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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Results Task 1 + Something new...

Hello girls,

so finally here is the first decision. I know you waited very long and I'm very sorry about it. :D
Moreover I wanted to inform you about my new idea to make the competition a bit more interesting.
The challenges...
There will be set short challenges during the week (&during the weekly task) and you have time to master this challenge in about 2 days. After that we are going to decide who won the challenge and who gets a little prize.
For sure this isn't the alternative to the weekly task!! It will be set parallel the task. If you want you can join it, but you don't have to. For sure (!) it has a very positive impact to your decision feedback of the weekly task. (OH, before I forget, no one can be eliminated in the challange.)

So, get prepared. ;)

Anyways, lets have a look at your results.


Manda: Your task is quite nice. The slogan is lovely and I like your description very much. The only suggestion I can give you … work on that “wow-effect”. A good start, nonetheless.

Rafael: I don't really like the first part of your task, I wouldn't consider this as an ad campaign nor do I really see you in this picture. But I love the slogan. I also love your collage, it's so high fashion and I think it describes you very well as your style is pretty much high fashion. As Manda already mentioned, work on the "wow-effect" to stand out of the crowd.

 Catherine: I really liked your slogan and especially the reason why you chose it. The makeup is colourful and it fits your slogan but it isn't my cup of tea.  Your collage is really nice and much more fashionable than the first part. Well done!

Kasey: Now I appreciate the way you made yourself stand out by doing this bold style, but part one called for the creation of an ad campaign. Now, if I saw this on a billboard, I would do a double-take and then leave. There is no specific idea around this, which actually made me confused.
now your collage kinda made me upset. You've got great style, there's no denying that. But when you prefer to the slogan, "the only thing I can be is myself" and then place models that all look similar on the page, it probably wouldn't work in the public eye. There is no connection between you and the models or even a reason the models are on the page. A main reason most people do collages is because they want to connect images and thoughts is a scattered way. Not the best, but Good try!:)


Manda: Honestly I had high expectations to you, as I know you from RNTM and Perfect Model, but I’m not that satisfied with your entries. Your slogan is great and I like the presentation! The 2nd part isn’t really my cup of tea. It’s ok, but it isn’t a style description imo. Anyways a good start. :)

Rafael: There's something about your first picture I really like, but I don't really like your slogan. It kinda sounds, well, selfish. I sure get the idea behind the slogan, nevertheless it sounds rude, like you were saying "I'm the most important person in the world". The collage looks plain to me, I think you could have done much better. I know you can do better than that!

Catherine: I like the tough aspect of both your slogan and your picture but I think that it has turned out a bit too egocentric. Self-consciousness is good but watch out not to be too arrogant (or seem so). Your collage is really inspiring and fashionable. good job!

Kasey: Okay, I really love the idea of your advertisement. It's something I would look at for longer than two seconds. While the idea is great, the overall creativity is a little low. I would of preferred a different font, maybe less curvy and more Narrow and tall.
In your collage, I think you could've been more creative. I'm not sure how I feel. The outfit is super cute and so is the quote(but if you didn't know was that means your heart is going crazy, like a heart attack crazy so be careful of how you use that:)) Your background is a bit boring and you have a bit of loss between the connection of the foreground and background. Maybe if you made the background a tan color, you could've connected the coffee cup, earth, and "old books". Otherwise, good job!


Manda: As I love the first part, the second is a bit borin to me. Your self-promotion is very nice, the slogan is so true and lovely and the presentation is great, but your collage doesn't convince me that much. I would love if there were some pictures in it. It’s more like a pinterest full of words. But  good start. :)

I'm in love with your first task, this describes you so well! But the second part of the task ... it wasn't a collage, it was simply a big disappointment. It's plain, boring and pointless. I know it's just the first task, but I hope you can convince me better next time. ;)

Your first part of the task really reminded me of an old fashion magazine displaying pure elegance. Very minimalistic and stylish. Your second task didn't impress me that much, I would have prefered more pictures or at least another picture of your medoll.

Kasey: I really love your idea of showing the different effects and then telling your experience. I may have placed the images in a different order because I see a correspondance between them and the words Brave, Bold and Beautiful. Maybe move the Opaque image first, the black outline second, and the regular B&W image last for beautiful.
I love the word idea because I've done something like this in school for a science class and it can easily make a statement. I probably would've done different font for each word, but this works too! Good Job:)


Manda: The 1st part is a bit too garishly, the slogan is cute. The collage would be nice too, if there were less pictures and impressions, the idea is nice. Work on presentation and don’t mix too many ideas.

