall, this entry is still amazing, got me gagging, but the pose killed it (not in a good way).



Manda: Your Sedcard is pretty, you have a stunning face. You kept it very simple, which is good, helps focusing on your face. Your hair could be a little more voluminous to give the whole photo a more polished look. Your shading falls a bit flat here and I think you could have spent more time on that. All in all, a nice picture, just a bit boring.
The complete opposite is your Mannequin Shoot, it is super dynamic, alive and strong. The pose is really out of the box, I am not sure if it looks too sporty for this task's theme. I feel like the dress almost takes away too much from your body but you kept it in nude colors which is what we asked for. What I'm really loving is how you totally cooperate with your background, also the shading is amazing in here. What buggs me is that this is an amazing picture but I think concerning the given task and theme you could have went even further! Overall, good job!

Rafael: Your Sedcard Photo is too plain to my mind, I don't really feel like you put any real effort into it.
Your Mannequin Shoot on the other hand is sooo much better because it has a real message, it's thought through and executed so well. I love the acrobatic feel to it, it's very fresh, very different. Well done!

Maria: Your Sedcard Shoot is like a runway or a walking pose, which is cute and appropriate here. Though, we can't clearly see the pose, the shoulders are too straight. Graphic wise, the picture should be more shaded, and more highlights should be added to the hair.
For your Mannequin Shoot, I'm not feeling the vibes I should feel for such a task. I mean your graphic/shadowing is great now, but it's not appropriate for the theme, I can't imagine how a "mannequin" can be posing like this. Plus the dress is kinda hiding the pose. It could be better of course.

Isabella: Nothing more and nothing less than the expected for your Sedcard Shoot. It’s simple and appealing even though I think everything could’ve been better shaded.
This is the best pose of this task, honestly. I wasn’t expecting that for your Mannequin Shoot. Even though the makeup and dress were very simple, the pose was out of the box. It may not sell her face well cause it’s upside down, but it surely sells the dress at least. It was a risky entry but I think you managed to look good and filled the requirements of this shoot.



Manda: You look absolutely STUNNING in your Sedcard! You did a great job on making that sideface. Also I am so in love with your red hair, you totally pull that off graciously. The ponytail works really well with your face and you did great on focusing on that part. The pose is simple and cute, well done as well. The top feels a little boring and old-fashioned, I think you could have went for something more modern and edgy.
I have to say though I'm not really impressed by your Mannequin Editorial, it's a cool idea but simply laying in a set of broken mannequin pieces doesn't really feel very creative. Also I'm not sure if the background fits the theme, the red silk/velvet blanket (?) makes no sense in an old warehouse scenery. On another note, I love your makeup, you look very mysterious and dramatic, especially the eye makeup is stunning.

Rafael: I am SHOOK!!! I'm in awe with your tasks, love them both soo much. Your Sedcard Shoot is so so beautiful, I adore the hair. The shading and the pose is excellent, and that face.. my god!!
The Mannequin Shoot is everything!! Love the dark vibes, and I simply love the no-brows/no-nipples look, it's giving me heavy alien realness vibes. The makeup is so amazing. I do however have to say that I prefer the shading in your sedcard shoot because it looks way more progressive and professional. The mannequin photo seems very blurry. I don't know if you used two different techniques on purpose, by accident or if it was simply rushed, but I'd really advise you to use the same technique/graphic style for all your photos of one task, so we can recognize your "handwriting", if you wil

Maria: I have to admit that your Sedcard Shoot is so great. I love your orange hair , it's just adorable. The skin shading is good , and your face is fabulous. Well done!
Your Mannequin Editorial shoot is also great since you are using a matching makeup but I don't feel that the face is the spotlight of the picture. Talking about the background, I loved the mannequin pieces, but I didn't like the red backdrop, Velvet is so glamourous and can't be used in this part of the first task.

Isabella: I like your Sedcard Shoot, you look beautiful! I think you kept it simple in a good way, made a good sideface, made your own hair that doesn’t cover your face and also made a cute pose. I think your skin doesn’t look this burnt in your other entry, what happened? Overall, it’s a great entry, but graphic wise I think the hands, the ear and the shirt needed a better shading.
I like the pose in your Mannequin Shoot a lot, it shows off well your body and even though it’s a laying pose, it’s not boring at all, it haves a good sensation of movement. Poinst for making your own mannequin too. Also, I love your makeup, I think it fits well the theme of the shoot. However, the background doesn’t remind me of a warehouse at all. At least, I think you nedeed a better skin shading here too, but it’s still a good entry.



The Judges and I deliberated.

Nico (hermosalisagirl), Hevilyn (Hevyy), Jess (jesspoynter), Gabriel (juliaChang-diva), Mangun (mangunmeetan), Filip (SoniaBellaStone), Kirsten (sparklewand12) and Antonio (Star_girl.girl) - you represent the middle field this week,.
You're safe, which is a good start - but remember safe is not a word that a winner wants to be associated with!
Some of you almost made it into the Top, but near enough is not good enough.
Listen to the advices we gave each of you and pay close attention to them for your next Task.

Umut (bloom_xx_layla), Juan (juankisjuankis), Elisabeth (Lutzst), Roxanne (MissFoxyRoxy913), Arafah (MomoSakuraChan), Byron (SandyHermosa) and Pablo (xXSophiie.LuvXx) - while some of you truly shined through in our Face Edition, others failed to impress.
Juan, Elisabeth, Arafah, and Pablo, Congrats, you four represent the Top Contestants of this Task. Your entries were next level, you sold ur your story by 100% and prooved why you're here! One of you is going to be this Task's winner of the week, which you'll find out by the next Edition.

This means, Umut, Roxanne and Byron, you represent the Bottom Three, one of you is going to get the chop.

Umut, you totally misunderstood the Task's themes, your concept fell flat and so did your representation of yourself.
Roxanne, you were given a lot of chances in the history of this competition, yet you failed - once again - to let your inner potential come through.
Byron, your ambitions were trying to be Oh la la but your execution was more like Nah Nah. If there's a next time, make sure to pay close attention to the task's requirements!

So who's going home?

Roxanne, we simply feel like the point has been reached where you cannot improve anymore and we don't really see a lot of possibilities within you concerning this contest. I'm sorry my dear but your journey with us has come to an end.
We wish you all the best for your future, keep doing you!


So everyone, the decision is made.
The second Task will be posted very soon! Stay tuned, it's going to be fun!

Have a wonderful day and keep shining,
Yours Manda

 And girls remember,

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