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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

UPDATE: The 4th task + winner of the week

Hello my dear girls,

Let's announce the winner of the week, it was a really hard decision.

The girls who had the most chances to win "w-o-w" of the 3rd task were mangunmeetan, danika_19 and AnneHattaway.

Because of the huge improvement to the previous tasks Kylie (danika_19) deserved to win it! :)
Congrats Kylie! You have big potential and don't stop to impress us.
Take this win as an incentive to your upcoming tasks.

So what did you win?
Mila (...singstar...) sponsored a prize for this task.
Your win will be reserved in her Bazaar soon. Thank you Mila. :)


Now let's publish the forth task

Part 1:

It's time for a runway shoot!! :3

But not any runway shoot, you have to portray one of this mythical Creatures in a fashionable way with huge, awesome gowns or close, tight bodysuits on a beautiful catwalk:
Fairy, Witch, Siren, Mermaid, Demon, Fury, Muse or an Element Elf.

- work on your facial expressions, they should match your character
- create a matching makeup to your character
- huge gowns (the length of the dress should be at least up to the knees)
- or tight bodysuits (length is not important)
- a catwalk and background must be in the shoot

P.S.: Pleaste tell us, which mystic creature you've choosen


Part 2:

You need to create 3 makeup shoots, featuring electric, neon colors.
The whole theme is allowed to be inspired by the 70s/80s, it only has to be: colorful, crazy and outstanding.

The one, who will sent in the best entries of Part 2 will get his/her own commercial, made by myself, which will be shown in the Great Finale of MMM in June or July.

Oh and BTW:
Both parts will be judged together and are important for your elimination.
You need to do Part 2 as well as Part 1.

The new Deadline is:
Sunday, 12th May, 2013.

I hope you like the task and I hope you will have fun with it. :)

Have a good day,



  1. Siren OMG like the badass mermaids that sing to attract humans and then kill them?!

  2. :D excited to see these entries!

  3. Thankyou so much! I will continue to improve my graphic skills!

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    3. Task 1: it was inspired by princess a Ana and Erika on Barbie hahaha
      Task 2:

  4. Congratulations Kylie!!! The new task is amazing I will definately have fun!

  5. So for this Task I choose to design a costume for a demon.
    I tried to make the outfit fierce (Bodysuit) but also dark and dangerous... to not only have a bodysuite I added a highly detailed couture coat. I wanted people to look twice, like "Is she naked? Oh noo... she isn't"^^
    I also tried to give her an aristocratic and cold demon face, which still looks beautiful and seductive. The runway and background is here habitat, is where my demon comes from, and where she feels save, although it's full of danger.

    Here's the link:

    1. And here's my part two... I hope you like it:
      It was really difficult to switch between these two parts... So I got very experimental... hope you like it, I tried to let the second part look very crazy and colourful...but I also create three very unique 80s Make-ups!!!

  6. Here is part one: Witch
    Here is part two: Where it like you mean it ....

    Hope you like it :3

  7. At the Deadline you mean may, right?^^

    1. Oh for sure!!
      lol it happened the second time. :DD
      thank you ;)

  8. Part 1: I decided to make my gown inspired by a Muse :)

    Part 2:

  9. Part 1: I decided to be a forest demon :
    That is not my best graphic i've ever made but i did not have enough time.

    Part 2:

    I hope you like it! :)

    xoxo Minh Thi ♥

  10. I am extremely sorry for the delay but I hope you enjoy my work anyways :)

    Part 2:


    1. My part one is inspired by a mermaid, like a couture mermaid costume :)

  11. I have to say that I'm getting pretty disappointed about this competition ... Most of the participants have been able to submit their entries till the official deadline, which was about A WEEK AGO. I think it is quite unfair towards the people who have sent in their contributions on time, that there are still no results or at least an information, about the current state of affairs!
    Don't get me wrong, but because of the fact that this drags on and on, my desire for this competition gets slowly but sure lost-.-
    Please try to to keep the deadlines and if something changes, you can indeed communicate with the other participants.
    Yours, Nora

    1. Hello dear Nora,

      I can understand your getting very upset about this, but I feel the same way.
      You know, three participants wanted to leave the competition, because of school and it's tight schedule.
      For sure I'm fond of to convince them to at least try to do the 4th Task and I just can't easily let three people go.
      Okay, you're right, maybe I should have given you information about when the results are coming out, but I just forgot it.
      I also had a busy schedule the last days, but my thouhts are always to MMM.

      A competition need it's time and I also know that we are already in 11th week, but please keep patient.

      It's not as easy as you might think.

      Have a oh so lovely day,
      Yours Manda

    2. Oh!! and btw... the results are coming this week. :)