Rafael: To be honest, I actually expected less. Your task was a big surprise, I think you did really well. I like both of your tasks, especially the second, they portray you very well and your slogan is very cute. I'm looking forward to seeing more from you!

Sorry to say but your first task didn't please me at all! It is far too childish and the outfit is nothing a model would ever wear. But I liked your topic and the collage was really nice too look at, more structured than the first task and more fashionable.

Kasey: This is a weak advertisement...period. No color coordination, no real fashion and it seems cold and distant in a way. I don't really like this at all. Sorry:(
This could of been a good collage, if the images interacted with your idea of wearing a smile. but the Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow thing is cool. I really like that. HOWEVER, maybe if you had found images of clothes similar to the outfit your medoll was wearing and placed them around your dolls(in that order) instead of random pictures. Definitely better than your ad, though. 


Manda: First of all, I adore your first part. It is so sophisticated and the contrast of b&w is very well thought. It looks like a real campaign. Unfortunately your 2nd part isn’t as good as the 1st. I would say it’s done well, but it seems like you didn’t pay much attention to it. Even though I like the idea of putting different words behind you, describing your style, I think it doesn’t show enough.

Rafael: I'm not very satisfied with your tasks. I mean, they both are okay but nothing special. You couldn't manage to stand out as both of your pictures seem plain, boring and without any special sense. I hope you can do better next time!

Catherine:  Such a true slogan! The graphic you did is ok but I feel it would have been better if it was even more minimalistic to underline your statement.  Your collage is nice aswell but this part of the task needs a hint of colour in my opinion, maybe you could've coloured the heart, the lips and some other details.

Your advertisement is really cute, but a bit uncreative. I wish you could've thought of something a bit more colorful, too.Your collage is cute and I love the outfits, but I think they display two different personalities. One minimalsitic and grunge while the other is vintage floral style. But It's really well managed and organized and has to be one of my favorites of the entries.


Manda: I think you did a great job! I love the slogan of the 1st part “Dare to be different” and I like the way how you presented it. The 2nd part is nice too the color scheme is cute and the collage is well done.  You explained your style quite well. One of my favorites. :)

Rafael: I think your entries are one of the best, both are very strong. I love the first one, the slogan fits the campaign so well! I'm also in love with your collage, it's simply but still it's one of the few ones that I still remember after looking at all those many many entries and pictures. So you actually managed to create something outstanding, something that people recognize. Well done!!

Catherine: I'm not totally sure what to think of your task. I like the idea behind the first picture and I totally agree with the slogan. But the way you illustrated your slogan is a bit weak, it's heard to read and I feel something crazy and different is missing. Your collage is nice to look at, I especially like the sketch in the background.

Kasey: I really love your whole advertisement. It's bold and something I would think to do. I would say that I probably would of chosen a different font, but that's a personal preference. Your collage is also a favorite of mine. It's neat, but bold and I really admire that about it. It displays a large amount of creativity and style and you should be proud of it, for sure!


Manda: Both your parts were lovely, I actually don’t have any big suggestions, it’s just not a blast, but a good start. I like how you kept in one scheme, which was summer and beach.

Rafael: I love both parts of your task. Simply, sophisticated and fashionable, and both pictures describe you and your style very well. I think it's a good start :)

Catherine: I like your slogan but it's reminding me too much of what a little girl would write in a friendship book as a little poem. The picture is nice but I don't see the connection to your slogan. I liked the theme of your collage, everything apart from the photo in the upper left corner fitted together very well.

Kasey: The advertisement is very plain and ordinary. I would probably pass it if I saw it. It just needs to explode with creativity. your collage doesn't really make sense to me and I think I would of picked one theme and stuck with it, only choosing pictures associated with that theme.


Manda: I love your boho style and so I like your both tasks very much. The 1st one is a beautiful color play and the slogan is also very nice. Your collage is cute, too and there are so many details in it, e.g. the little cat, which looks through the flower. :3 

Rafael: I love both of your tasks, everything looks so fresh and cool. I love the Boho theme and the colors. I don't really have anything to complain about, well done!!

Catherine: Your slogan is nice and something different aswell as your outfit and your face. Just the whole makeup stuff is too much, the picture would've been more focussed on the slogan and the outfit without it. The collage is really nice but I have a similar problem with it: You didn't stick to one theme (which would've been boho) but you aslo included small parts of completely different topics. Well done nevertheless.

