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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Results of the 1st Challenge

Hello my models,

now I want to announce you the winner of the first challenge.
The task was to create a makeup shot, featuring deep blood red lips for the March beauty section of the german ELLE Magazine.

The Top 5 who came into the closer choice are sweet_gall11, mangunmeetan, claragoosmann19, ...singstar... and ExtravaganceSD.


Manda: You're shoot is very appealing. It's so minimalistic and fashionable, the focus is definitely on the lips. Great work! On of my favorites, baby. ;)

Cathy: I'm a huge fan of your commercial. It is minimalistic yet stylish. Very well done, one of my personal favourites!

Rafael: This could be a real fashion campaign! I was actually surprised, I didn't expect you to do so well. This is one of my favorites, well done :)


Manda: I really love the idea and the makeup is beautiful. I'm just not sure if it would match a spring issue, because it looks a bit like a Halloween ad. Anyways, love the whole image and idea!

Cathy: Wonderful entry! Nice idea, beautiful makeup and a fierce look. One of my personal favourites.

Rafael: This is absolutely stunning! I love your idea and the make-up is fabulous! Even if the picture is quite simply, you managed to create something outstanding. This is probably one of the best!


Manda: Wow! This is such a beautiful setting! The colors match perfectly to each other! The makeup is really nice and the lips stand out the most! Love it.

Cathy: Girl, you look good! I can imagine this being in the Sports Illustrated. The main focus is set on the lips because of the colour scheme. one of my personal favourites

Rafael: I like the color scheme, the blue and the red make a good contrast, but the red lips definitely stand out the most. I think you did a great job!


Manda: The scheme is really amazing, very deep! Love how you manage to focus the lips, but it could also be an ad for these lovely gloves. Great result, anyways!

Cathy: Very sophisticated! I'm not sure whether the focus isn't on these amazing gloves but well done nevertheless.

Rafael: Wow, your picutre looks very sophisticated and elegant. I also like the pose with the hands, reminds me a bit of Madonna's "Vogue" music video. Although I think that the lips could be in a deeper shade of red (this one looks more pink-ish to me), this is one of my favorite entries!


Manda: Your entry is really nice and I love the graphic, but I your lips are'nt really in the front. But it is also one of my favorites.

Cathy: I like your commercial, it's one of the better entries. But if I didn't know the task, I would guess that this is a commercial for the juice you're drinking.

No feedback, as his 5th favorite was AnneHattaway, but he was the only one who pointed her out:

"I simply love the idea behind your picture! I think this is more than a decent result, it's one of the strongest entries in my opinion. Well done :)"

So let's publish the winner of the 1st Challenge.
The decision was very hard and in the end it made it bewteen Stefan and Clara.
You both did a really amazing job and in our opinion the best!
Moreover we are positively surprised about your good challenge entries, as your previous task wasn't that convincing. You showed to what your able to, keep on the good work!

So the winner of the first challenge is Clara! In the end your entry was the better one.
Congrats my dear! A little prize is waiting in my starbazaar for you. ;)
I hope you like it!

So some news about the Results of the weekly task...
They are probably coming on weekend, if I get the feedbacks and still some entries on time. :)

Please be patient! Thanks a lot. :)

Twinkle Twinkle,


  1. Congratulations to the top entries! They were great, it would of been nice to see the judges opinions on all of the challenge entries though :)xx

    1. Yes, I thought about it, but in a challenge (as I know it from german tv modeling shows) only the best get their feedbacks :)
      but I can tell you, that youre entry was actually nice but there was nothing that matched your slogan "stand out", because nothing did and there was nothing extravagant or so in it. :)

  2. Congratulations girls, amazing entries!!! Thanks for showing me Rafael´s feedback, I agree with Carrie about feedback, since as the girls who need it more at not the top ones, but I understand the TV show system haha

  3. "No feedback, as his 5th favorite was AnneHattaway"

    So let's get this straight, AnneHattaway was not my 5th favorite. She was in my personal Top 5, but she actually was my personal favorite besides Clara!