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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Changes in plans: 2nd Challenge turns into 4th Task

Hey guys,

So I recently thought about to add the challenge as a 2nd part of the 4th task and I will do it.

Look at the Update of Task 4, there will be written everything.
I will also give you 2 days more time. So the deadline will be the 12th May, a sunday.

The reasons are simple, we finally need to judge more of your entries, so we can decide better about your skills and what you could improve.


(P.s.: If you already sent in your Challenge entry just add it, when you send in your weekly task)


  1. Then I'm not jet sure, whether I'll change my entry for the Challenge ... I hope that's okay...

    1. Sure, I see, you can change it if you want. :)
      I will count what is going to be posted in the comments of the task.

  2. Task 4 part one :
    Task 4 part two:

    I did my take on a witch. I did two versions, one with a horror background in the woods and the other (the one asked for) is a runway version of pretty much the same background but used in a runway. I think it looks rather graphic-reanissance. I hope you like it :)
    P.S.- Thanks Manda for the extra time, but I finished it anyway, lol xx