Kasey: Your entries are beautiful. I can tell your style and personality just from looking at them and that was a main point of the task. Good job:)


Manda: Your tasks were quite good. The slogan describes you, as I know you, very well and the collage reflects this. It’s an amazing color play. Great work!

Rafael: Wow, yours is definitely one of the stronger entries. Love the color scheme, the ad-campaign, the collage ... everything looks pretty professional and flawless. Love it!

Catherine: The slogan represented you very well. Your style is crazy and experimental and so is the first part of the task. Your collage is very colourful aswell, maybe a little less would have done aswell but it's nice although.

Your ad is a bit weird because I don't really see the point you're trying to get across, but you collage makes up for that. It's creative with a unique sense of color thrumming through it. The only thing I can say is to keep your eye on the task and think of what the judges might want to see.


Manda: The colors of both parts are so wonderful, it’s obvious you’re a mint and spring fan. I’m just not quite sure, if you should have added the 1st part into the 2nd again. But I actually can’t tell anything I don’t like about your task. Your collage is very well done.

Rafael: I'm simply in love with the colors! The first one really looks like an high fashion ad campaign, I also like the slogan. But I don't like that you used the same graphic in the collage, too. I mean we've already seen it, so the second part is slightly boring. Nevertheless this is a good start :)

Definitely one of my favourites! True slogan and a simple, yet impressive picture with it. Your colage is breathtaking, everything fits together so well.

Kasey: I love how intergrated your ad and collage are. They both really signify class and sophistication. I probably would of changed the graphic a bit more because I'm not a big fan of re-using graphics again, but that's a matter of personal opinion. I'm not sure what the point of the ad is and I think that's your main problem. In advertising, you want to get your point across immediately. But other than that, Good task:)


Manda: You did a great job, too! Your 1st part describes your personality very well, even though it’s not a slogan, I like it and I didn’t say a text isn’t okay ;). Your collage is beautiful! LOVE the whole atmosphere. I see much pastel and elegance in there, which I’m a big fan of. Well done.

Rafael: Honestly, I hate the ad campaign. I don't like the fact that afrin made the graphic in the background. Also, there's no slogan and way too much text. I didn't ready everything, maybe just the first line. But your collage is nice, though. Next time please show us something from you and not other's work!

Catherine: I like the first part of your task since it reminds me of photos you often see on tumblr. But what i dislike is the fact that you weren't able to decide for a slogan, you rather wrote half a novel. Your collage is really fun to look at, it represents teen spirit so well!

Kasey: I noticed you advertised yourself and I really like that. It's something I haven't seen yet so...awesome:D Your collage is super retro and cool. Overall, you did a really good job!


Manda: Your campaign is way too much. The sepia effect (:/), the frame and the room … so much to look at there are also too many words. The collage is cute, seems like you’re a fan of street fashion and pastel, but also too many pictures and impressions.

Rafael: I'm not a real fan of your task. I don't like the campaign, the sepia effect makes it look tacky and the collage looks rushed. Moreover, I don't like the bad quality of it. Sorry but this definitely one of the weakest!

Catherine: Your slogan isn't very readable in the picture and it's definitely not the focus.The outfit and the vintage style are nice. Your collage is lacking in quality and it seems as if you'd just put some pictures together. Not my favourite.

Kasey: I really like your self-advertisement and it's cool how you achieved that effect with the words. I don't like the collage at all because there is not theme there. I see shoes, balloons and some lights and that's about it. (You already know about the quality so I won't say anything about it).Give me a specific style and THEN we'll talk.


Manda: Your self-promotion is lovely, the idea is good, even though changes are important, but based on your aspect it's nice. :) Your collage is really not my favorite. I never liked the sepia effect, the whole presentation isn’t good. I like the idea, but that’s all.

Rafael: I like your campaign, it looks so cute. But the collage looks rushed, childish and pointless. I have to agree with Manda, the sepia effect doesn't look good at all! I hope you can do better next time!

I liked your first part of the task because everything fitted together well. But I don't agree with your statement, in my opinion everyone is changing constantly and change is necessary for development. Your collage was quite boring, the left half of it was in sepia and fashionable, the right half was black and white aswell and destroyed the collage since it was rather childish and unfashionable.

Kasey: I'm not sure I like anything about your entry. The poem is cute in the ad, but the pictures totally destroy this. The collage is just a bunch of random images and I'm not sure how they go together. The wallpaper, the wall tile, the eiffel all is just a big mish-mosh of stuff. Good try, but keep trying:).


