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Tuesday, 12 March 2013

The 2nd Task + winner of the week...

Hello dollies,

now I want to announce you the 2nd task, but before I will, I'm going to announce the winner of the last task.

The people who have the most chances to win "w-o-w" are cooldeer123, ...singstar..., EllieCase and mangunmeetan.
So the winner of the week is Mangun. Congrats! Your entries were really great and you really surpassed, especially, my expectations. Well Done. :)
Your little prize is reserved in my bazaar, couldn't think of anything better. ^^

Let me introduce you to the 2nd task

Your task is to create and model a photoshoot in steppe of australia.
I'm thinking of boho, freedom, wild grass, beautiful hair and wonderful sunny landscapes.
Be creative and let your thoughts run wild.
Let me give you some examples:

(c) Inspiration & Pictures by "Das Perfekte Model" - German modeling TV Show

Post your entry in the comments below with a tinypic or imgur link.
Deadline: Thursday, 21st March 2013. 

Good Luck,


  1. Good luck, girls and boys! The task is similar to one from the German TV show "The perfect model"

    xoxo cathy

  2. Here's my task! I won't be online for a sporatic amount of time since I have massive amounts of schoolwork to complete, so I got this done asap.
    Model is myself and is wearing Carven spring 2013

  3. So it's meant to be a graphic? And can we use clothing items that are not from Stardoll?

    1. use and do whatever you want :)

  4. here's my task. Hope you like it :) xx

  5. here's my entry:

    I choosed Ayers Rock as the Background, because this came in my mind immediately, when I thought of the steppe of australia... To create a color contrast, I have deliberately chosen the flashy blue of the bodysuite and I also wanted a kind of ethno-look, because I believe it is a good match for Ayers Rock. I tried to let my model look fierce and wild, but also relaxed, so I also gave her Cowboy-boots, wild locks woven into a loose braid and to give it an extra touch, I added the flowers into the hairs.
    I really hope you like it:)
    Yours, Nora

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  7. Moskva :)

    sorry for the quality again!! i guess i simply can't do anything about it :(

  8. Here is my entry!

    I hope you like it, I worked very hard on it :)

  9. I am re-entering mine because I did not like the first one I entered

  10. I really want to draw a photoshoot. Am I allowed? Like do I have to use my doll?

    1. Yes you have to use your own doll as it's a modeling competition and not a graphic comp. ^-^

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  12. Phew, I worked pretty hard on this one.. thats probably the reason I'm a bit late.
    Anyhow, to me Boho signifies 'Freedom' and I think this beautiful Wayne Cooper dress portrays just that. I hope you can understand my simplistic-complexity and my point of view on this of course. Thank-you.

  13. Sweet_gal11

    So for task 2 I decided to make a sort of post card-like-thingy. It's supposed to be in an oasis in the middle of the Australian Outback. I hope you like it!

  14. I´m done :) Sorry for some parts of the quality, I´ll try to get better with my image editing.


  16. finally and thanks again for giving me the chance to stay at this contest :) here's my result:

    and another version:

    I hope you like it :)

  17. Hei, when does this all go on??? I'm waiting a long time now, and the deadline ended more then a week ago!!!