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Saturday, 25 May 2013

~ Some news ~


so some quick notes...
The Top 10 already turned into the Top 7 (omg we skipped like 3 weeks!!).
Clara, Stefan and Mari left us, because of temporarily problems with school, etc.
At first I got really annoyed, even though I can understand them.
If I had known that so many leave voluntary, I would've choosen other contestants and had given other girls the chance to win this cycle.
I really hope no one is going to leave anymore, except when the jury decides.
What a pity...but hey, the show must go on. ;)

There will be no elimination this week, but nevertheless your results are coming this weekend.

Moreover there will be no setcards for the Top 10, because, as mentioned, three girls left and I got really annoyed with it.

BUT each of the Top 5 will get her own Model lookbook, with all shoots including the ones from the coming tasks.

Stay tuned!

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