Manda: Your first part is good. I love the background and the outfit is cute. The slogans are very nice, maybe one would have been better. The second part is appealing, but I don’t think it describes your whole style, it looks more like a collage for spring. Nevertheless, it’s a good part.
I love spring, too, haha! 

Rafael: Wow, I so love your campaign, you've improved a lot since RNTM. I love the color scheme. I also like your collage, simple but still very nice. Well done :)

Catherine:  One, two, ... three slogans? Please try to focus on one slogan. Maybe then I would have found the connection between the - in my opinion not very fashionable - outfit and your statement. The spring topic of your collage was nice but you could've added some more pictures.

Kasey: I really like your ad on bravery, but you collage is a little bare. Maybe putting a background would've helped? I'm not sure, but I can see your style and that's what is important, making your mark in the competition.


Manda: I’m not a big fan of your first part. I don’t really understand how the slogan explains your character, even though the presentation is good. But then I love your 2nd part! It really shows your variety of elegance and rock chic. You took many pictures and you really played with the colors of bright and dark. Unfortunately the gradient could have been clearer! Anyways, good job!

Rafael: The first part is kinda sad and it doesn't really describe your personality. The color scheme isn't my cup of tea either. I definitely like the collage and the idea. I agree with Manda, your collage was waaay better than the first part. I like the idea of it!! :)

Catherine:  Your idea was nice but you didn't realize it very well. The graphic is lacking in quality and the colour scheme is a bit too dark in my opinion. I like the left half of your collage but not the rest. the general idea of showing your different aspects is good but the seperation isn't made clear enough.

Kasey: You mispelled "Daring" on your collage and you mispelled "Loser" on your ad. But overall, I like the ideas you've presented. The ad could use some cleaning up and the collage is a great idea. Displaying your personality through images was the task and I can see that immediately.Good job!


Manda: I’m sorry but I have to tell you, that you are one of the weakest this week. The campaign isn’t good, what do you want to tell us with it? The pictures are good, even though they aren’t well presented, and the slogan isn’t much telling. “Fashion? ALL” what does it say? The collage is ok, but it isn’t appealing to me, the newspaper texts are irritating and you can’t really read them. It’s a bit too much. 

Rafael: Okay, so what was that?! There's nothing about you in the campaign, and the slogan is just awkward. The second part wasn't even a collage, it looks completely rushed and tacky. I'm sorry but in my eyes you are the weakest!

Catherine: I didn't like your first part of the task. You didn't give a clear statement. Fashion? all is too long to be focussed on a single word and too short too have a clear meaning. Your collage was okay but nothing special.

Kasey: I don't like your collage and I REALLY don't like your ad. The collage is, like some others, just a mix of random things. Your style is unspecific and your use of text as the background is smart, but I would of rather read a bunch of random words than try to read through all the other images...

The Decision

Jeanette (Pau.Cam.Arena) and Kathy (dubistdie) left the competition in advance. But anyways 3 of you have to leave us. This is a hard competition and we can only support the best of the best.

The girls that convinced us the most this week are: cooldeer123, EllieCase, Cheekycazbo1, mangunmeetan, extravaganceSD, ...singstar...

The Bottom 4 are: lacky2, selinaundmily, Coffeerun and Moskva...
All the others are in the next round.
Let's come to the decision?
3 girls have to leave us and only one of you will stay in MMM.
Who will it be? Who could just save herself? Who has the most potential?
Who can improve and convince us the next time?
Jorge, Chiara, Ella or Milana?

It is... Milana! Your entrys convinced us more than the others. We see potential in you! Show it us! We know you can do it. :)

To all the girls who are eliminated...
You weren't terrible, but you didn't satisfied us. You also have at least a cup of potential, but this time you didn't showed what you are able to. Maybe next time. Good luck for your future. ;)

The winner of the week will be announced with the next task.



  1. I'm uber hyped for the next task, or challenge!

  2. I agree with all your comments, and am so pleased I was one who convinced you the most! xx

  3. Wow, I was on the edge *O*

  4. Yay, really happy. I think you guys are doing a great job looking at the intricate details of each and every entry and commenting your hearts out! I love how you caught the cat in my 2nd collage :D

    1. Thanks for appreciating our work :) <3 to you

    2. thank you so much, we really appreciate it :) the idea was really nice to hide a cat in the collage. :)

  5. but anyways thanks for the great experience :)

    1. your welcome :) good luck for the future. :*