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Sunday, 3 March 2013

Something to keep you going... Spoiler Results Task 1

Hello dollies,

I'm really sorry that I weren't able to announce the results this weekend. I'm trying to finish my judgement and to catch all the other judges opinions until Tuesday, 5th March, if not it'll definitley be Wednesday, the 6th March.

This evening I prepared a little spoiler of the results from the first task to keep you going, so you don't get too bored or disappointed. ^-^

Here is it, enjoy:

See ya soon,
Twinkle Twinkle,
Manda El Rose

EDIT P.S.: Uploaded it again on dm, changed music conents and It took me much time, but it still doesn't work. Sorry but you have to watch it on youtube. I'm really annoyed by dm. :/


  1. The video doesn't work due to content issues. I think you should change your audio tracks as this is probably the case why it isn't working (copyright, bad language in the lyrics, etc.)
    In case you've used a song with partly inappropriate lyrics, I'd suggest you to take the clean version of the song or take another one ;)

    1. yes I recognized it :) I'm trying to find the problem asap. Atm I'm uploading it on youtube, so at least some can view it, because of gema reasons. :)

  2. What does that mean... :O Does that mean I'm through?

    1. It actually does say nothing, it's just a little spoiler for you, 'cause I felt guilty, as I didn't really care about the results this weekend. :)